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"When you call me, I bloom for you... This is the way it is, how the universe works. You know, I know. You are me, I am you."

Romance / Other
Donna Mohanty
Age Rating:

Just let me love you...

I love you to the moon and back


·Jimin- main male protagonist

·Y/N- main female protagonist

·Kim Tae Hyung- Y/N’s dad

One day, Jimin, as usual, was taking care of the cookies roasting in the oven. He is a confectioner at the famous café in Seoul. He had been working for a long time, more than two years and was the most reliable and accurate person in the entire department. He was usually assigned to take care of the newbies as well as take accounts for the unemployed people who came to the café in search of a job. One evening he was calmly frosting his cupcakes which he had to submit by tomorrow for an event while humming the melody to his favorite song, his manager called him and said ‘ a woman has come for her interview as a pastry chef and chocolate decorating artist, please take care of her and do the interview. Make sure to check her resume thoroughly.’ He just nodded his head showing that he was ready to examine her and test her skills. The miss entered and Jimin could already feel the unique atmosphere around her, but it wasn’t a time to acknowledge her figure rather question her skills and how skillful she is. He was going through her resume and read her name aloud- ‘Kim Y/N’. After viewing her practices Jimin thought it won’t be fair if he gave her a dessert to make in which she shines, rather he thought to get her out of her comfort zone and he gave her a task to make a batch of cupcakes which he needs for tomorrow’s event, all frosted, and decorated, as well as he told her to design a few sets of chocolates related to the café’s logo. Jimin assumed her to rush cuz she wasn’t familiar with the recipes but her next action surprised Jimin. She smirked at him and started working. It had been over 4 hours since she had been working and now she was finally done with her master-pieces.

Jimin confessed that he was fascinated by her confidence and would suggest her to his superiors because he only chooses the people who are qualified for the job but to keep them and give them a job is the work of the managers and coordinators. Y/N beamed and replied that she was fine as long as they acknowledged her work and skills. The next day, Y/N was appointed and she started working. She went through training for two weeks, and now she was a full-time employee, basically, the right hand of Jimin. While working on big projects, and designing daily desserts, they both surprisingly grew closer and gradually became good friends, almost connected. As there were less female workers Y/N would timely feel self-conscious while working but Jimin would always try to make her comfortable. Most of the female workers were waitresses or cashiers. It had been over nine months, since Y/N had started working at the café, and you could say Jimin was on top of the world and how he adored Y/N’s presence around him, but his world crashed when Y/N submitted her resignation letter without any reason behind Jimin’s back while he was on a day off. Y/N wasn’t inhumane so as a good companion she drafted a letter for him saying that she would be gone for a while and she can’t explain him the reason, but she would surely come back after learning more pro- skills and would love to see Jimin as the first person when she would come to get hired here in the café. Without realizing Jimin was shedding tears while reading her last note.

It had been more than a year since Y/N had left working at the café and Jimin continued working there. Now he was the manager and head of the department, he had expanded the menu items and now the café also excelled in selling refreshments. The café became a lot recognized due to Jimin’s innovative schemes and hard work and now the café also baked cakes for extraordinary and extravagant places and events. One day, like his daily routine he was taking a look around in his café, just examining the customers, when his eyes fell on the news channel which was playing on the huge screen established for the customers in the café. He saw the reporter speaking, “The celebrity and fashion designer Kim Tae Hyung had recently announced that he would be having his second marriage soon in the upcoming month. It is also said that he is planning a big surprise for the media which potentially involves his beloved and the only daughter. We can’t reveal her identity has Mr.kim himself has restricted us to do so. Now further moving on to the weather report….” He continued.

Jimin was confused as to what was going on, he was so into his thought that he didn’t realize that Mr.kim himself along with his assistant was here at his office for some business. He was astonished and lost but he decided to keep his cool and act professionally in front of him and his staff. Jimin discussed the issue related to which he was here. He mentions that he was here to book a wedding cake and other delicacies for his wedding. When Jimin cautiously questioned him as to why they chose this café, he brushed off while saying that his daughter recommended this bakery. Jimin was beyond surprised as to how her daughter was linked to this shop and so on because why would a rich billionaire like him order something form his country when he could get all those stuff from any foreign country. But in the end, it was profiting Jimin and the café a lot in terms of budget as well as popularity so he thought why not and went with the flow. The next day, he had already started with the preparations and all the baking matter.

The wedding day had already arrived, and right now Jimin along with his team were dressed up accordingly and waiting for the bride and groom to arrive. Everything went smoothly, the clients loved their food and delicacies, the bride was over cloud nine with the flavors and Jimin was invited to attend the special party in the evening for the big news. Jimin replied a yes and then the clock kept ticking and the time for the party was approaching. The party banquet was far more crowded with the media and reporters than the wedding time. He was honestly not very surprised cuz it seemed quite normal as for a celebrities event. He was happily enjoying his red wine while seated on the corner side table, his back facing the stage. Then the news started and the voice, he knew that voice, it had been the voice of the person he dreaded to see again, the voice which was a song to his ears, the voice of his loved one, the voice of Y/N. He immediately snapped his head towards the stage and realized that it was Y/N. But he was really surprised to see that look on Y/N, she didn’t have the shine and shimmer in her eyes that glow on her face and he can feel how fake and un-comfortable that smile is that she was putting on.

Jimin was clenching his fists until his knuckles turned white, he was really upset seeing her like that. But coincidentally Y/N’s eyes fell on Jimin and her eyes shined as if it was for the first time after a while. Jimin felt a bit a relieved and happy to be the first one to get a smile on Y/N’s face. After Y/N’s speech, Jimin got back to the real world and realized that she has been officially declared as the heir of her father’s business. It made Jimin even more furious because he knows how determined Y/N was and passionate related to baking and decorating. Jimin was about to approach Y/N but she decided to approach him and catch up! After a few greetings and chats Jimin asked her if she was happy or not and her reply brought a grin on his face, ‘now that you are here I am happy.’ Y/N was on the verge of tears when Jimin again interrogated her if she was fine or not, but she without any hesitance replied that she was not doing fine because this wasn’t what she wanted to do from the start. So being a gentleman, Jimin gave her an idea that she should collaborate with the café so that the customer will be attracted and he recommended that he would put up a separate section for her works. Y/N willingly agreed to this brilliant idea. In a few months, Y/N and Jimin both were doing fine and their businesses were going smoothly when out of the blue on day Jimin proposed and Y/N accepted it while shedding a few tears of joy.

Things had been going fine and it couldn’t be any more perfect for the both of them! Sooner or later Jimin’s and Y/N’s parents accepted their relationship and everything went with a flow.

They both in the end realized that life can be tough sometimes, maybe even turn out to be like a roller coaster with disasters heading your way but the pleasant memories kissing your face like a cool breeze, but what matters is that one should never give up, try and try until you achieve the thing you have always yearned for!

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