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Bunny’s Alpha |VKOOK|


Jungkook has lived all his life thinking he was an Alpha , but everything changes in one night , when he marks a rare Alpha Tiger as his mate . Top: Taehyung . Bottom: Jungkook .

Adventure / Action
♔ LoRi ♔
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1:Married by mark

Reminder: this book is for mature people.

And bish , ima give Top Taehyung a chance like damn he can Top ..🤤

Also , bish :))))) the pic ^^^ is a threat 😘

I have a good feeling about this book , Luv me

"Who the fuck do you call an Omega bitch!!" Jungkook was ready to throw his hands at the Alpha infront of him , his chest rising whilst his face was turning red from anger . Yoongi held him down .

"Listen , you are small , that makes you an omega ," the Alpha laughed high fiving his friends . "I'm an Alpha , Bitch!!" Jungkook yelled at him . "A bunny Alpha , have you ever heard of that?" the alpha starts laughing with his friends .

Jungkook believed to be an Alpha , even tho his parents are not he believed to be one . His father was one of the most respected people in this country .


"Jungkook please stop it !" Hoseok got infront of him trying to stop Jungkook but in return he got five fingerprints on his left cheek , Hoseok looked at Jungkook shocked "Jungkook!!" . Yoongi laughed whilst Jungkook wasn't giving two shits .

"Be gone thot , I'm a Man of God !" Jungkook glared at the Alpha infront who gave him a weird look . "Here he goes again saying weird things " Yoongi mumbles . "Yeah yeah , whatever ," the alpha and his friends started walking away.

Did he just ... ksdkksndsk

"Ahahhah! Scaredy-bitch ! " Jungkook laughed . Yoongi rolled his eyes dropping Jungkook on the ground . "Yeah and embarrassed not even yourself but also us , and slapped Hoseok which was pleasing ," Yoongi laughed at the end . "Bitch!" Hoseok spats .

"Well it's their fault for calling me an Omega, why do people keep assuming that I'm an Omega . Am an Alpha " Jungkook said huffing. "Yeah Yeah , been there , heard that . Now let's get on the line or we'll never get in and your father will kill us if he finds out " Yoongi said.

"You have a point ," Hoseok said . "Fine ," Jungkook said as they made they made their way towards the line .

Today was the day Jungkook went to a club, he was 17 turning 18 in a month . Was he allowed? , No . But he insisted on Yoongi and Hoseok taking him with them or else he would tell his Father that they had sex with the maids .

And his father hates that .

"Oh and Kook , this isn't one of your pink tea parties. This is way different . So don't embarrass us ." Hoseok turned telling Jungkook who pouted angrily . "Hey ! Those tea Parties are cute " he objects. "Oh and don't drink anything , ok !" Yoongi said and Jungkook nods .

Whilst they were waiting on the line , a shiny car was being parked right infront of the club. Everyone's eyes fell on them , well not everyone but yeah.

A man wearing a suit walked out , and you could see that many people were ready to strip him with their eyes . He had a shark jawline, hairstyle styled very well , the suit spoke Gucci, whilst he wore those shiny shoes . He was a sharp look , with a blank face .

Now that can make You wet .

He was A Tiger Alpha , they were rare but also dominant . If you get lucky to have an Alpha like that , you'll be seeing stars every single night . 😘

Then beside him was a boy with pink hair , he was wearing sunglasses and shorts to make him look taller , whilst he licked his lollipop, with a smirk on his face . A Beta .

The Alpha walked towards the club , everyone making way for him , who wouldn't ......

He was a dominant Tiger Alpha . He needs to be respected .

Jungkook was happy that it was finally their turn to get in , he was stopped when someone walked past him, smelling rich . He furrowed his eyebrows an bam .

The Alpha didn't need to wait in line and the guard opened the door for him , but he was stopped by a hand . He looked at the person with a straight face . "Let go " he told the boy.

"I will, when you get at the end of the line ." Jungkook said making the Alpha rise his eyebrows, shocked ? No! Surprised to see an Omega taking charge .

