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Human Huntress


A Yautja x Human love story ----------------- A mother and a child grow up into a normal life, the mother withheld secrets to protect her child but can those secrets stay in the shadows or would the return of certain creatures reveal all that was hidden in the story of love, adventure, horror and more as we chase the story of a girl who thought she was normal.

Scifi / Horror
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The Begining

The bottomless pit of shadows and dying planets fluttered across the viewing glass at great speeds as the unknown vessel steered towards its destination. There were beings of life stationed on the highly technological spacecraft that strode in large but silent steps to fulfill their duty before reaching their mark however the most prominent feature that could be seen was that they were not human.

A being that stood looking out to the endless sea of ink that was dotted with ivory like stars turned, it's eyes pulsing a forest green that shone in the soothing orange light that seeped from the plated lines from the wall.

A young girl woke up, she looked to be 17 as she ran the smooth of her hand across her eyes while looking around the dim room - the morning sun peaking through the cracks of the emerald green curtains. With a whispered 'sigh' she got out of her single bed, gently placing her black duvet back on as well as switching the alarm clock off. Walking with quiet steps she opened the door to her bathroom and turned the faucet on to luke warm water, she stepped in to briefly get washed and to give her time to wake up. Turning the shower off she got out whilst wrapping the towel around her and stepped into the room to give it an overview:

Her bed lay in the top right corner and wall of the room, the end being right next to the door, said bed was draped with dark gray pillows and a black duvet with a wolf pelt at the foot of the bed. The carpet colour was a pale white with a desk in the left corner with a lamp and paper strewn across it, in front of the window was a standard television on top of a low desk with a bean bag near it. The wardrobe was right beside the door to the attached bathroom that was dark oak in colour with stood in contrast to the carpet and the wall which was painted to look like a snow forest with a few wolves peaking out.

She turned to the wardrobe and picked out her clothes for the day, putting on her black panties and black sports bra she pulled on a dark green long sleeved shirt that hugged her chest and smooth stomach, a pair of tight black jeans that were torn at the knees and black buckle up motorcycle boots and to complete the look a leather trenchcoat that stayed open.

"Artemis you have 30 minutes till school starts!" A voice yelled from outside the door. With another 'sigh' Artemis began brushing her unique blood red hair, her emerald green eyes stood out the most on her person as she opened the door of her room and jogged lightly down the stairs and reached the sitting room that was also open to the kitchen with the island separating the rooms. "There you are." a smooth voice called as Artemis turned to face a woman with a ginger hair and frost blue eyes, this woman was Artemis's mother Nadia.

"Morning mother." Artemis replied with as she smiled at the woman who gave birth to her and made breakfast , Nadia was a kindred soul and it was a shame her father left her or died - Artemis didn't know or she didn't care as the man was never in her life.

"Morning to you to sleepy head, do you have everything for school today?" Nadia asked in a worried tone, handing Artemis some money should she want anything on her way their or back.

"Im good but thanks for the worry Mom." Artemis kissed her mother on the cheek and smiled before picking up her shoulder back with her work in it and the keys to her 150cc Bike that was a sleek black.

"Be safe!" Nadia yelled as Artemis made her way out the house and to the garage where her 'precious baby' was being held. Revving the engine she made sure her bag was tucked away and safe before putting on her helmet and turned to speed off to school.

Yes, Artemis was still in school in fact she had managed to get the grades into 6th form which was for higher education. She only studied three subjects as she had no official plan for a job and it was upsetting to her as she couldn't pick hunting as a career, that's right she enjoyed hunting in the forest around her home and unlike scoundrel - men who used guns and make the kill worthless - she would skin for pelts or in some cases meat and she would enjoy it to the point she eventually had a cupboard in her room filled with skulls of her most worthy of kills and a few tooth necklaces.

All in all she lived her life on edge and she enjoyed it, she loved her mother and had friends that accepted who she was and that was all she needed.

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