Mental Match

Chapter 18: Start of Something Good

Chapter 18 - Start of Something Good

"Oh God Hermione. What are you doing here..."

Hermione slowly stepped away from the stairs and approached him before stopping to get a good look at his face. It was streaked with tears and there was a pained expression that tugged at a part of her heart but she had to stay firm. He was the one that left and she was the one who had suffered terribly the whole day.

"I'm here and I'm here alone because I'm waiting for some arse to finally show up and explain himself." she spit out to start.

His pained expression only got worse as he made two steps towards her before stopping and backing away with a sound that came out as a cross between a sigh and a sob.

"You shouldn't be's not safe...I shouldn't be here." he finally let out softly.

"The wards are up so it's as safe as any other place I should be." she answered him pointedly before she continued. "Don't you want to be here? or are you thinking of leaving me again." she threw at him.

"I didn't leave you! I just needed to think by myself for a while. Please believe me!" he cried out raising his hands to brush his tear stains from his face. "I was scared and all these thoughts were flying around in my head...and I knew the moment I saw you again I would not be able to think straight."

"You were scared! So scared of us being together that you had to run away and not tell anyone where you were! Is that your way of dealing with your thoughts Ron? We said we would talk about everything together yet you disappear without any warning and without any thought for me. How do you think that makes me feel." she was starting to lose control as she felt the first stirrings of tears welling up at the back of her eyes.

He made another step forward but stopped again as his hands dropped to his side. They were still about ten feet apart but the space felt like a mile at the moment.

"It's not like that Hermione. You don't understand I was trying to protect you...please listen. When that sick horrible Deatheater was going to take you outside and have his way with you because you were trying to protect me do you know how absolutely terrifying and horrible that was for me? I keep playing that over and over again in my head. If you had to really go through something like that I could not live with myself. It would surely kill me Hermione and I just got confused and scared that if I was around it could happen again...I'm sorry but I couldn't help it...I didn't leave you...I just got scared...for you." he finished as he looked away from her as his shoulders drooped.

Her whole heart now felt like it was constricted in her chest as her tears surfaced. Her anger lessened and turned into something soft, loving and protective.

"Is that why you were crying?" she asked softly.

He shot her a glance at her change of tone but the look on his face betrayed the answer. It was something else. She asked again.

"Why were you crying Ron? Tell me."

His pained expression returned and she watched as his breathing seemed to speed up. It felt like a year before he let out a deep sigh and turned to face her completely. His tears had returned but he let them fall freely.

"Because I'm weak...because I love you too much...because I can't do this without your help. I can't leave you. I tried. I tried to get as far away as possible but I ended up here. You are the strong one are the logical one. I can only leave if you tell me to. If you ask me to leave then I will. I don't know how I would survive but I would do it for you..." he finished quietly.

All trace of her anger completely vanished with his words. Her heart was now swelling and her breathing speeded up to match his. She had to restrain herself with all her strength from running to him and throwing her arms around him. They had to finish this first.

"Oh Ron...don't you know it's too late for me. I can never ask you to be away from me. I love you too much. Don't you understand? If you leave me then I will surely lose my mind and wither away. Today has been the most horrible time for me. When I left you back at that old ruin and I didn't know if I would ever see you again I couldn't breathe...I couldn't function. Only the thought of getting back to you kept me going...I will never ask you to leave." she stressed the last few words.

"But you could have been hurt...horribly..." he tried to continue but she stopped him this time.

"I can take care of myself you saw. And you helped me remember? We did it together. We were better than them and we will always be better together Ron. Can you see that? There will always be danger to someone like me...and us...but we can't let that stop us from leading our lives how we want. We just have to deal with it but we can only do it together. Together we are strongest and together is how I want us to be." she finished with a deep breath.

As she looked at him his face slowly transformed into the beautiful one she knew and loved so much. She never wanted to see that expression of earlier on his face ever again. The tiniest of smiles appeared on his lips and she involuntarily returned the favour with a smile of her own. They could get through this!

They still hadn't moved closer and she wondered why that was so. His voice suddenly broke the silence with a light tone. His smile got a little wider.

