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House Hunting

By WhisperingThoughts

Romance / Other

House Hunting

Summary: What happens when the Golden Trio finds the perfect house only to find out there are only two bedrooms? Who ends up with who?

Disclaimer: I do not own Harry Potter, J.K. Rowling does. Only the plot of this story belongs to me.

Prologue: Harry, Hermione, and Ron had all graduated the year before from Hogwarts. They had immediately been hired into their desired professions and were making money beyond their wildest dreams; well at least Ron thought so. However, they couldn't live with their parents forever; Harry had been staying with the Weasleys. This is when they decided to go house hunting. They had originally decided that they were all looking for separate houses, but after finding out some of the prices for current real estate they decided it would be better to buy a house together. Which lead them to their current predicament…

"We need to sit down and decide what we want in a house," said Hermione.

"Aww Hermione, can't we ever do something without having to make a list," said Harry and Ron together.

"Fine then," said Hermione. "If that is the way you want it?"


However, the guys quickly changed their minds after they viewed their first house together. Each one of them didn't like something about the house while the other didn't care about the particular object.

"Okay," said Hermione pulling out a piece of parchment. "Let's do this." "What do you want the most Harry?" She asked. Harry looked at her a little surprised.

"You want to know what I want?" He asked her. Hermione just smiled and nodded. Harry smiled back at her.

"I want a big kitchen with an island in the middle. A dining room I don't care about. The kitchen has to have a pantry and plenty of storage space." "Other than that I just want a place where we can all hang together after work and relax." Hermione smiled and wrote down his requests.

"Ron?" She asked?

"I want a pool," he said. "Above or underground I don't care. When it gets hot I want to be able to go swimming." Hermione and Harry just laughed while she wrote down his requests.

Hermione then turned to them.

"I want a room we can all use as an office and that is big enough to use as a library." Harry and Ron smiled at this. "I want a laundry room that is big enough for all three of us to use the muggle way," she said. "We need to be able to live in both worlds." Harry and Ron just nodded. "I want a porch across the front of the house with a swing on it." "Last but not least I want enough room to plant flower beds in front of the house and a vegetable garden out back. I want big oak and maple trees to cover our yard so that when it gets hot I can go lay out in the yard and not have to worry about getting burned." Harry and Ron laughed as she added her requests to the list. "Anything else?" She asked looking at the list. Together they decided that their yard should be fenced in with a tall privacy fence. (They were after all wizards and a witch.) Plus they wanted a three stall garage. "Okay," said Hermione. "I'll just drop this by the real estate office on my way to work."

The first house they looked at was all wrong. The yard was not big enough. The pool could barely hold one person let alone three, and the kitchen did not meet Harry's wants. The second house was better. However, it lacked a room they could turn into an office and Hermione would not sign the agreement without the office space. Weeks went by as they looked at house after house, each time finding something wrong. They had all but given up hope of ever finding a house that was perfect for them.

Harry and Ron had picked up Hermione after work and were heading over to the Weasley's house for dinner when they spotted the sign. For Sale by Owner. Then they spotted the house; well the privacy fence. Each house had lacked the fence so far.

"Oh my God," breathed Hermione. She turned to Harry and Ron. "Can we stop and look?" She asked? Nodding Harry stopped the car and they all got out. That's when they noticed it was an open house. "It must be our lucky day," breathed Hermione.

They could barely contain their excitement when they saw the three stall garage. Taking a deep breath they all walked up the front steps and into the house. (Yes it had the porch Hermione dreamed of with a deep swing set, set off to the right.) There they were met by the current owners. Welcome, I'm Riley Jenson (name is taken from Keri Arthur's book Dangerous Games) and this is my husband Kellen (also taken from Dangerous Games).

It's nice to meet you," said Hermione. "I'm Hermione Granger, and these are my friends Harry Potter and Ron Weasley."

"Are you just looking for pleasure, or are you actually in the market dear?" Asked Riley.

Hermione smiled. "All three of us are looking to purchase a house together."

"Then let me show you around," said Kellen. He offered his arm to Hermione and smiled when she accepted it. Harry felt a surge of jealousy sweep through him at the thought of another man touching Hermione, but quickly stamped it down and followed Hermione and Kellen through the house. "On your left is the kitchen," he said ushering them all through the door. Once inside Harry forgot how to breathe. It was his dream come true. Hermione saw his expression and smiled. She turned to Kellen. Harry's fascinated with kitchens. Harry's head snapped up upon hearing this. She smiled at him.

"He loves to cook." Kellen smiled at Harry.

"We really didn't use the kitchen. It was mostly for show. We ate out a lot, so the appliances are really brand new."

