A Dragon and a Phoenix

Chapter 5

I collapsed on my bed and tried to sort through my thoughts. There was no denying the effects of that kiss. I was at a complete loss. Knowing that my body had willingly responded to Malfoy, and that I had allowed him to kiss me for more than the time that it should have taken to push him away made me sick. I was notorious for choosing all of the wrong guys. All of the gentlemanly types were just too boring for me. I had always chosen the wilder ones, but this was ridiculous. Not even if hell were to freeze over would I choose Draco Malfoy. I had always known where to draw the line and Death Eaters were definitely across that Line. I enjoyed a walk on the wild side every now and then, but torture, destruction, and murder were not on my agenda. There had to be some way to get this out of my head.

Quickly putting my purchases away I dashed back down the stairs and over to my friends.

"We're going to cause a bit of mayhem. We've done nothing fun since we've been back. I can't take this anymore I need the excitement. Get up. Let's go."

Recognizing the determined gleam in my eyes they gave a sigh and got out of their chairs to follow me. Once outside the portrait and on our way down the corridor Kat broke the silence. "What exactly are we about to do and how much trouble is it going to get us into if we get caught?"

"We're not going to get caught so don't worry about that, but we're going to 'borrow' some of the nifflers from the Care of Magical Creatures class and set them loose in the boys' dormitories. Then we're going to charm the last of my dung bomb stores to hover over the door and go off on the first person that walks in there. It'll take them days to get the smell out. After that bit of fun I thought we'd charm some of the larger statues and busts in the corridors to sneeze copious amounts of very green mucus onto passersby."

Halfway through my plans they stopped walking and stood staring at me in open mouthed horror. "How on earth do you expect us to manage all of that without being caught?"

"Easy. I'm going to Disillusion us before we start. No one will see us and no one will miss us because most everyone else is wandering around too. It is the weekend after all."

Knowing that they had lost the battle they gave up and allowed me to Disillusion them. Once I had placed the charm on myself we exited the castle and went across the grounds to Hagrid's. Beside his back door we found the crates that the nifflers were in and took three of them back to the castle with us.

Back in the common room with no evidence of the Disillusionment charm, we sat in our favorite corner in our favorite chairs and indulged in a good laugh. They had started out scared of being caught but now Kat and Sara admitted that it had been the most fun that we'd had in a while. We were gleefully awaiting angry yells from the boys' dormitories. We'd stood in the corridor near one particularly good sneezing statue for ten minutes waiting on someone to walk past it. A sixth year Hufflepuff looked like he'd crawled out of a swamp. It was all we could do to keep our giggles silent until he had gone, cursing whoever had done it under his breath.

While reliving this moment in fits of laughter we heard it. Yells and the sounds of things being thrown were accompanied by a rather foul odor wafting down the stairs. Before everyone else had managed to get out of their seats were running toward the staircase. Taking the steps two at a time we reached the top just in time to see Blaise Zabini covered in the remnants of dung bombs and the whole room in shambles. Pretty boy Blaise didn't look happy. It looked as though he had been the first to open the door, but he wasn't the only one that had been on their way in. Malfoy and his two cronies were standing in the middle of the room staring at the mess. The nifflers had done their jobs well.

Everyone that could see inside the room was laughing. Even the people that were too far back to see had been told what was going on. Not to mention the fact that if you couldn't see what was going on you could certainly smell part of it. The boys, however, did not find it humorous, especially Zabini. I had really hoped that Malfoy would be the one to open the door, but you can't always get what you want. It was enough that most of his things were strewn in the mix with everyone else's.

Eying me with a cold fury that plainly said I was in for trouble, Malfoy yelled that everyone who wanted to maintain their limbs to vacate. Seeing what a rage he was in, all of the other students fled to the common room or their own dormitories to talk about what they'd witnessed. As we turned to follow everyone else out a vice like grip seized my arm.

"Where in bloody hell do you think you're going? Everyone else get out!" Blaise gave a snort of disgust and mumbled something about a shower. With worried glances in my direction Kat and Sara were ushered out by the boys and I was left alone with him.

Feeling the familiar glowering stare of anger directed at me, I swung around and punched him in the stomach. He immediately released my arm and doubled over in pain. While he was preoccupied I grabbed my wand and made a dive for the door. Unfortunately he was quick on the uptake and caught me off guard with a leg locker curse. I fell to the ground but wasted no time performing the counter curse. Flashes of light streaked the room as we fought furiously throwing spells without care to the damage we were inflicting. Then we found ourselves arms length apart, each with the other's wand tip in our faces.

"Why start a duel with me Malfoy? Are you looking for someone to put you in the hospital wing? I thought I'd already told you that no means no and I want you to leave me alone. What makes you think that I want to have anything to do with the likes of you?"

"Well Kimberly I should think that you cared more for your little friends than that. You are concerned with what happens to them, aren't you? You know that I could have anything done to them if I wanted. You have it in your power to insure their safety. How would you like them to come to harm knowing that you could have prevented it? Don't you think that it would be the end of that particular friendship?"

And in that moment I knew that I had come to the end of the road. There was no denying that he was ruthless enough to devise such a plan, and also no denying that he was cruel enough to go through with it. He knew that I was one of the few Slytherins that would sacrifice my own well being to protect those near and dear to me.

With a sigh I lowered my wand. He was blackmailing me. "You always want what you can't have. So maybe once you've been with me for a week or so you'll move on. I can only hope that someone else will strike your interest. Although I have to admit I almost wouldn't wish this on any female no matter how much I despise her. But then again there are a few and I wouldn't mind unloading you on."

"That's not a good way to start off your apology, Kimmy. You should show me a little more respect or I might think that I you don't like me. Then I'm afraid I'd be angry and awful things happen when I'm angry. So how about we start with the basics? As my new girlfriend you'll of course have to start with begging for my forgiveness. After all, you've been quite rude to me lately. I think I prefer a more submissive attitude from you. You'll definitely have give up on pursuits of other guys, and then there's the amount of time that you spend with other people in general. I think it's best if you devote most of your time to me. After all, I have been gracious enough to offer you a chance despite the atrocious manner in which you've conducted yourself up to now."

In a state of mortified shock I said, "I don't know where you got the impression that you could order people around in such a manner with total disregard for their choices but you've lost what small amount of intelligence that anyone ever gave you credit for if you think you're going to get away with this. Everyone knows the level of contempt I have for you and no one will believe that I actually wanted to become your girlfriend."

With an evil smirk he replied, "Well then I suppose you had better make it a convincing performance, because if anyone starts to ask too many questions mysterious accidents might happen to those you proclaim to care for."

And with that horrible thought left to plague me he started to leave. "Just one more thing before I go."

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