A Dragon and a Phoenix

Chapter 2

"Hello Daniels. Thought you could get away with that little stunt on the train, did you? Well, you'll regret what you did to me," Malfoy murmured maliciously.

I turned to him with a passive expression and leaned towards him until there was merely an inch of space between our noses.

"It looks like I already got away with it Malfoy. I've already told you, you don't frighten me. Oh, and by the way, intimidation is not one of the top ten ways to get a girl. You might want to rethink your tactics, not that it's going to give you a snowball's chance in Hell with me," I replied echoing his tone.

Having said all that I wanted to him I turned back to my food. He remained there looking at me as though he were trying to find some hidden meaning in what I had said.

Sara looked up and realized that he was still sitting there, "I think Kim's through telling you off, Malfoy. Maybe you should leave now."

He cut a scowling glance at her as he got up and headed back to his seat with Crabbe and Goyle. As he passed even a few of the Slytherins gave him looks of fear. Some of them however looked at him with awe in their ignorant eyes.

After we finished with pudding and were dismissed we made our way to our dormitories.

Once we were back in the common room we proceeded over to our favorite spot in front of the fire. As we settled down and started talking the rest of the Slytherins were finally making their way in. Some of them sat to talk with their friends, but most of them headed to their dormitories.

"Ugh, can you believe the nerve of that slimy git?!" exclaimed Sara. "I hope he's not going to be hanging around harassing you all term," she said, staring pointedly at me.

With a sigh I replied, "You and me both, Sara. I don't think I can deal with him for too long without pushing him off of the Astronomy tower. This is ridiculous. He brought it on himself anyway. He's only mad because I wouldn't go to the Yule ball with him back in fourth year."

With a snort of laughter Kat said, "You could date almost any guy that you wanted. Why would you want to waste your time with him?"

"Now you're just exaggerating. I could not have my pick of the lot of them," I laughed, rolling my eyes.

Kat looked at me with a bit of surprise and said, "You really don't think that you could? You don't see the way they look at you when you walk by. You're too modest to admit it."

Startled by this I looked over to Sara for help, but she merely sat nodding her head mutely. I was completely baffled. I knew that I wasn't exactly gravel on the eyes, and I was pretty, but I never thought that I had anything as far as uncommon beauty.

"Well, even if you're right, it doesn't matter because I'm not like him. I'm not going to use my looks and status to get everything I want. He's nothing but a prick and a manwhore," I said.

"Well, we know you're not like him. We wouldn't be friends with you if you were," said Sara with a laugh.

"Okay, I'm going to change the subject to something less disgusting now. What on earth am I going to do with my hair in the morning?!" I said with a serious expression before laughing.

After talking about the more mundane aspects of our lives for a while, we all went upstairs to get some sleep.

The next morning I woke up and groggily I rolled out of the bed and went to get a bath. After relaxing in the hot water for longer than I should have, I threw on my robes and grabbed my wand. On my way back to my vanity to put some makeup on I grabbed my wand and muttered a quick drying spell for my hair. After applying a light amount of makeup I darted out the door and down the stairs to find Kat and Sara already waiting on me by the portrait hole.

Kat rolled her eyes and said, "Do you always have to wait until the last minute?"

I smiled and replied, "You know it. I wouldn't want to confuse you two by being early for anything."

We headed down to breakfast in our typical rush, largely caused by my persistent tardiness. When we got to the Great Hall we sat down and grabbed some toast and bacon.

With a thoughtful look Kat said aloud, "I wonder what we'll have first."

Just as she said it a squeaky voice behind me said, "Miss Daniels."

I turned around to find Professor Flitwick brandishing a schedule at me. I thanked him and turned around to read it as the others received theirs too. I looked at the others with a groan.

With a grimace I said, "Potions. It wasn't my favorite subject. I'd had a rather unpleasant experience in my first year. I had misread the instructions and accidentally created something that melted through the bottom of my cauldron and the table. When Snape had tried to use the vanishing spell the puddle doubled in size and he angrily dismissed class, but not before giving me detention. With a sigh we all headed toward the dungeon classroom.

When we entered, we found that the seats had been spaced out and there were only two people at a table rather than the traditional three.

Professor Slughorn smiled at the class and announced, "The potions that we will be starting today require quite a few ingredients. You'll need the extra room."

Telling Sara and Kat to sit together, I took a seat behind them. I began unpacking everything and looked up to see Blaise walking toward me with a smile. I had always gotten along pretty well with Blaise. But halfway over to sit with me the smile faded and he abruptly stopped and sat at another table. I was a bit confused by his behavior and I turned to find Malfoy standing on the other side of me.

My voice dripping with disdain, I asked, "What in the hell do you think you're doing Malfoy? Clear off. You're in my space."

With an evil smirk he replied, "Well, now Daniels any girl would love to be in your shoes. You're going to be sitting next to me."

"Then why don't you go and sit by one of the other girls? They'll appreciate your presence. I'll just be sick." I could feel the familiar burn of anger rising within me. Why did he have to make things so difficult?

"There don't seem to be any other seats left," he said as he sat down with finality.

I groaned inwardly but resolved to ignore him. Kat and Sara looked back at me and I rolled my eyes as if to say 'what can I do?'

I was carefully following the instructions at the front of the class when I felt a hand creeping from my knee up my thigh.

Without looking at him I said in a lethal undertone, " Malfoy, if you don't remove your hand from my leg I will curse it off of your arm."

Something in the tone of my voice gave him pause and the advancing hand stopped. His eyes narrowed to slits and he growled, "You wouldn't dare. You know, Daniels, the only reason why I've graced you with my attention is because you're the only one here that's half as good looking as I am. I like having the best, things that others can only envy. But I'm beginning to wonder why I waste my time with you."

I looked over at him with flames of anger dancing in my eyes and said, "The only reason that I intrigue you so much is because I'm the only one that has ever turned you down. You like proving that you're either good looking enough, rich enough, or fearsome enough to force others into bowing to your will. You just can't stand that none of those things work with me and it's eating you up inside. Deal with it. I'm sure you'll have no trouble finding some ignorant tramp willing to hang on your every word, but I'm not her."

I got up and stormed out of the classroom. Anger continued to burn in my eyes and the door flew open before I got to it, and slammed behind me with the ring of finality. It had been awhile since I'd lost control, but at this point I didn't care. I wasn't even trying to control it. I raced down the corridor and once I was out of the dungeons I stopped and released a scream of frustration, the waves of anger shattering the window nearest me. Then as quickly as it came, it was gone. I sank down onto the floor and gave a sigh of relief.

"I can't believe I let him get to me like that. I haven't been that angry in a loooong time. I promised myself that I wouldn't let it happen anymore," I mumbled. Then I looked up at the window and realized what I'd done. I reached inside my robes for my wand and repaired the window.

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