Final Chance


Alec was about to say something, but a voice from behind stopped him before he could open his mouth to speak. And when Alec turned around, he was surprised of what he saw.

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1

Hello everyone! I've been having this idea for a while now, and I'm really excited about this story! Hopefully you'll like my first chapter. It might not be too interesting at first, but I promise it'll pick up in the second chapter. :) Enjoy!

Disclaimer: Unfortunately, I do not own the Mortal Instruments in any way. Cassandra Clare does. I also don't own the car brands, Toyota and Chevrolet.

Chapter One

The alarm buzzed loudly, causing Alec to roll over in bed and angrily press on the snooze button. Why was his alarm set for so early in the morning when school hadn't started yet? The teenager then rolled back into his place, wanting to go back to sleep as quickly as possible.

After five minutes had passed, there was a loud knock on his door. Again, Alec wasn't sure why so many things were disrupting his sleep. Didn't anyone know that he liked sleeping in during the summertime, when there was no reason to be up until lunch?

"Alec, get your ass out of bed and get ready to go to school!" the voice behind the door yelled at him. He could immediately tell it was his sister, Isabelle. He chose to ignore it.

Yet Isabelle was still at the door, because she kept on yelling. "Alec, seriously! Get up!"

Alec wasn't sure why she was being so persistent. Sometimes Isabelle liked to play tricks on him, but this time she seemed pretty serious. It was still summertime, right?

Without warning, the door swung open, and Isabelle stomped into Alec's room, stopping right next to his bed. She grabbed his sheets and yanked them off of him, throwing them on the floor beside her. "Get up!" she said, bending down so her face was close to his ear.

"Damn it, Izzy." Alec grumbled, lifting his head to look at his sister. He noticed she was already dressed and all ready for the day. "Would you stop yelling?"

"You're going to be late for school if you don't start getting ready. Max and I will be waiting for you downstairs, then you can drive us there." Isabelle started to explain, standing back up to tower over her brother.

"School...?" Alec grumbled confusingly, as if the word was unknown to him. Wait a minute...

"Yes, school is starting today! Now I suggest you get dressed before mom gets mad at you for being late." his sister went on, and then spun around to stalk out of his room, slamming the door behind her loudly.

Alec lay on his stomach for a few more minutes, soaking in the fact that he had completely forgotten that school was starting today. "Shit," he said aloud, and pealed himself off of his bed, grabbing his sheets and throwing them back on the bed.

Being in a hurry, Alec took the first pieces of clothing he saw—a plain black t-shirt, and worn out jeans. He quickly put those on and somehow managed to go to the bathroom and brush his teeth at the same time. After he made sure he didn't smell and that his hair didn't look too much of a mess, he made his way downstairs, spotting his bag that was lying on the kitchen floor along with his breakfast on the table.

"Good morning, Alexander." his mother said, her back turned to him. She seemed to be rummaging through the refrigerator, looking for something.

"Morning," he said, and sat down on a chair, eating his breakfast quickly. Isabelle and Max were also seated at the table, eating their breakfast which consisted of eggs and bacon, and some orange juice.

"Alec forgot that school is starting today." Isabelle stated, as if no one knew that already. Max laughed as he munched on his bacon.

Alec said nothing and kept on eating his food. Maryse was done looking through the fridge, and was now gathering her things to head out to work. "Well, you three better not be late. You should leave in five minutes." she said.

"Okay," Alec said simply, already finished his plate. He got up and walked over to the counter, dumping the plate into the sink. A minute later Isabelle and Max had finished their own breakfast, and they placed theirs in the sink too.

"Don't forget to lock the door on your way out." Maryse explained. "Have a nice day at school." With that said, she quickly made her way to the front entrance, put on her heels, and got out of the house.

"Where's dad?" Alec asked both of his siblings.

"He left early. Mom decided to stay a little later to make sure you'd be up to get to school on time." Isabelle explained, grabbing her bag.

"Well, isn't that nice of her." Alec said sarcastically, making his way to the front door. Isabelle and Max were following right behind him.

