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My Daughters Are In Love With Sons Of Durin?


Bilbo sat with his pipe on a wooden bench outside his home. He puffed some smoke out of it that spread around him and he sighed deeply. However, the hobbit was soon disturbed by the presence of someone at his gate. Bilbo suddenly coughed on his pipe then looked up to see a bearded man wearing a grey pointed hat holding a staff.

“Oh, good morning.” Bilbo chirped to him.

“What do mean?” The man began while leaning on his staff with a frown. “Do you mean to wish me a good morning or do you mean that it is a good morning whether I want it or not?” Gandalf asked and the hobbit looked at him in confusion. From the window next to the front door, Bella and Bessa were watching them.

“Or perhaps you wish to say that you feel good on this particular morning.” The man continued. “Or are you simply saying that this is a morning to be good on?” He finished and Bilbo looked at him a little confused.

“All of them at once I suppose.” He replied gesturing with his pipe.

“Who’s that?” Bella asked her sister from their home.

“Let’s go find out!” Bessa said opening the door. The two sisters walked out of the door and down the steps to the man and their father.

“Hello daddy, are you alright?” Bella said as Bilbo looked at his daughters then to the man.

“Can we help you?” Bessa asked the man as all three of them looked up at him.

“That remains to be seen,” the man said studying the family of Hobbits.

“I’m looking for someone to share in an adventure.” The man added and the two girls widened their eyes.

“An adventure?” Bilbo asked. “No, I don’t imagine anyone west of Bre would have much interest in an adventure,” Bilbo said getting up.

“Wait, daddy, we’re interested!” Bella exclaimed and Bessa nodded in agreement.

Bilbo looked at them with wide eyes that were filled with worry and he shook his head

“No. You too are both too young and are going back inside now.” Bilbo said and gestured to his daughters to go back inside. They protested a little but he ignored them

“Nasty, disturbing, uncomfortable things,” Bilbo said quickly getting his mail.

“Make you late for dinner,” Bilbo said with a little laugh as he flicked through his letters.

Bella and Bessa looked down sadly as they stood near the front door. The man looked over at them then down to Bilbo. He nervously looked up at the man then puffed his pipe a little.

“Good morning,” he said and started to walk up the steps a little.

“To think that I would have live to be good morning by Belladonna Took’s son as if I were selling buttons at the door.” The man said disappointed and Bella and Bessa looked at each other frowning at the mention of their grandmother.

“You’ve changed, and not entirely for the better Bilbo Baggins.” The man said and Bilbo looked even more confused.

“I’m sorry do I know you?” Bilbo asked him.

“Well, you know my name, although you don’t remember I belong to it I am Gandalf. And Gandalf means, me.” The man said loudly and Bella and Bessa went wide-eyed again.

“Not Gandalf the wandering wizard that made such excellent fireworks?!” Bessa said pointing and Gandalf shrugged.

“Of course, old Took use to have them on mid summer’s eve,” Bilbo said gesturing with his pipe again. He chuckled and cleared his throat before speaking again.

“No idea you were still in business,” Bilbo said returning his pipe to his mouth. Gandalf’s smile disappeared and he looked at the hobbit a little cross.

“And where else should I be?” He asked. Bessa and Bella snickered as their father stuttered a few umms and errs before clearing his throat again.

“It’s nice to hear that you remember something about me,” Gandalf began looking a little hard at the hobbit. “But I don’t remember you having daughters.” He added and Bilbo looked over at them then to Gandalf again.

“Well, yes Bella and Bessa weren’t born yet.” He said and Gandalf looked over at the two young hobbit girls who were smiling at him weakly. Gandalf hummed then looked back at Gandalf again.

“Well, that’s decided.” Gandalf began holding his staff in his other hand and pointing at Bilbo.

“It will be very good for you and your daughters,” Gandalf said and Bilbo frowned looking at his daughters then to Gandalf again. “And very amusing for me. I shall inform the others.” Gandalf said holding onto his cloak and started to walk away.

“Inform the who? No! No! We,” Bilbo began and walked up a few steps.

“We do not want any adventures, here, thank you,” Bilbo said pointing to the ground. His daughters looked at him sad again as he continued. Gandalf rested an arm on his hip. “Not today, I suggest you try over the hill, or across the water,” Bilbo said and he gestured to his daughters to go back inside which they did.

“Good morning,” Bilbo said finally before quickly dashing back into his home.

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