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The Start of It All

Summary: What if Harry Potter had been born Kali Potter? What if Kali Potter had been beautiful? What if Kali Potter learned how to use that beauty as a weapon at a very young age? What if her work as a child model meant that Kali was already used to some fame? The Wizarding World gains a powerful young femme fatale in the making who won't allow herself to be used as a sacrificial lamb. FemHp!

6 year Kali Potter was absolutely miserable. Her awful relatives had left her with Ms. Figg once again as they took a week-long vacation with Dudley to some far off exotic place they wouldn't even allow Kali to dream about.

They were no words on earth that could describe the level of hatred and resentment Kali nursed in her heart for those people. She had searched for, begged for, pleaded for, desired so intensely that it burned, the love given up so freely to Dudley. That stupid boy didn't even appreciate what he had. Around a year ago, she had given up on earning their love. She would never be good enough for them. She would always be a freak. It was then that the first seeds of hatred had been planted.

Just thinking about them made her just about gag on the stale and slightly questionable slice of chocolate cake Ms. Figg had allowed her to have. Even with all the smelly, cranky kitties around the home, the brief periods she spent here were the high points of her life since coming to live with the Dursleys. And wasn't that just the saddest thing.

One of her favorite perks about staying over was the telly privileges. She could watch whatever she wanted to while Ms. Figg was otherwise occupied. At this present moment, the child was flipping through channels, fascinated with the blur of colors that was being produced. She had no idea that she was on the verge of a life-changing decision.

Watching the telly was such a novelty that she didn't care just what she viewed. She abruptly stopped on a channel and decided that was what she was going to watch the rest of the afternoon. This picture was strange, black and white and colorless.

An announcer called out, "… back to our femme fatale marathon, showing films that depict murderous seductress with no remorse and all the power. Now, we continue with 1946 noir film The Postman Always Rings Twice."

Kali was instantly intrigued. It wasn't often that women were in a position of power. She curled up on the sofa and spent the rest of the afternoon watching black and white films in which women used charm and their feminine wiles in addition to murder and manipulation to come out on top in the end.

The entire idea of having that much control over others (and thus control over the direction of her own life) was alluring. She wanted that power over people that these women exhibited. If she had that, the Dursley's couldn't hurt her anymore. No more cupboard, no more withholding food, no more chores. Everything would be perfect.

At that moment, Kali made a vow that would change everything. She needed that power and she would have it. She needed to be just like these women. So she would study them and their mannerisms, using them to her own benefit. No one would ever hurt her again. This time, she would be in control.

She spent the rest of that week obsessively watching films that depicted deadly women and studying their mannerisms. The slow, almost innocent bodily contact that ended up an addiction for their unlucky victims, the methods they used to draw attention to them in a way that captivated everyone around them, their naturally intense personalities, and the sly and manipulative way they twisted situations to cast them in the best light in every possible scenario.

She had a rather good memory, a trait forcibly developed from her time with the Dursley's. She imprinted these techniques into her mind and repeated them over and over again.

When the day came for the Dursley's to collect her, a nasty smirk sat on her face every second eyes were not on her. She couldn't wait to see her pathetic relatives. They wouldn't know what hit them.

*****Femme Fatale*****

There was something different about the freak. Her movements were smoother, more purposeful, and something dark lurked within those eyes. Petunia had been watching her very carefully these past few weeks and was careful to smack her when she did something off. She had to be cautious though. School would start in a couple days and they couldn't afford to leave any bruises. People would react harshly to a girl child being hurt in such a respectable neighborhood, especially one that looked like the freak.

A wave of jealousy flowed over Petunia. The freak had inherited the same beauty that Lily had possessed, enhanced by her father's dark hair. At 7, she was already prettier than the older woman had ever been. The painfully thin woman resisted the urge to mark up the girl, to mar that beauty. She had to restrain herself.

Compulsory art classes started again for all students when school began and the girl's teacher had signed her up for dance claiming signs of a prodigious talent. Apparently, the freak used her freakish way to excel during the ballet course girls her age were required to take up to this point.