His sister frowned as she put on her shoes. "Don't say that. Mom and dad are very busy."

Alec let out a snort. "Yeah, lawyers who can't afford to spend time with their children." he stated bitterly.

"Can we stop talking about mom and dad and just go to school? It depresses me." Max said with a sad look on his face.

The other siblings seemed to agree with that. They all made their way out of the house, making sure to lock the door in the process. Max ran excitedly to Alec's car—a black Camaro that Robert gave him for his 17th birthday. Alec suspected that he only gave him a car so he wouldn't have to ask his dad to drive him places, and not complain that he never gave him anything. Not that Alec ever complained in the first place. Alec hated that his dad had to assume everything. He never talked to any of his children, and bought them expensive things to pay up for it. Robert just didn't know that objects couldn't make up for paternal love.

Max got into the backseat, while Isabelle and Alec sat in the front. Alec couldn't say he didn't like his car—it looked amazing and worked really well. He just didn't like the reason he got it. But then again, it was one of the few things that said his father still knew of his existence. As soon as Alec started the car, his sister changed the station and blasted the music to full volume. Max covered his ears, and Alec rolled his eyes, turning it down a bit.

"God, Izzy. It's like your deaf or something." he said.

"Yeah, my eardrums were gonna start bleeding!" Max commented, his hands still on his ears.

"You guys just have sensitive ears, that's all." Isabelle snorted.

In about ten minutes, the three arrived at their destination, St. Xavier's High School. The school taught grade seven to twelve, and Max had just started going to the school last year. It made things a lot easier, since everyone now went to the same school. Alec drove over to the parking lot, where all the other students with cars would park. It wasn't too hard finding a parking spot, either. Not that many kids had cars at this age. A few old trucks, expensive looking cars like Alec's. There was even a nice silver Camry that Alec never really noticed before.

Once he made sure he parked well enough, Isabelle and Max quickly got out of the car, Alec taking more of his time. He actually liked going to school. Being at home was pretty boring, since his parents were always gone. Alec could hang around here with his friends and just be away from the house.

As soon as Alec stepped out of the car, another one parked next to his. He immediately recognized who's it belonged to. He only knew one other kid at this school who owned a red Malibu. Someone who also had rich parents who were never there at home.

When the car was parked, Jace and Clary both got out of the car, and immediately looked over in Alec's direction. Alec smiled at them, and Isabelle and Max walked over to them too.

"Hey, Alec." Jace said walking over to him and patting his back. "Last year of high school, and then we're out of this hell hole."

Alec couldn't help but laugh. "Yeah, you've got that right."

He looked over at his sister and brother, who were talking to Clary. The five of them had become rather close. Jace knew Alec since they were both babies, and they've been like family ever since. They've known Clary for about two years now, but Jace acted as if he knew her much longer than that. The two have dated for a whole year, and Alec couldn't help but be a little jealous. One, because it took them only a year to be super close to each other, and two, because Alec had this crush on Jace. Not that Jace knew he was gay or anything.

Not that many people knew of his sexuality, actually. Only Max and Isabelle knew. His parents were never there, so what was the point? And he didn't want to tell Jace or any of his friends, because they would only make fun of him, and it would be sort of awkward. Alec had a hard time accepting it himself in the first place, so why should he tell other people?

"Well, at least we're in some of the same classes. Same thing with Jordan, Simon and Sebastian." Jace went on, as the five all started to make their way to the school building.

"Yeah, good thing. I don't know if I'd survive math class without you kicking at my chair every five minutes." Alec agreed sarcastically.

Jace only shrugged. "What? How else am I supposed to entertain myself?" he asked him.

"Well, Clary, Maia and I are in some of the same classes too." Isabelle put in.

"Lucky you, Izzy. Wish I could be in the same grade as my girlfriend." Jace said, wrapping an arm around Clary. Alec couldn't help but feel a twinge of jealousy.

"I think I'll pass. Alec seems to know what he's talking about." Clary said, smiling in his direction. Alec managed to smile back.

