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Naruto One shots


One shots of characters x reader’s

Romance / Action
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Rock lee x Reader / fluff

At the field there stood two people dueling each other in a fight. A certain bushy brow blocked the attack from his duel partner and kicked their own leg out to aim at their partners head. Bushy brows leg came in contact with a pair of arms blocking him in a cross manner.

Soon after a fist came hurderling into bushy brows chest, but missed.Bushy brow side tracked and flipped backwards a couple times landing on his two feat a couple ft away from his partner smirking. But that smirk wouldn’t last long before his ankle was grabbed by someone.

‘ huh !’ He was pulled down to dirt ground by a clone who was hidden and pinned down instantly the clones tightened grip around bushy brows biceps keeping him down to the ground. Bushy brow kicked and struggled almost getting up but stopped by his dueling partner and friend( y/n)

You jumped and straddled him adding weigh down on him, now almost impossible for him to get out of your hold on him with you’re clone and youre real self pinning him down. “ stop struggling so much and let me win for once “ you said staring into Lee’s abnormal eyes, Lee only smirked and cried out “ I’ll never stop until I’ll get tired and you know ( y/n) that won’t happen to me “

You tsch’ed “ we’ll see about that “ and moved closer to his face seeing a small tint of pink spread on his cheeks and he stoped for some reason his eyes widened.

As soon as you made sure he stoped wiggeling around you summoned you’re clone away casting a poof of smoke around you. After a few seconds the smoke cleared away and you where left with Rock Lee under you’re restrain.

“ (y/n) “ Lee called out

“ hm !” You stared at him awaiting for him to say something however you could see the struggle he had with words and that he wanted to say something to you but stuttered really badly instead , you wondered why.

It suddenly clicked for you, Lee was confessing his love for you...Oh kami... You could easily guess that after seeing him blush with how much closer you where to him, only bear cm apart from his face or from kissing him. Even you tought for a quick second that you wanted to kiss him right there and than, you could actually. But something kept you from doing so, was it couse you where so shy with you’re own feelings to even try tonkisss this man you might have feelings for.

You shook you’re head out of tought and bac to reality. Lee was still stuttering about his feeling for you deep inside you might of found it cute and smiled to you’re self.

“ (y/n) I-I T-think you’re beautiful And i-“ you cut him off with you’re plump lips against his. Lee’s eyes widened realizing you just kissed him pretty much saying that the girl he loved, loved him back! Hopefully

Lee wanted to cry just than and that’s what he did. Lee wrapped his arms around your smaller forum and deepend the kiss pulling you closer to him.You bent lower and laid you’re arms on eather side of Lee’s head trapping him against you. You two sepperated after a few seconds of a make out session both panting staring deep into each other’s eyes.

“ lee I love you too “ you smiled back saying as Lee hugged you

“ I always wanted to hear you say that (y/n) chan !”

A quit moment was spent looking into each other’s eyes before Lee got up sitting down criss crossed with you in his lap blushing. Lee suddenly pecked you in the cheek saying “ We’re going to be the best couple ever I’ll make sure of it !”

“ I’ll You could only shyly blush and nod to lee. You nuzzled your head into the crook of his neck laying against him sniffing his scent.

"How about we go to my place and- "

Before you could even finish that sentence Lee choked and his grip on you tightened.

" Y-you're place " he blushed deeply his eyes widened. You chuckled "yep my place "

Lee gulped " A-nd do what ?"

You leaned forward until you had your lips pressed against you're boyfriends ear and whispered mischievously

" cuddle "

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