The teacher said it was amazing that the child could stand on pointe even for even as long as 10 seconds after 2 years of training. Petunia said it was unnatural. However, in the revealing tights required to dance, no suspicious bruises could be shown without risking the perfectly wonderful and perfectly normal life the Dursley's had built here.

As if she could feel eyes on her, the girl looked up with those unnatural eyes and stared. For some reason, Petunia shivered. There was nothing good for her hidden behind those green eyes.

Oh if only she knew. Her perfectly "respectable" way of life was about to be severely disrupted.

*****Femme Fatale*****

Sarah Langdon was sick and tired of seeing the same thing over and over again. She was on a quest to discover someone with that extra spark about them, which could serve as her inspiration out of this slump she was currently experiencing. She was desperate for it. She prowled around her office, racking her brains for anything that could serve as inspiration.

Her office was spacious, and tastefully decorated, perfect for the head of one of the top child modeling agencies in all of Europe. This meant she was used to seeing beautiful children, but lately none of her new clients had that special star quality that her agency was known for finding.

They were all so ordinary. All of their mannerisms were the same, their special "pouty faces" (that everyone was under the false impression was the best modeling pose) were all very similar, and they were all just so bland. Not one of them stood out.

A loud alarm brought Sarah out of her musing and set her to cursing her forgetfulness. She was supposed to pick up her niece from school today to take her to a doctor's appointment and then spend the weekend together but if she didn't leave in the next 2 minutes she would be so late.

The same problem occupied Sarah's attention all throughout her journey to Surrey Preparatory. Her attention was only diverted when she finally beat the traffic and arrived at her appointed time.

She suppressed a grimace as she walked into the school and informed the front office of her purpose. The school and the entire area gave her the creeps. The Stepford Wife style of living that prevailed in this area was weird and just not at all to her liking; it made her so deeply uncomfortable. She had no idea why her brother and his family decided that this area would be a good place to raise a family.

The secretary jolted her out of her thoughts again. "Lily is currently in ballet right now. Would you like me to send someone for her?"

Sarah replied negatively. "No, that's quite alright. I'll get her myself. What room is it again?"

"Room 2005." Sarah nodded in thanks and made her way down the hall. She put all work related worries out of her mind for now. She looked forward to spending some time with her favorite, and only, niece.

She found the room relatively easy and took a quick peek into the dance room. The children were practicing the newest technique in their curriculum. A grand jete' based on what the instructor was calling out. Sarah was not all familiar with dance terminology so she just had to take the teacher's word on it. Based on a quick demonstration, she certainly knew what she was talking about.

Precious little girls in frilly pink tutus lines up, giving their best attempts at the technique. Sarah couldn't help but smile. It was so cute. Her smile widened in pride when she saw her little blonde angel had one of the best attempts yet.

However, her smile dropped and she quietly gasped, when one of the loveliest little girls she had ever seen appeared. She had long, thick and curly hair dark hair that was currently trapped in a thick braid that swung behind the almost unnaturally slight child. Intense green eyes shaded by thick almost too long eyelashes, a shade she had seen only a few times before but never containing this level of expressiveness or gravity, stared out of a fine boned face. Full lips, drawn into a natural pout, pursed slightly together in concentration.

Taking delicate steps, she leaped into an almost perfect grand jete. It was the closest to the instructor's demonstration that anyone had seen yet.

Even when the girl had landed, finished listening to her critique and gone back to her place in line, Sarah could not take her eyes away. The girl was gorgeous yes but Sarah had seen children even more beautiful, and so very graceful but Sarah had seen children that had even more grace than she. It was the force of her presence, that unconscious undeniable magnetism that insured she was the center of attention in every room she entered whether she wanted to be or not, that had drawn Sarah's attention. There it was, that extra spark she had been searching for.

This little girl was going to be hers.

I have no idea if people are at all interested in this idea but I was reading a FemHP/TMR fic when the idea hit me. Fics of this type always mention FemHP's beauty and, me being highly enchanted with the idea of a femme fatale, thought about what would happen if FemHp used that beauty as a weapon. How would this change her interactions with other characters? This also means the end pairing will probably be FemHP/TMR (LV) but it could always change.

Kali Potter is based on the child model Thylane Blondeau who at 12 is already a lot prettier than I am sadly.

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