After a few more minutes of talking, Max had to split ways with everyone else. The junior high students had their own section of the school, while the high school students had another part of the school to themselves. When Alec and Jace would graduate, Max could finally say he was in high school.

"Our first class is English. We should head out now." Alec said, checking his watch. He always liked to be in class ten minutes before the bell. Jace didn't really care, but he was trying to put him in the habit.

"Well, if you really want to get to class so quickly, there's no stopping you." Jace said, Clary and Isabelle still there with them. "I didn't know you didn't want to see any of our other friends before class started."

Alec only shrugged in response. Clary looked at her boyfriend seriously. "You guys should go. I have gym class first anyway." she said.

At that, Jace didn't disagree. Only Clary could say something to shut him up completely. That was one thing Alec was sometimes thankful for.

"Okay, then. See you guys at lunch." Jace said, giving Clary a kiss on the lips. Alec looked away at that, and said goodbye to his sister instead. With that done, the two made their way to their first class, Alec silently thanking that Clary was a year younger than them. At least that gave him some time with Jace. The only problem was actually telling him how he truly felt. And he didn't have much time left to tell him before they graduated.

After English, Alec and Jace each had different classes, so they split ways. Alec's next class was science, which was admittedly one of his favorite subjects. Not many people enjoyed science—well, neither of his friends, anyway. Once he got to the classroom, there weren't many people in it. He was at least ten minutes early.

Alec quickly took his seat at the front of the classroom. Out of his brother and sister, he was the one with the higher grades. Isabelle didn't really like to pay attention, and Max could never stand still in class. Not that his parents really payed attention to either of their grades, anyway.

To make things better, Jordan and Sebastian were both in his science class. They got in a few minutes after Alec got to class, and greeted him happily while taking their seats beside him. Both Jordan and Sebastian weren't that great in science, and always counted on Alec to explain and help them catch up. Alec wasn't sure why they were still taking science class if it was giving them trouble.

"Hey, have you guys seen the new student yet?" Jordan asked his friends. There were still about five minutes before the bell, so they decided to just talk a little.

"There's a new student? In what grade?" Alec asked curiously.

"Our grade. Apparently he just moved about a month ago." Jordan explained.

"How do you know that?" Sebastian said with a frown on his face.

"He's in my math class. He dresses kind of weird, too. I think he's gay." Jordan went on, trying to hide a smirk.

Alec's eyes grew wide. "Dresses weirdly how?"

"Very weird. Tight clothing and crazy hair kind of weird. He wears some makeup, too." he answered, as if the situation was funny. "He seems nice, though."

"Nice... like he was into you or something?" Sebastian joked. Alec kept his eyes wide, not saying anything.

"No, not like that. He seems like he doesn't care about what anyone thinks. Which is respectable, I guess. I wouldn't have the balls to dress like that anywhere." Jordan said with a shake of the head.

"What balls?" Sebastian asked, looking over at his friend curiously.

"Shut up, you piece of shit!" Jordan snapped, punching him in the arm.

Alec was about to say something, but a voice from behind stopped him before he could open his mouth to speak. "Excuse me, mind if I sit with you guys?" the voice had a small accent, something foreign. It wasn't weird, but it sounded slightly attractive. And when Alec turned around, he was surprised of what he saw.

Behind him stood a tall guy—about an inch taller than Alec—with tanned looking skin. He was lean, but his arms were lightly muscled. He wore tight black jeans with a bright blue and purple buttoned up short-sleeved shirt. His hair was up in spikes—which were dyed blue—and there was glitter all over. You could tell he wore mascara and eyeliner, along with a bit of lip gloss. His eyes were a weird sort of green-yellow. Alec found that he was pretty good-looking. Sexy, even. No wonder his voice sounded so attractive.

"Yo, Alec? Stop staring, it's weird." Jordan cut his train of thoughts, causing him to blush a shade of red.

"I wasn't staring." he said in defense of himself, looking back at his two friends.

