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His Highness's Lover


King Levi Ackerman is the cold and ruthless king of Sina kingdom. He later falls in love with an innocent commoner Eren Yeager who is a simple doctor following his father's footstep. Despite of having fiancee Lady Petra Ral who is his chidhood friend and daughter of noble, Levi loves Eren and brings him to palace. Petra also discovers their relationship. What will happen after their relationship is known by everyone? Who will Levi choose between his lover and fiancee? Read this fanfiction to find which is full of romance, angst, conspiracies and let's add tragedy too. Plzz support my work by reading and commenting and your advices are highly appreciated. Note: All of these characters doesn't belong to me. All of the characters belongs to Hajime Isayama creator of Attack On Titan.

Drama / Romance
Uchiha Alisha
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There was a vast and beautiful continent. It was a large area of land surrounded by oceans. This large continent was ruled by 3 powerful kingdoms. These kingdoms were separated by rivers. These 3 powerful kingdoms name were Sina Kingdom, Rose Kingdom and Maria Kingdom. Sina kingdom was the largest and the most powerful kingdom followed by Rose kingdom and Maria kingdom respectively.

The kings of these 3 kingdoms had formed an alliance to not attack each other. So, there was peace. The most powerful kingdom, Sina kingdom was also the most richest kingdom. This kingdom was most powerful in military and most advanced in health sectors. Sina kingdom was surrounded by large and thick walls to strengthen kingdom's safety.

Similarly, Rose kingdom was rich in natural resources. This kingdom was rich in fertile lands and thick forests. Plenty of water resources were also found in this kingdom. So, this kingdom was rich in agriculture. They would export their agricultural products to their neighbouring kingdoms too. Rose kingdom was also famous for being known as the kingdom of the most beautiful women. The princess of Rose kingdom was known as the most beautiful women in all the 3 kingdoms. This kingdom was also known for their beautiful musics and dances.

Maria kingdom was the smallest but the most beautiful among these 3 kingdoms. Many natural beauties like tall and thick forests with plenty of beautiful streams, rivers, lakes and ponds were found in this kingdom. There were also rumors that the mystical creatures like fairies, mermaids and unicorns were found in the forests and rivers of Maria kingdom. The people of this kingdom were highly educated and were most intelligent. So, this kingdom was also known as the Kingdom of scholars.

Sina kingdom had grown even more powerful since the new king rose on the throne. It had already been 5 years since the new king rose on the throne. After the former king died due to illness, the new king sat on throne at the age of 18. As soon as he became the king there was great improvement in military, health and education sectors. All of the citizens were provided health and education services. We can confirm that the citizens of Sina kingdom were living happy and prosperous life.

Despite of such developments done by the king, citizens sometimes feared their king. Sina kingdom had always been ruled by Ackermans. The name of the new king was Levi Ackerman. He was also known for being cold and ruthless. But also none could deny the fact that he was the most powerful and most handsome king they ever had. King Levi had piercing steel gray eyes that made everyone fall on thier knees. He always had dominating aura whenever he made public appearances.

His raven hair which had perfect undercut made him even more attractive. His sharp facial features with steel gray eyes, high nose and thin lips made everyone fall for him. Both males and females were attracted to him but none dared to speak a word because of his cold aura. King Levi Ackerman was the definition of perfect dominating alpha.

He was known as cold and ruthless king because of one famous incident. Although it was peaceful times there were still some traitors who tried to harm the Sina kingdom. The traitors were caught and publically executed at the capital. They were tied with ropes and skins were peeled off slowly and were left whole day on sun to get roasted. Later their heads were removed from their bodies. This public execution was to show that Sina kingdom would not tolerate any kind of treasons against them.

Besides being cold and merciless, he also made sure all the citizens were living comfortably.King Levi Ackerman was both feared and loved by the citizens of Sina. His palace was situated at the capital of Sina which was called Shiganshina. The capital was full of royalties and nobles. The commoners lives at the cities of Sina. Sina kingdom was also famous for being known as the Kingdom of the handsome men. But there was no men in Sina kingdom who could win their most handsome king LEVI ACKERMAN.

This is the first chapter. I hope you enjoyed it.
Also this is my first time writing,there may be some errors or lack of expalanation. I will try to upload the chapters as soon as possible.
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