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The Might & Magic.


Once upon a time, there was two powerful artifacts known as might & magic. The might allows the user to be stronger according to it's will. While the magic allows the person to be capable of powers that is extraordinary and can make one invincible. Both of the powers were hidden in a long gone hidden mythical city, Gothicus. There it is protected by many unknown and other worldly creatures. Legends say that these two powerful artifacts was hunted by many people. But so far they're unable to find the city. But there were still a few humans who managed to find it. They used the powers to wreak havoc on earth rather than improving it. But to stop such menace, there's always a hero chosen by the powers to stop the evil causing chaos. And most of them were able to stop the evil. But after 1000 years, it is predicted that the chaos will rise again and this time the saviour will be unable to stop the evil! What will happen now? Will the evil prevail or the good will put an end? Read it to find out.

Fantasy / Action
Arnold Kumar
Age Rating:


In the year 1560, a huge battle was going on in a Kingdom.

Many soldiers, warriors, knights and other royal guards were killed. A fiery draka (dragon) along with other creatures were destroying the kingdom and causing chaos.

Many villagers were also killed. The royal family managed to evacuate from there. However, the princess stayed to battle the threat along with her elder brother and her father.

Meanwhile, a young man skillfully killed all the mythical creatures. He used his sword to slash the creatures. But, then... he was met with a stronger opponent, "A Giant"! He rushed to attack him but the giant thrashed his sword with his mighty fist and gave a fiery shot at his body with it.

The young man, was thrown back several metres away and crashed in a huge pillar. Bloods started to spill out from his mouth. And he started to lose consciousness with a fading willpower and he started to tell himself in his mind,

"I can't move...

Death is calling me...

If I just could become stronger...

I could change my fate..."

With those words he became unconscious.

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