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If only I had some kind of warning,a sign even, before he came crashing into my life... he got inside me;mind,body and soul,stained me just for him.But I won't let him win so easily.My heart still belongs to me,wound tightly by chains personally made by my demons and a lock made by my own blood.However not even I have the key to unlock it... Hazel Klynn has not had the best life. From the moment she was born she's been fighting. Fighting the demons in her head. She was succumbed to darkness even before she was born and she let it take over her life until the point of no return. Now she's trying to get her life back together, relieve herself of the demons that haunt her day in and day out... but is it too late? Has too much time gone by for redemption? Will she be able to smile, a smile that's not fake? She hopes so. She has a few rules she has to follow though and can NEVER break: keep her head down, don't trust anyone, never let anyone in, don't ever let the demons win ... oh and the most important never fall in love. Damien Axel Hunter, she didn't mean to cross paths with him but she has and he's found out her secret, that she's kept buried from everyone else for quite some time . He wants to protect her but she doesn't want to be protected, What happens when broken meets damaged?What's going to happen when Damien's dark secret is revealed?Will their love love survive?

Romance / Erotica
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Dear diary,

If only I had some kind of warning, a sign even, before he came crashing into my life. He got inside me; mind, body and soul, stained me just for him. However, my heart is out of his reach , wound tightly by my demons and a lock made by my own blood, but not even I have the key to unlock it...

But he doesn’t care about that, to him I belong to him. But he’s so wrong. I don’t belong to anyone, I don’t even belong to myself. I belong to the Demons that haunt me day in and day out. Always have. They've haunted me my whole life, have captured me, broken me. He might have stained me, but he doesn’t own me. I don’t even own me.

My past left its toll on me and now I’m just broken. A corpse trying to get through life, because ending it was never really a choice. Despite the demons that have condemned me to a lie of misery, I wish to have never met him.

Hope used to be such a strange concept to me, and now it seems possible. All just because of him....

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