"May I?" Asked Harry gesturing towards the granite island that in the middle of the kitchen. Kellen nodded his consent. Striding forward Harry ran his fingertips over the granite counter top. He turned to the sink and was pleased when he saw the deep double sink with stainless steel fixtures. Cabinets were everywhere, and they seemed to hold most of the appliances off the counter top. He turned in place taking everything in. That's when he noticed another door next to the upright freezer. They really did have everything in here. "What's that?" He asked?

"Oh," said Kellen. "That's the pantry." He opened it for Harry. It was deep enough for Harry to walk into and there seemed to be a place for every food imaginable on its shelves. He sighed. It was perfect.

"I think Harry's in love," said Hermione in a teasing voice. Harry flashed a grin her way, and her heart nearly quit beating for a second.

"It's perfect," said Harry.

"Next, is the dining room," said Kellen. However, Harry didn't care about the dining room.

"Can we see the living room?" Asked Hermione.

"Of course," said Riley from behind them. "Right this way." She led them to the living room and even Ron had to gasp when he saw the plasma screen television that was mounted into the wall and the shelves on either side that were lined with hundreds of d.v.d's and c.d.'s. Hermione, however was looking at the fireplace on the far wall placed in between two floor length windows. A couch and chairs were arranged nicely around it. A rug pulled the room together and pulled the focus back onto the couch that was facing the television and the curtained windows behind it. She turned to Harry. He just nodded slightly. This is what he had in mind. We could even put a chess board in here.

"Next is the office," said Riley.

"Office," repeated Hermione excitedly. Riley just smiled, nodded, and led the way.

Hermione was falling in love with this house even more as she viewed the office. It was definitely big enough for all three of them; the shelves that lined walls on two sides didn't make matters any worse. "Be still my heart," she whispered. Harry and Ron laughed at her.

"Do you have a laundry room?" Asked Ron.

Kellen nodded and led them to the back of the house. It looked like they had turned an old sun porch into the laundry room. When asked why Riley replied, "This way the noise doesn't bother us in case we have to do laundry at night." Hermione nodded. They had a good point. There were five large wooden bins; Hermione guessed they were for sorting laundry. Hermione looked around. Half of the space wasn't being used. She could easily duplicate the bins and counter space; plus, if she got washers and dryers that stacked on top of one another she could fit two more in here, one for each of them. Harry and Ron looked at her and she nodded.

"Can we see your yard?" Asked Harry.

Kellen led them to the yard. There was the pool in all of its gleaming glory, and it was underground. "Hallelujah," said Ron. Hermione looked out across the back yard from the deck. There would be plenty of room to plant a small vegetable garden in the back corner along with some odd flower gardens here and there, not to mention the flower gardens in the front. Patches of sunlight filtered down through the oak and maple trees that were scattered across the yard.

"It's perfect," Hermione breathed. Harry and Ron quickly agreed with her.

"There's just one thing you should know," said Riley.

"What is it?" They asked together.

"There's only two bedrooms and one bathroom."

"That's fine," said Hermione quickly. "Harry and Ron can share a bedroom and I can have the other one. And one bathroom is nothing. We've done it before."

"Uh, Hermione," said Harry.


"For the last eight years I've shared a bedroom with Ron, and I'm getting pretty tired of it. No offense mate," he said to Ron.

"None taken."

"This was to be my chance to get away from Ron. To have my own space."

Hermione looked at Harry. "But that means I'll have to share a room with one of you, because there is no way I'm giving up this house," said Hermione looking at the both of them. "It meets every single one of the requirements on our list. We've been searching for a house for months." "I won't let it slide through our fingertips now that we've found it." Hermione turned back to Riley and Kellen. "We'll take it," she said without another thought. If she had to share a room with one of her best friends so be it! After agreeing on a price and setting the wheels in motion, Riley and Kellen agreed that they would be able to move in within a week of signing the papers and buying the house.

The Weasley family was excited that they had finally found a house and forgave them because they were late for dinner. However, they all paused when Hermione told them that it only had two bedrooms and Harry and Ron had refused to share another bedroom. "But," said Molly. "That means you'll have to share a room with one of them." Hermione just nodded.

"I wasn't passing up the deal."

"So," said Fred and George. "Which of our brothers are you going to share a room with?" Hermione just looked at them and then looked at Harry and Ron.

Harry sighed and went to fetch something. Seconds later he was back. He laid the piece of parchment down in front of her along with a muggle ink pen. Smiling, she thanked him. "What are you doing?" Hermione didn't answer. She was already too busy writing away. Harry answered for her.

"She's making a list to see which one of us she can stand to live in that close of proximity with." They all watched as each list got longer and longer. Finally, Hermione quit writing.

"What's the verdict?" Asked Ginny from Neville's lap. Hermione looked up.


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