"I'm pretty sure you were." Sebastian clarified, which caused Alec to glare at him.

"Can't blame him. I do look pretty fabulous." The sparkly guy said with the most dazzling smile Alec had ever seen.

"Well, whatever. Go ahead and sit here, Sparky." Jordan said with a wave of his hand.

"Sparky?" Alec and Sebastian both questioned in unison.

"I'm not sure the nickname suits me." the new student said, taking a seat behind Alec. "Maybe something along the line of sexy beast. Or something like that."

"Well, you're all full of sparkles." Jordan explained, wiggling his fingers towards the tall guy. "And I had a dog named Sparky."

"Are you calling me a dog? Because I'm more of a cat person. In fact, I own a cat. His name is Chairman Meow." the guy explained, looking over at Alec, who stared at him with wide eyes.

"Nice name." Sebastian said halfheartedly. "But seriously, what's your real name? It's not like anyone cares about Jordan's dead dog." Jordan shot him an unappreciative look, but Sebastian ignored it.

"My real name is Magnus. Magnus Bane." he answered. He then looked over at Alec and took out his hand. "And your name is...?"

Alec stared at his hand for a minute, then finally shook it. "Alexander Lightwood. But everyone just calls me Alec." he answered.

Magnus smiled at him mischievously. "Now that's a nice name. It suits you." he said.

"Uh... thanks." Alec said, trying not to blush. No one seemed to notice but Magnus, and that caused him to grin even more.

After Sebastian introduced himself, the bell rang loudly, and Alec turned around to face the front of the class. The teacher immediately started the lesson, which caused Jordan and Sebastian to sigh in boredom while taking notes. Alec rolled his eyes and couldn't help but smile. But he had a feeling that someone was looking at him. It wasn't Jordan or Sebastian—he could see them on each side of him. So slowly, Alec turned around.

Magnus was staring at him with that same grin on his face. Alec looked down on the desk to see that he was taking notes, but somehow managed to look at him at the same time. "Um... hi?"

"Yes?" he asked him innocently, leaning in closer to Alec.

"Were... you staring at me?" he asked him slowly.

Magnus frowned. "I don't know what you're talking about. Maybe you're imagining things." he suggested.

"Oh... okay." he said, and with a confused look, Alec turned his head back to the blackboard, concentrating on the class and continuing to take some notes. What he didn't know was that Magnus had looked at him the whole time—taking notes now and then—and still staring at the back of his head.

Lunch had finally come, and Alec was glad for that. He had gone hungry halfway through the lesson, which made it hard for him to concentrate. There was also the fact that Magnus kept staring at him from behind. Alec wasn't sure why he had to keep staring at him. Magnus was definitely a weird guy.

Before he could talk to anyone after the bell rang, Alec had quickly made his way out of the classroom, hunger taking over him. He knew Jordan and Sebastian would be mad at him for ditching.

"Alec! Hold on!" Jordan yelled after him.

Alec finally decided to stop and turn around. He looked at them with a confused look. His hunger wasn't the only reason why he was leaving so quickly. He also didn't want to see Magnus. As much as he was weird, he was still pretty attractive. It was a little distracting for Alec.

"Sorry, I'm just really hungry." he half lied, scratching the back of his head.

"Yeah, whatever. We want to know where your locker is." Sebastian said, dismissing Alec's explanation.

"Oh, right. I'm on the second floor, at the front of the school." Alec explained.

"We're on the second floor, too. Just on the other side." Jordan said.

"Let's go drop our stuff off and head to the cafeteria after." Sebastian suggested, and everyone seemed to agree.

After stopping at everyone's lockers, the three friends all headed to the cafeteria. Once they got there, they spotted Jace and Simon, who were in line waiting for some food. Clary, Isabelle and Maia were there too.

"Hey guys." Alec greeted, eagerly standing in line behind Jace.

As soon as Jordan spotted his girlfriend, Maia, he walked over to her with a big grin on his face. Like Jace, his girlfriend was a year younger than them, so they could only see each other during breaks and lunchtime. "Hey, babe." he said, giving her a kiss.

