The Big Ten



“Hiro Hamada? Leader of big hero six?” The sandy-haired guy asked me while I held my hurt wrist.

“Yes?” I replied bending my hand a bit with my other hand but stopped when I felt pain shoot through it. “OUCH!” I shouted making my aunt Cass drop to her knees then wrap an arm around me.

“Hiro,” she cooed while I rubbed my wrist a bit, but it still hurt.

“Mr Hamada. We have been sent by the anti-villain league that is in need of your help in...” The guy began to explain but he trailed off looking up at something behind me that was distracting him. I looked back seeing that in front of my friends Baymax’s holder had opened and he had been activated. He blinked his black camera eyes then walked with his waddle-like walk over towards me, aunt Cass and the guy with a squeaking sound coming from him as well. He stopped in front of us then held up his left hand while aunt Cass and I smiled at him. The secret agent guy looked at Baymax with wide eyes and a dropped jaw before my robot best friend spoke.

“Hello. I am Baymax. Your personal healthcare companion.” Baymax said making a little circle with his hand which was his usual friendly wave. He then looked down at me. “Hiro. I heard you were in distress, where were you hurt?” He asked tilting his head to me.

“Yeah on my wrist,” I said holding it up to him. He poked it with one of his white plushy fingers then held my wrist and hand examining it again.

“You appear to have straight your wrist. I will scan it to see if any bones are injured.” Baymax said then scanned me in a split second.

“Scan complete. You have no injured bones. You have appeared to have bent it too much causing a strain on your wrist. I recommend a simple massage.” He added holding up a finger at the idea.

“No thanks, Baymax. I’ll be fine,” I told him getting up with aunt Cass. “What do you guys want?” I asked rubbing my wrist whilst I frowned at the men.

“The AVL is in serious need of your help. We are here to take you to our headquarters.” The first guy replied.

“Now?” I questioned.

“Affirmative.” They said together.

“I don’t think you should be waste anytime...” Aunt Cass stated with a nervous laugh at the end. I agreed then rubbed my wrist flexing and releasing my fingers until everything felt okay again.

“We’ll go then,” I told the guy and my Aunt.

“Excellent,” The first guy said then he pressed his finger to the device in his ear. “The zombies are about to walk.” He said in a code that made Gogo glare at him.

“Please follow us.” The other guy in black instructed ushering Honey Lemon and Freddie along with Baymax who was glancing at him fascinated before he started moving, his signature squeaky rubbery noise coming from him as he walked.

“Will you be okay Aunt?” I asked her and she nodded.

“Yeah, don’t worry about me. You just get out there and save the world!” she encouraged giving me a quick hug.

“Thanks, Aunt Cass, love you!” I called rushed out the door that one of the AVL guys closing the door being us. We were ushered into a van that looked like an ice cream van, weirdly enough.

“Ooooo! ICE CREAM! LET’S GET SOME HIRO!” Freddie cheered throwing his hands up then he went up to the driver that was wearing an ice cream man’s uniform but he had the same body as the AVL men in black and the dark sunglasses along with the earpiece. “Can I have a triple scoop cone with strawberry, fudge and coconut, chocolate hundreds and whipped cream?” He asked. The guy didn’t say anything except press a button then he jerked his head back to gesture to us to get in the back. Freddie pouted not getting any ice cream but I just rolled my eyes getting him to follow me. Baymax was just deflating to get into the small door on the back of the van and we got in after them with the other AVL guys.

“Buckle up everyone.” Baymax sang joyfully as he inflated again. We did that, then Baymax looked over at the AVL agents. “You too!” He encouraged then they did so in a serious way despite me and my friends snickering or smirking to ourselves.

“Hold on folks, we’re going to HQ.” A voice over a speaker I assumed was the driver, then we all felt the ice cream van rise into the air and heard a loud rocket sound rumbling underneath us. We were in a flying ice cream van!


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