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My Daughters Are In Love With Sons Of Durin?


Isabella, or Bella, and Elizabeth, or Bessa are the twin daughters of Bilbo Baggins. Their mother was a dwarf who died giving birth to the two of them. They were born more a lot dwarf then hobbit. Some even question if they are part hobbit at all. They are also both 19 and very innocent when it comes to the world outside of Bag End. However, like their father when he was young, they thirst for adventure more than anything, and when 13 dwarves and a wizard arrive at their doorstep, they desperately want to go on an adventure with them. However, on the journey, two sons of Durin catch their eyes and make their young hearts flutter. Their relationship as sisters will change and they will discover some secrets about their mother on the way. But their innocence will be taken as well when they fall in love with sons of Durin.

Fantasy / Romance
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“Bessa? Bella?” The voice of Bilbo Baggins cried through his hobbit-hole for his two daughters from the kitchen. After a few minutes, there were no replies. He tutted and walked from the kitchen to the hall but was knocked over by his two daughters who were rushing to the kitchen.

“Whoa!” He yelped but his arms were grasped by the two girls breaking his fall. Bilbo looked up and sighed in relief as he got back to his feet again.

“Sorry, daddy,” a girl with brownish blonde hair, brown eyes and slightly tanned said dusting down the hobbit’s clothes. Bilbo nodded smiling before his second daughter spoke.

“We didn’t see you there daddy,” the other daughter added. She had raven coloured hair with deep blue eyes and pale skin. She too was dusting her father down as well. The hobbit nodded to her and cleared his throat before holding his hands behind him.

“That’s all right,” he replied and pursed his lips into another smile. “Come and get your breakfast girls.” He added and the three of them walked into the dining room where their breakfast of toast and some fruits.

“Did you sleep well, daddy?” The blonde girl asked as they sat down.

“Very well thank you, Bella, you?” The hobbit replied and his daughter Bella nodded.

“I was reading a book about middle earth legends and I got caught up in a story about dwarves and a dragon and-”

“A treasure hoard?” The raven-haired girl cut in and Bella nodded.

The raven girl then chuckled once while picking up a piece of toast.

“Those stories are wonderful, I’ve read them one-hundred times. Have you got to the ones about the elves of Rivendell?” She asked as they all started to dig into their food. Bella nodded while chewing.

“They are ruled over by lord Elrond and lady Galadriel, and are very skilled when it comes to fighting.” The girl told Bella who nodded understandingly. Bilbo smiled proudly at his daughters.

“Don’t tell me any more about that book Bessa, I only just managed to get it off daddy to read,” the blonde girl said while gesturing to their father. Bilbo chuckled at his two daughters and their curiosity.

“Daddy, have you ever met an elf before?” Bella asked her daddy as she and Bessa looked excited at their father. Bilbo looked from Bessa to Bella then down to his breakfast plate.

“Err, no never.” He replied dashing their hopes then continuing to eat. Bessa and Bella awed in disappointment.

“Could we maybe go and visit the elves of Rivendell one day daddy?” Bessa asked and Bilbo froze.

“No, certainly not.” He said firmly then picked his plate and strode into the kitchen.

“It is much too far, and very unsafe for two young girls like you.” He added from the kitchen. Bessa sighed looking over at her sister who had a pout on her face.

“Oh well,” Bessa said and took her plate and Bella’s. Bilbo had gone outside with his pipe leaving his daughters inside.

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