At least Alec wasn't the only single guy among the group, so he wouldn't have to feel miserable by himself. Both Simon and Sebastian were yet to find a girlfriend. It was pretty obvious that Isabelle and Simon had this little thing going on, and Alec didn't seem to take it too seriously. After all, Isabelle was one to break hearts. And Simon wasn't really her type.

It took about a dozen minutes for everyone to order and pay their food. After all that was done, everyone headed over to the tables and took their seats at a free table.

"So, how was your first and second periods?" Jace asked no one in particular.

"Freaking boring. I had math and science." Jordan said glumly.

"I thought you hated science. Why did you take it?" Clary asked curiously, eating some of her salad.

"It was either that or geography. And that subject is even more boring." Jordan answered.

"You think everything is boring!" Sebastian exclaimed, rolling his eyes.

"Stop badmouthing me. It's no fun." Jordan said with a pouty look on his face.

The conversation kept on being about everyone's schedule's, until Jordan brought up the new student, Magnus, that was in both of his classes. He was mostly talking about what had happened in science class, which Alec was soon going to regret.

"So, this Magnus guy is in both of my classes. Alec and Sebastian are also in my science class, so he got to meet them too." Jordan started to explain, and looked over at Alec with a smirk on his face. "You should've seen the look on Alec' face when he saw Magnus. It was so funny!"

At that, Alec started to blush. He tried to hide it, but it was near impossible when his skin was so fair and pale. Every time his face would redden, it would stick out like a sore thumb.

"What kind of face did he make?" Jace asked with an impossibly wide smile on his face.

"Nothing! I wasn't looking at him in any way." Alec quickly cut in before Jordan could utter a word.

"Why so defensive?" Simon asked, tilting his head to the side.

"Yeah, bro. Why?" Isabelle inquired, which caused a glare from her brother.

"Just leave him alone, guys." Clary said tiredly. It was times like these where Alec could be thankful for her maturity. And for not being so nosy and persistent.

"Aw, that's no fun." Jace said glumly.

"So, is he close by or something? I want to see what he looks like." Isabelle said, looking around the cafeteria, expecting an answer from someone.

"Why would you want to know? Expecting him to be super hot?" Maia said curiously, and Simon gave her a suspicious look. She only smiled back innocently.

"Maybe he is." Isabelle answered with a shrug.

"He's right there." Sebastian said, pointing at the far right of the cafeteria. And there Magnus was, sitting with a small group of people. Alec noticed he was talking to a beautiful blond girl, who was smiling and laughing at what he was saying, which couldn't be heard from this distance.

"He looks like an Adam Lambert wannabe." Jace commented as soon as he spotted him.

"Yeah, which is super hot." Isabelle said with a small smile on her face.

Simon looked at her with an unbelievable expression on his face. "He's not that great." he commented bitterly.

Clary couldn't help but chuckle. "Come on, Simon. Don't get so jealous."

"Yeah, he looks gay anyway. He totally wouldn't be into Isabelle." Jordan said in an attempt to comfort his friend, which wasn't really helping.

"Great," Simon said with a shrug. Isabelle didn't seem to take any notice of the conversation. She was either still looking at Magnus or talking to Maia.

Alec couldn't help but feel a little bad for Simon. Sure, he had a crush on his sister, and Alec should be all over protective. But, Isabelle could take care of herself just fine. It was Simon everyone should be worried about. At that same time, Alec found it funny that Simon was getting all worked up about Magnus. He didn't seem like much of a threat. He didn't seem to be into girls, anyway.

But as Alec looked more closely in Magnus' direction, he could see that the girl he was talking to was sitting pretty close to him. He didn't seem to mind, either. Alec couldn't help but cringe at that. Magnus seemed like a nice enough person. Or maybe that was the impression he was trying to set for everyone else. For all Alec knew, Magnus could be a jerk among jerks. Not to mention he was a little strange.

So, maybe Simon had a reason to worry.