"So let me get this straight...just to be clear. I love you and can't live without you..."


"And you love me and can't live without me..."


"And we are a gazillion times better when we are together..."


"And you are only wearing one of my thinnest tee shirts over your knickers and driving me absolutely insane..."

"Ron!...Can you be serious for more than five seconds.?

"Sorry I couldn't help myself but it's all true believe me!" he actually gave her a laugh.

She could no longer stand it and she shifted her weight to launch herself at him when he raised his hand to stop her and went serious again.

"I'm sorry but I have to say this. This is your last chance Hermione Granger. There will be no turning back after this. If you make one more step towards me I will take it as a sign that you want to be with me forever and I promise that I will love you for all that time and I will never ever leave you again. I will do everything within my power to cherish, protect, support and care for you for the rest of our lives." he said this staring straight into her eyes as she felt herself melt away.

He had gone from making her blush hotly with his mischievous remarks to making her feel like the luckiest woman in the whole world with his next words. She could only reciprocate.

"And this is your last chance Ronald Weasley. No turning back. If you take another step forward towards me I will take it as a sign that you want to be with me forever and I promise that I will love you and be here for you for all that time. I will always cherish, protect, support and care for you for the rest of our lives. You are the only one for me and I will only want you for me...that is my promise." she ended with a flourish.

They both looked at each other over the ten foot gap between them, each with a big smile plastered on their faces.

"So then..." they said together.

He quickly stepped forward with a wave of his hand. That was it! She took off and ran towards him with a loud shriek jumping onto him and wrapping her arms and legs around him tightly. She held on and hugged him for all her worth as they both laughed loudly together.

She lifted her head off his shoulder and dropped her lips on his with a force that should have caused some damage but they didn't seem to care. His hands were now firmly grasped onto her bottom as they fell into a deep passionate snog that reflected their missed time together. She was ecstatic and she tried to pour all her feelings into her kiss. Soon he was spinning them around and before they knew it they were falling over the couch and she was straddling him as he sat loudly.

His hands were all over her and without warning he slipped them under his old worn teeshirt and brought them up to her bare breasts. She moaned into his mouth as his fingers slid across her tender nipples.

"Oh God Hermione! You feel like heaven." he croaked against her mouth.

"I feel like I am in heaven." she broke away long enough to reply.

"And you smell...familiar." he sounded a bit perplexed.

"That's because I used your shower gel you git." she laughed again wishing he would shut up and continue with his hands.

Much to her displeasure he pulled away with a chuckle.

"You're wearing my tee shirt and my shower gel? You really must have missed me." he laughed softly.

Hermione used his small joke to hit him lightly on his arm.

"I did Ron...don't ever do something like that again." she stared at him seriously as she lightly brushed his hair away from his forehead.

"I swear Hermione...that was the first and last time that I will ever leave you without your consent. You have me forever." he replied before pulling her down to him.

They fell into a passionate kiss that turned into something desperate and full of desire for each other. She was completed lost and she could not care less. She was pulling at his clothes as his hands resumed their exploration. She felt his hardness between her legs as they pressed into each other. This was it! As she had promised there was no going stopping.

She pulled away from his lips and for some reason she felt herself blushing as she whispered lightly into his ear.

"Speaking of firsts...why don't you take me up to your bed and let's not stop..."

His hands immediately paused on her breasts as he looked at her with his blue eyes cloudy with desire.

"Hermione if I take you up there we are not coming back down...until maybe Sunday." he said with a husky voice.

She immediately grabbed her wand and sent three messages through her Patronus.

The first was to Professor McGonagall accepting her offer to take the rest of the week off. The second and third were sent to Harry and Ginny informing them that Ron had returned and that they were at his flat and not to be disturbed for any reason until further notice.

Turning to him she dropped a light kiss on his sweet lips with a small smirk on her face.

"Well that takes care of our schedule until Sunday so...what are you waiting for?" she smiled at him.

"I always knew you were the bright one...let's get you out of my clothes." he lifted her up as she shrieked again and kissed her deeply before carrying her up the stairs in a hurry. The sound of her giggling rang on the landing as the door to his bedroom shut with a bang.

