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Chapter 2

Ed…" I started to say, but he slapped my ass so hard I couldn't even remember why I wanted to speak in the first place.

"You like it when I punish you, don't you?"


I could feel my own arousal as it dripped down my thighs.



"Ahh…fuck yes. Please slap me again." I begged, wiggling my ass hoping for the burn right before the pleasure.

"Beg for it." He laughed, rubbing my ass cheeks.

"Please Mr. Cullen, spank me, I want it."

I can see that." He started licking up my thigh to the source of my wetness. He didn't just lick, he sucked. He latched on to my pussy and just drank me in like it was a water source.

"FUCK! Fuck that feels so good." I could feel his tongue as it licked the lips of my pussy before entering the folds and going deeper in me. The more I grind into his face, the deeper he went and just as I was about to lose it, he pulled out quickly,


"Ahhh!" I whimpered in pleasure, losing control over my limbs. He kissed up my back until finally stopping right next to my face.

"We will finish this later Ms. Swan, but for now, our time is up." He snickered, kissing lips before sitting back.

I stayed there for a moment, breathing deeply before finally gathering myself. Trying my best not to look at him, I looked for my bag on the ground. After a few days with him, I realized I needed to have a couple things with me at all times; wipes, make up, breath mints, lotion, hair brush, perfume, anything to make me looked less fucked and more presentable to the outside world.

"I never fails to surprise me how fast you can turn from a vixen to a saint." He stated, coolly fixing his tie.

"I'm hardly a saint." The very fact that I was readjusting my bra straps was proof enough of that.

"What I mean to say is that you aren't even a little shy when it comes to sex, but to everything else, you're as timid as a mouse."

I eyed him, doing my best not to get turned on again; "Is that a bad thing? Maybe I'm a closet freak. I rather the world not know of my sex life."

He smirked then winked at me; "You and me both. Which is why you couldn't be more perfect for me."

What was he trying to say?

I wanted to ask, but the driver knocked twice on the window to which Edward knocked back.

How many times had he done this? I wondered when his driver stepped back in and put the car in drive. I hadn't noticed the car was on, but that did explain why we didn't overheat in the sweltering summer. The entire car reeked of sex and I felt bad for him and slightly embarrassed for myself. Pressing the button of the windows, I pulled out my shades, watching the town pass by.

I was hoping it would be a lengthy trip, long enough to give myself some time to recuperate and clear the just fucked look off of my face. However, time wasn't on the side of the whore today, it took us less than five minutes before we pulled up to an all white manor the size of my high school, with soft blue shutters and a pouch that went all around. It sat right on the edge of the beach, it was beautiful. But my awe was short lived. There, standing on the porch dressed in a polka dotted summer dress was the fabulous Tanya Cullen. She looked like Marilyn Monroe with her bright red lips and soft blonde hair. Beside her was all the staff of the house along with a brown and black mixed breed mutt.

"Here we are ." Edward grumbled under his breath as the car pulled to a stop. I said nothing, stepping out along with him.

EDWARD DARLING!" She squealed so loud my ears rang. She ran to his closed arms, wrapping hers around his neck; "I've missed you so much."

"I can only imagine." He stated, simply stepping out of her grip. When he did, he waved over two men to get the things out of the car.

Brushing her hair back, her smile lessened but was still there; "What took you so long sweetheart, I thought you would have landed an hour ago."

"I did. But stopped to take care of something, this is Isabella Swan, my personal assistant," He finally focused her attention to me.

Her eyes narrowed quickly, running her baby blue eyes up and down my body.

"Mrs. Cullen, it's…"

"You hired a personal assistant." She hissed lowly, turning away from my outstretched hand and back to Edward. He seemed to care more about the maids taking his things into the house.

That is what I just said, isn't it?" He finally replied.

"Without talking to me about it first?" She questioned and from where I stood, I could see her body tensing.

"I've never talked to you about anything, especially about who I hire and I doubt I will be starting now. Isabella, the red suitcase if filled with blueprints, I need you to make sure they take that one to my study and unload it before you rest." Was all he said before walking over to his dog.

Tanya turned to me, eying me once more and all I could do was stand there and take it.

"Well personal assistant, don't you have work to do." She snapped before going over to Edward. It was odd seeing them stand together, they seemed so perfect, like a family out of an ad.

Following her men with my bags, I had only gotten half way up the stairs when she called out again;

"Her stuff goes on the first floor…"

"Actually, I would prefer it on the second." Edward cut her off, rubbing the side of his dog's face, "The second master bedroom to be exact, Roger."

Her face paled and a few of the maids gave each other quick glances.

"Edward, maybe…"

"That's all Tanya, Austin and I are going to go the beach. Aren't we boy?" He grinned, taking the dogs leash before walking away.

This is so awkward!

Roger, the man with my suitcase continued on his way with my suitcase in hand. Tanya's face was paler than snow and her smile was long gone as Edward's form disappeared around the side of the house towards the beach.

I didn't want to look at her, so I just walked away as well. Inside, everything was just as beautiful and just was white as the outside. Tanya had again gone with the earthy tones and I had to hand it to her, it worked well. Everything was a mixture of natural colors. As I walked up the grand staircase, I couldn't help but notice the wedding portrait of Tanya and Edward. Tanya's smile looked as though it would split her face in half, while Edward…he wasn't even looking at her. In the peripheral of the photo was Tanya's father and that's where his head was turned.

"Ma'am, please keep up." Roger stated and it was the first time I noticed his appearance. He had to be his sixties, his hair seemed all but gone with wrinkles that held a dozen and two stories all over his face.

"Please, just call me Bella."

"I'm not sure if…"

"Well, I insist." I smiled and he looked at me oddly, but nodded before taking me down the wooden corridor and to a large double door. When it opened, the very first thing I noticed was the massive bed in the center with sheer curtains that blew from the wind the open window was providing. It was huge, covered in nothing but white and blue. On the walls were pictures of sailboats and bottles with notices in them.

"Wow." was all I could say when I looked out the window. For miles, all I could see was blue sky, sea, and tan sand, in the distance, Edward and his dog were running along the shore line. It was odd, watching him have fun, especially in his dress slacks and shirt.

"Do you need anything else ma…Bella." Roger stated from behind me.

"Roger, can you tell me why this room is so important?" Why Tanya gasped the way she did.

"It's Mr. Cullen's room. For when he stayed here when he was younger, before his parents died."

Whipping back, I stared at him in shock. His parent's hadn't died, Esme and Carlisle Cullen had just been photographed together in the news.

"What? Aren't Esme and Carlisle his parents? "

Roger nodded; "Yes, adoptive, Carlisle was his father best friend and when he killed himself he took Edward in when he was 12."

"Edward's father killed himself?" Holy shit, I had never ever read anything about that.

"Edward Cullen Sr. was a wicked…"

"Are you gossiping again Roger? I've told you before if you continue to run your old mouth I will fire you so quickly you won't even have time to pack." Tanya stated, stepping into the room.

Roger nodded before leaving us both in the room alone, the wind blew softly as she walked to the bed, grabbing a hold of the curtains and playing with them in her hands.

"How personal are you with my husband, Ms. Swan?"

Apparently not all, I thought.

"I'm as personal as he lets me be."

"Witty, but we both know you don't assistant him with his work" She huffed before turning to me, "So here's what you're going to do, go back to whatever corner you came from and leave my husband alone. He's mine and I've worked too long to share with a gold digging whore. "

"I'm here at Mr. Cullen's request, you want me to leave? You should speak with him."

"Believe me, I shall, so don't even bother unpacking." She snapped before slamming the door behind her.

What the fuck am I doing here?

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