After lunch, Alec found out that he had math with Simon, which was pretty good, because Simon was probably one of the best students on that subject. Alec was pretty good too, but if ever he didn't understand, he could count on Simon to help him figure things out.

Even on the first day of school, Alec and Simon were stuck with math homework. It wasn't surprising, but Alec was a little bummed on the amount of homework he had already. So far, he had work to do in every class.

The best part was during the whole class, Simon looked very upset. Even though Alec knew why he was sulking, he had to ask, just to see how Simon would react.

"It's because of that new student, Magnus." Simon answered, with hatred in his voice.

"Don't worry about it. Magnus and my sister haven't even met yet." Alec pointed out.

"Exactly," Simon said, worry written all over his face.

"Well, I don't think Izzy will go after someone like that." Alec went on, and suddenly realized he was comforting his friend in thinking he still had a chance of going out with his sister. "Why does it bother you so much, anyway?

At that, Simon didn't answer right away. "You know... I kind of like your sister." he answered shyly.

Alec rolled his eyes. "I know you do. Everyone knows. You make it pretty obvious."

"Oh," his friend said, looking embarrassed. "I'm surprised you're okay with it."

"It's not really my business. My sister can date who she wants, unless he's a total ass. Then I get involved." Alec explained while looking at Simon seriously. "That means I trust you."

Simon looked a little startled, but nodded his head anyway. "Thanks, I guess."

Alec didn't want to mention that his sister would probably be the one to break his heart. He wanted him to figure it out for himself. Besides, Simon saw Isabelle date a lot of guys before, and she pretty much trampled all over them. Alec tried to talk to her about her being kind of a bitch towards guys, but she didn't seem to want to hear it. And his parents weren't any help either. They didn't even know half of the guys she dated.

After math, Alec had his last class of the day, which was gym. He was pretty happy of ending his first day on one of his favorite classes. He hated always having to sit on an uncomfortable chair listening to the teacher talk and take notes all day. Having gym class gave him a break of that.

Even better, Jace was in his class. He met with him half way to the big gym, and the two chatted happily to the changing rooms.

As soon as Alec stepped inside, he froze. At one of the lockers on the left side of the room stood Magnus with no shirt on. He already had his gym shorts on—they looked fairly normal, surprisingly—and was looking through his gym bag. Alec couldn't help but stare at him. Not only were his arms muscled, but so was the rest of the top half of his body. His stomach was perfectly flat, and he definitely was working towards a six-pack. He was almost has buff as Jace was.

"Alec, did you hear what I said?" Jace snapped him out of his embarrassing train of thoughts.

"Huh? What?" Alec asked, looking over at his best friend in a quick gesture.

Jace let out a small sigh. "I said, let's go over and talk to Magnus. I want to meet him."

"Oh, um, yeah. Good idea." Alec tried to sound as if he was unfazed, and Jace seemed to have fallen for it. He didn't even notice him looking at Magnus, which was a relief.

"Hey, you're Magnus, right?" Jace jumped right into a conversation with the new student, who had finally found his shirt in his bag.

"The one and only." Magnus grinned, putting his shirt on, which was a bright red. "I'm surprised that so many people have heard of me on the first day."

"Well, my friend Alec has told me about you." Jace said, sticking his thumb in Alec's direction.

"You've been talking about me, Alec?" Magnus asked, his smile widening.

Alec shook his head. "No, Jordan mentioned you. Not me, technically..."

Jace looked over at his best friend. "Yeah, but didn't Jordan say-"

"He said nothing. It's fine. I'd like to change into my gym clothes before the bell rings." Alec interrupted, pushing past Jace and taking the locker beside Magnus. Jace only shrugged and looked back at Magnus.

"Anyway, I'm Jace. Nice to meet you." he said, sticking his hand out towards the new student.

Magnus nodded his head and shook his hand firmly. "Are you and Alec best friends or something?" he asked curiously.

"Yup. Since we were born, basically." Jace answered, looking over at Alec, who wasn't even paying attention anymore. He was shoving his stuff in his locker.

