The Big Ten



“We are awesome! I love being awesome!” Fred cheered as we walked up to his mansion. I smiled as we went in saying hi to Heathcliff, Baymax giving him his unique and hilarious fist bump.

“Yeah, awesome selfie!” Honey Lemon exclaimed then took a selfie with Gogo as she removed her helmet.

“Wish we could find a way to get these damn suits off easier.” She complained blowing her bubblegum.

“Well get them off now, they need to be cleaned!” Wasabi stated holding part of the green armour that went on his arm in front of it cringing at the thought of all the bacteria on it.

“Yeah, someone help me with Baymax’s armour,” I said looking up at Baymax and rubbed the back of my neck with one hand while I held my helmet in my other hand.

“Mr Hamada, you have a phone call from your aunt.” Fred’s butler told me presenting a portable phone on a silver platter.

“Aunt Cass?” I questioned picking up the phone to answer it. “Hello? Aunt Cass-”

“HIRO! THERE ARE SOME MEN IN BLACK IN THE SHOP! I THINK THEY WANNA TALK TO YOU! PLEASE HURRY UP AND COME BACK BEFORE I START STRESS EATING!” Aunt Cass screamed, her words sounded muffled at the end telling me she had already started stress eating.

“Don’t worry Aunt Cass we’ll be right there,” I told her then said goodbye and I love you. I then looked over at my friends “Wait a sec, guys!” I began then paused seeing Wasabi trying to pull at one of the leg parts of Baymax’s armour off while he stood there watching him casually.

“Why?” He asked while Freddie jumped up and down next to him.

“My aunt needs us, we gotta go right now,” I told them returning my helmet to my head.

“Ooo, yay! Family visiting!” Honey Lemon gushed and began tapping away on the touchscreen panel on her handbag.

“Why? Her cat jump out the window?” Gogo asked popping her gum.

“Is there someone in need of medical help in the cafe Hiro?” Baymax questioned reaching for his bit of loose leg armour.

“No, but we need to get there now!” I encouraged then turned to Baymax. “We’d better get you back in your holder big guy,” I told him going for the red hold I had for Baymax in Freddie’s house. We worked together to get all our armour off, it took all five of us to get Baymax’s. Freddie got his butler to fly us in the helicopter, truly awesome for all of us except Wasabi but we got there in a flash. We flew through the air seeing lots of people, buildings and cars below us all part of the city of San Fransokyo. Eventually, the street with the cafe on it came into view. I saw that it was shut, weirdly considering it was midday, and Heathcliff dived down landing on the empty road near the cafe letting us get out.

“Thanks, Heathcliff!” Freddie shouted waving to him as he flew away.

“Come on guys lets get inside,” I spoke taking out my keys to unlock the front door and let us all in. The cafe was left in a perfect way like it could just be opened up again. Weird.

“Aunt Cass?” I called towards the private part of the cafe that was our home looking round to see if I could see her or the cat.

“Aunt Cass!” Freddie shouted fighting his way out of his suit.

“Shh! Careful!” Wasabi hissed taking off his helmet too. I rushed up the stairs holding Baymax’s container hearing the footsteps of my friends behind me.

“Aunt Cass?” I called out seeing her stress eating some popcorn.

“Oh!” She suddenly gasped and swallowed the bit of popcorn she had in her mouth. “Hiro, thank goodness you’re here, hi guys!” She smiled resting on the counter and my friends all waved.

“Where are the guys in suits?” Gogo asked and my Aunt Cass opened her mouth again to answer, but in the millisecond before she could speak there must have been about ten men in black suits, black sunglasses and earpieces with guns all jump out from anywhere and everywhere surrounding us.

“HANDS IN THE AIR!” A dark-skinned one that was tall near my Aunt Cass shouted and we all did as the asked together, Wasabi letting out a girly scream behind me that made me flinch. Who the heck were these guys?!

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