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For eternity - Taekook


In which the young monk Kim Taehyung accidentally summons the greatest sin on earth, the devil Jeon Jeongguk and falls in love with him

Romance / Drama
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Chapitre 1

Around the sixth century lived a young monk in a monastery, said to be utterly beautiful and loyal to heaven. While the world was explored by many brave men, the monastery was shut away from all the news, not knowing anything about the world but the bible and god. Their priest was the highest ranked in their order, well respected and looked up to.

Except for one who was defying him like no one other. It was a young monk as well, forced into this life by his wealthy parents who made their second born son turn to church in a form to escape the humiliation of not being the first born, given to the monastery as a gift, forced into a role he never wanted to fulfill.

The monk’s name was Park Jimin and he was constantly fearing the act of rejection, wanting to please anyone. Sadly for him, he couldn’t stand their current priest. And the only one he was truly liking was a boy the same age as he was.

The other boy, the most beautiful monk in their monastery, was called Kim Taehyung. Taehyung was just 22 years old at this time, young, petite, pure and innocent. And absolutely breathtaking. He held quite the reputation in the monastery.

An absolutely stunning boy who was truly believing in god, becoming a monk for the same exact reason, always bright and bubbly. He immediately made friends with the grumpy newcomer who liked to defy their priest, Jimin at first not being fond of the thought of having a friend there since he wanted nothing but to leave.

But Taehyung being Taehyung made his way inside Jimin’s heart, with smiles and giggles, strawberries sneaked inside the monastery, shared between the two. And Jimin fell in love with the gorgeous little thing, promising himself to protect Taehyung and not let anyone have him besides himself.

Unlucky for Jimin, their priest, an elder male with bald head, white beard and fat stomach, has been eyeing the young beautiful monk for quite some time, during their prays, eyes lingering disgusting over Taehyung’s lithe figure. Taehyung was naturally submissive, it was just part of his being and it attracted every single monk in the monastery. How could they resist such a pretty little thing, basically right in their hands, ready to get devoured?

Jimin has protected Taehyung so many times but of course, he couldn’t always be there for him. Poor innocent Taehyung, wanting to just serve god but ending up being the desired prey for his entire monastery. The adorable ash haired boy became a target, his innocence made him believe just in the good in people.

What a huge mistake. Because even the in god believing monks were not entirely pure and free from dark thoughts, especially not living far away from women warming their beds with their heated bodies. It made the men turn to the only sources of fleshy desires they had.

Each other.

And what was a better target than one of their youngest recruits, a submissive beauty who was oblivious to all the lusted stares he received whenever he was in the church, kneeling in front of the altar and preying. Only Jimin noticed, trying to warn his best friend he grew possessive of, wanting to have Taehyung just for himself.

But Taehyung didn’t listen to him.

Now, Taehyung felt himself in a forced embrace, kisses forced onto his honey skin, frock ripped on the collar, hands holding him down while he was forcefully taken against his will and he deeply regretted not listening to his best friend.

“Fuck, you’re so tight”, the man above him grunted while Taehyung was screaming and crying loudly but all his begs and cries were either ignored or not to be heard in the large spacious church, face pressed against the cold marble. “Such a nice ass”, the man commented before smacking Taehyung’s ass, the young monk crying weakly.

“P-please”, he whimpered, struggling in the man’s grip. It was none other than their High Priest, the one who was said to be the closest to god, someone Taehyung has always looked up to, admired even, this almost holy person having such disgusting and horrible desires for the young boy. Taehyung felt sick in his stomach, remembering how he was out this morning to pray.

His priest has found him on his knees in front of the altar like always and he was surprised to see the elder man walking up to him, unrecognizable emotions flickering in his hooded eyes. He didn’t even give Taehyung the chance to greet him before he has launched forward, grabbing the petite boy to shove him onto the ground, brutally ripping his frock away from his behind before forcing himself into Taehyung’s heat.

“I was thinking so much about fucking you but having you under me... is like literal heaven”, the priest chuckled by his own joke while he ignored the cries of the captured boy under his fat body, disgusting cock abusing Taehyung.

The young monk felt paralyzed and so shocked that his innocence was taken away like this by his supervisor, the one he admired. He barely noticed how the priest grunted in pleasure before filling him with his disgusting seed, pulling out of Taehyung and now tossing his used toy to the ground, Taehyung sobbing loudly.

The priest quickly fixed himself, looking down at the spent boy laying on the ground, laughing meanly before walking out of the church, not caring one bit for the young beautiful boy as he got what he wanted from him.

Tears brimmed in Taehyung’s eyes when he shakily lifted himself up from the ground, fixing himself with trembling hands and wondering why life has chosen him to take this fate and why his god didn’t come to save him.

Young innocent Taehyung didn’t know that this was only the first time of many horrible nights.

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