"That's pretty cool. Well, I'll head out to the gym now. See you guys soon." Magnus said, walking out of the changing room.

"He seems pretty cool." Jace commented, putting his own stuff in his locker. By now, almost everyone was out of the changing room. There were probably about three other guys in there with them.

"Yeah, I guess so." Alec said, shrugging his gym shirt on, which was a dark blue. He was also wearing his black shorts.

After about two minutes, Jace was all dressed in his gym clothes—a plain white shirt and black shorts—the two headed out to the gym as well. As soon as they stepped out of the changing room, the bell had rung. They had come out just in time.

At St. Xavier's High School, sports were definitely the number one importance over any other subject. The school was known for having the most available sports, and one of the schools to have the most sports teams overall. That meant that gym class was an obligated class throughout all of high school. Most of the students were sporty, anyway. Some of them weren't as much, and came to this school because of its high education and many varieties in clubs.

Alec and Jace both loved sports, and they always wanted to join their favorite sports team. Jace would join the football team, and Alec would join the soccer team. They've been part of those teams since the seventh grade.

Gym class seemed to pass by fairly quickly, since it was a class both he and Jace loved. There was one thing that kept distracting Alec, though. It was Magnus.

The first thing they had to do after the teacher had explained how this years gym class would work, were run some laps around the track outside. Alec and Jace were at the front of the group, pretty good at running for a long amount of time. Magnus also seemed to be a good runner, too. He passed everyone in front of him and caught up with Jace and Alec. When Alec spotted him, he took on a surprised look. Magnus smiled at him, with no sweat on his face and his slight amount of makeup still looking flawless.

Once they were done with running, everyone paired up in groups of two and started passing around some footballs. Naturally, the first sport they were going to play was football. It was the most important sport to the school. They probably had the best football team compared to any other school in Brooklyn.

Alec and Jace had paired up as usual. Magnus was paired up with another guy in class, and decided to stand next to Alec as they both passed the ball to their partners. Magnus kept glancing at Alec, smiling brightly.

"You're pretty good." Magnus commented as Alec threw the ball over to Jace.

"Thanks," he answered, "but Jace is better at football than me. I'm better at soccer."

"Really? Well, you do have the body for a soccer player." Magnus observed, which caused Alec to blush a little. He immediately looked away from the new student and focused his attention on Jace.

After passing the ball a few more times, it was already time to go in and change. They didn't have time to play an actual game, so it would be saved for tomorrow.

When the last bell rang, Jace told Alec he would go see Clary at her locker. Not wanting to see the two of them kiss and cuddle, Alec told him he'd go to his locker and wait for him at the entrance of the school. He also had to wait for Isabelle and Max.

Jordan, Maia, Sebastian and Simon said goodbye to Alec as they passed by his locker. They didn't have a car like he or Jace did, so they either took the city bus, got a ride from their parents, or even walked. When Alec was done putting all of his stuff in his school bag, he quickly made his way to the entrance of the school, and headed outside.

As usual, Alec was the first to be ready. None of his siblings were there, nor was Jace or Clary. Thinking that they would still be a few more minutes, Alec started to walk around the front of the school, looking around at all the students getting into their cars, or waiting for the city buses to arrive.

Alec didn't have to walk far to spot that same silver Camry he saw that morning. He though it looked pretty nice, so he decided to stop and see who owned it. He stood a little farther away from it so he wouldn't look like he was eying it. And when he saw who was walking towards it, Alec gaped. Of course, it was Magnus.

Magnus unlocked his car, and was about to get into the driver's seat, when he spotted Alec. He smiled and waved over at him. Alec didn't have a choice but to wave back, and Magnus motioned him over. Again, Alec couldn't refuse, so he walked over to the new student.

"Well, hello there Alec. It's nice to see you so often in one day." he said, as if they were close buddies or something.

"Hi, Magnus. I didn't know you owned a car like that." Alec said the first thing he was thinking. He wasn't sure if it was an insult or not.