It was Christmas eve and the Burrow was bustling with noise and laughter coming from within the haphazard structure. The crackling sound of apparition was lost among the noise as two people appeared arm in arm on the gravel driveway.

"That went over pretty well I must say." the tall man smirked to the pretty woman at his side.

"Are you kidding! I think you won over my mother with those flowers long ago Ron. She adores you." the bushy haired woman beamed at him.

"Do you think you Dad likes me?" he asked.

"I'm sure he does Ron. I'm not too sure he likes the idea of me moving into your flat so soon but I'm sure he'll come around." she answered lightly.

They had just come from having Christmas Eve lunch with her parents and all in all the meal had gone over without any major hiccups. It was their first meal and first meeting with her parents and she was absolutely light headed with delight. Ron had been so nervous at first but soon warmed up and had her Dad rolling with laughter with his stories. They were of different worlds but Ron had no problem relating to her mom and dad as he was also comfortable in the muggle ways.

As they approached the front porch they noticed two people locked together in the shadows and it was obvious they had not heard them approaching.

"Hey! Could you two please hold off until at least after dinner. You guys are going to put me off food. Ginny your mother is on the other side of that wall in case you forgot." Ron cried out with a light chuckle as they reached the wooden floor.

Harry and Ginny snapped apart and they both looked relieved to find that it was just them and not one her other brothers.

"Ha! Look who's talking." cried Ginny. "We couldn't even contact you two for five days! Heaven knows what went on in that flat. I'm a bit afraid to even venture back there to be honest."

"Shut it Ginny. Hermione is staying with me so I would love for you to stay away as much as you can." he replied with a smirk as Hermione felt herself blushing in front of Harry and his girlfriend.

"Don't listen to him Ginny. It's your place also and you are free to come anytime." she informed the red haired girl. "Hello Harry. It's nice to see you again." she greeted both of them with a light hug. Despite the gentle ribbing Ron greeted Ginny the same way and shook Harry's hand with a grin.

"How's the project going Ron?" Harry enquired.

"Pretty smooth actually. We should be complete before the end of term. It was great that the project was restarted so we could stay on schedule." he answered.

"Well they had too. After your part in the capture of those Deatheaters they had no reason to continue with their stupid plan." Ginny huffed a bit.

Hermione had helped in wording of the statement released from the Ministry relating to the plan and capture of the Deatheaters at the ruined mansion. She had deliberately mentioned Ron's part in the mission now know as the Foxhall Battle. His role in the whole affair had made it difficult for the powers that be to hold back the restoration project and his stature had been raised a considerate bit in the wizard world. It was exactly what she wanted and she was determined to continue her fight against all the injustices that still existed among them.

"What happens after the project? Are you staying on Hermione?" Harry asked her hesitantly.

Hermione looked over to Ron and as he nodded she turned to Harry with a soft sigh.

"I love teaching at Hogwarts but I can't waste another year. I'm going back to the Ministry. Shacklebolt has promised me a key position dealing with policy and law. I have a renewed purpose Harry and I have all the support I need with me." she informed him as she glanced lovingly at the man at her side.

"Ron is thinking of going back to University to do his Masters and I support his move. He will still be working with the Professor but more on a part time basis for now. As for everything else we are taking it one step at a time. We are just trying to enjoy ourselves for now." she concluded as she took his hand in hers with a knowing smile and a light blush.

Ron drew her hand up to his lips in a quick kiss as he turned to the front door.

"Come on then. Let's get inside and continue to enjoy ourselves." he announced lightly as he gave her a small kiss with a wink.

Hermione knew that her future with this unique man would not be easy. They would surely face obstacles in their way forward. Obstacles created by people who were intent of their world staying the way it was. But she would fight. She had been fighting her whole life and now that she had someone at her side who she loved beyond measure and who loved her as much in return, she felt invincible. They had their whole lives ahead and she could not wait. Time would only tell what was to come.

...but that could be another story.



There may be a sequel to this story in the future. I have already planned a few chapters but I will give it a rest for a while. Thanks again everyone!

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