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Bratty Bottom

Chapter one

Chapter song- mark my words by Justin Bieber

"mrs jeon your boy can't be successful he's got anger issues and we're sorry to say but we're kicking him out of the school for his bad behavior and disrespectful nature"

Jungkook took out a cigarette and a lighter from his pocket, he lit the cigarette and took a deep puff and blew out smoke rings.

"jungkookie I'm so disappointed, i love you so much but why can't you control your anger ,now you decide either complete your education nicely and calmly or just stay at home without any highscool certificate or graduation. "

Jungkook threw the cigarette and sat down, he was at the rooftop of his house, he was watching all the stars and was wondering his place in this world, he took a mini bottle of vodka from his pocket and chucked it down in one go.

''jungkookie I'm sorry i was angry at that time i know you are a very good kid, you are my kid right? Dad will be so proud of you, i know you can do it. "

"Mom i love you so much" he whispered to himself and strong wind blew in his face making his shiny long locks flow with them (kook has long hair like i showed in character's pictures )

"i will change for you mommy, i will complete my education and i promise i won't let you down" he said while looking at the moon as he rested his body on his elbows and watched the beautiful sky.

"i will work really hard and i promise to get all straight A's for you and Papa "

"wow i just sounded like a nerd" he laughed out loudly as alcohol started working it's effect on him.

"nerd? "

"nerd! " realization hit him and he smirked as he figured out how he would maintain his grades without anyone fighting.


Author's note

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