"Well, I bought it myself, actually. I worked a lot during the summer and last year." Magnus explained, not seeming insulted. "Did you think this wasn't my type of car?"

Alec shook his head. "No, it's just... not a lot of kids have expensive looking cars like that." he answered.

"Hm, I see. Do you have an expensive looking car too?" Magnus asked him with a sly grin.

"Um, yeah. Over there." Alec answered, pointing at his black Camaro. "My dad got it for me on my 17th birthday."

"Wow, you're pretty lucky. You're parents must be loaded." Magnus said, looking over at his car with wide eyes.

"Yeah, my parents are both lawyers." Alec said with a shrug. He didn't want to enter that topic.

"Oh, I see. So..." Magnus trailed off when some voices calling Alec's name were heard from not too far away.

"Alec!" It was Isabelle's voice. She was running towards him, Max not too far behind her. Jace and Clary were there, too.

"Isabelle." Alec greeted, a little startled that she had found him talking with Magnus. He wasn't exactly sure why he felt so surprised. There was nothing wrong with talking to the new student.

"Let's head home now. I've got some homework to do, and I don't feel like doing it late at night." Isabelle said, crossing her arms over her chest. Max only nodded his head in agreement, although he probably didn't have as much homework than him or Izzy.

"Yeah, sure." Alec said, turning over to his friends. He sneaked a glance over at Magnus, who was smiling at him.

Isabelle looked over at Magnus and smiled at him politely. "You must be Magnus. I'm Isabelle, Alec's sister." she said.

"It's nice to meet you, Isabelle." Magnus smiled back at her.

"And I'm Max, Alec's brother!" he said, not wanting anyone to forget about him. He jumped in front of Isabelle eagerly.

"Nice to meet you, too, Max." Magnus said, glancing down at the youngest member of the group, his smile never leaving his face.

Clary had introduced herself too, and it soon led to a bit of chatting. Alec really wished he could go home for once. For some reason, being around Magnus like this made him a little uncomfortable. He was afraid that maybe the sparkly student would embarrass him in front of everyone—especially Jace.

"Well, we really should head out. I have a lot of homework to do, too." Alec finally managed to cut into the conversation, and Isabelle looked a little disappointed.

"Aw, why? I want to keep talking for a bit." she said in a sulky voice.

"Isabelle, don't start." Alec said in an annoyed voice.

"You should listen to your brother." Magnus said. "I should get going, too."

Isabelle's disappointed face slowly disappeared, and she agreed reluctantly. "Okay," she said.

"Well, it was nice talking to you all. I'll see you first thing tomorrow, Alec. Remember, we have science first period." Magnus said, and glanced over at Alec with a hopeful look.

Alec gave him a small smile. "Yeah," he said simply, not knowing what else to say.

After a few more goodbyes, Magnus got into his car and drove away. Alec and Jace made their way to their cars, Isabelle, Max and Clary following them side by side.

"See you guys tomorrow." Jace said before getting into his car. Clary got into the passenger's seat, waving goodbye to the three siblings as well.

"Bye!" Isabelle waved back, sitting beside Alec, who had already gotten in and started the car. Max sat patiently in the backseat, his backpack placed beside him.

Alec and Jace both started to drive out of their parking spaces, and then drove out of the school parking lot, each a little eager to get home. Even though there was a lot of homework to be done, it would be nice to get home.

Alec no longer felt like school was the best place to be. Sure, he didn't like the fact that his parents were never home, but there was also Magnus to consider. He would see him every day for a whole school year, and so far he was driving him insane just looking his way. Alec wasn't even sure if it was a bad or good thing.

Senior year would definitely be the most interesting one of all.

Well, there you have it! Chapter one of many others to come. ;) Now, was it too long, too short, or just right? I'd like to know of everyone's opinion. So please read and review. It would make me so happy! Because the more reviews I get, the faster I will post my chapters. Also, I hope I got everyone's personality right. Since this is AU, it's normal for them to be a little OOC, but I hope I didn't go too far with that. Let me know what you think about that, too. See you all next chapter! :)

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