"Let Go of my hand ,little Omega " the Alpha said swatting his hand back . Jungkook eyes went wide when the Alpha gave him the coldest glare . "Pathetic," the Alpha mumbles before making his way inside with his beta who laughed.

Jungkook was left in shock . His bottom lip trembling . "Did he just call me, Omega ?!" .

Yoongi and Hoseok panic looking at each other, "Jungkook, he was a dominant , stop being such a pushover " Yoongi said grabbing his hand dragging him inside the club .

Jungkooks anger fades as soon as he saw how big this place was , the lights . It was amazing. People dancing . "This is Amazing !!" He smiled. "Yeah , but be careful Jungkook this isn't a tea Party , got it !" Hoseok said and Jungkook nods . "I'm gonna dance " Jungkook ran at the dance floor .

Hoseok and Yoongi glance at each other .

"Should we leave him?" asked Hoseok. Yoongi looked at Jungkook who was dancing "yeah , he'll be fine " he said shrugging it off.

"Drink?" Yoongi nods , "yeah , that'd be relaxing ," he said . They both made their way towards the bartender .

"Give us the strongest ," Yoongi said and the bartender nods pouring them both the drinks. "Somehow this is regretful ," Hoseok said . "Nah man ! What's the worst that can happen?!" Yoongi laughed .*choke*A lot can.

Meanwhile, the Alpha sat on the VIP sofa watching as the people danced like crazy . His beta sighed getting up . "I'm going to order us some drinks , what do you want ?" The Beta asked . "Get me a glass of Vodka , Jimin ," Taehyung said and the beta nods . "Got it ".

The Alpha sighed . He didn't want to come here today but he was forced to.

Jimin walked towards the bar and he spotted two familiar people . He groaned "those two, ugh" he sighed looking at the bartender . "Give me a glass of vodka and sex on the beach ," he ordered .

On other hand Hoseok choked on his drink looking at Jimin wide eyes . "What ?" .

Yoongi leaned in and whispered at him "the drink idiot" . Hoseok smiled turning around , but Yoongi had other plans .

"Are you sure you can handle that , it's pretty strong ," yoongi smirked . Jimin inhaled sharply and turned to him "Im 22 ," he said taking the drinks . "Well your body says 16" Yoongi decides to go further, Hoseok kept nudging him to stop .

"Well your face says , Grandpa ," Jimin laughed walking away from them and Hoseok laughed too. "You just got burned ," . Yoongi clenched his fists . "Whatever " .

On other hand Jungkook was having the time of his life . Dancing around like crazy till he felt someone touching his ass , and bun (tail). He turned around looking at the person shocked .

"Damn baby boy , you've got an Ass " the Alpha infront of him was drooling over Jungkooks ass . Jungkook glared at him . "Such an Omega like you should be staying home , I guess you were horny ," the Alpha continued .

"I am Not an Omega , I'm an Alpha !" Jungkook said and the Alpha furrowed his eyebrows. "Is that how you save your ass " he laughed . "I'm serious bitch !" Jungkook spats.

"Sassy , I like it ," the Alpha licked his lips , he wanted to touch Jungkook but he got an Idea instead, "If you're really an Alpha than , go mark that Alpha ," the Alpha turned Jungkook around and pointed at the Alpha who was sitting on the sofa sipping on his drink .

'It's him!!' Jungkook thought . "or you don't have the balls" the Alpha whispered in his ear , that triggered Jungkook . He was never scared . He doesn't like it when people challenge him.

"I'm not scared . I'll show you , stupid ," Jungkook spats pushing the Alpha . Jungkook always proves his point .

The Alpha smirked wanting to see this .

On other hand, Hoseok and Yoongi were laughing their asses off forgetting about everything , the usual . "Yeah man , and that was the most hilarious time of my life ." Hoseok laughed . "I remember his face ." They both laughed .

"Hey , do you feel like something's missing?"Hoseok asked . Yoongi shrugged sipping on his 8th shot . "Nahhh.." he laughed.

Both of their eyes went wide and looked at each other shocked .


"Fuck fast !" Yoongi mumbles , but not before drinking the 9th shot , and both got up.


Jungkook walked towards the Alpha inhaling, he was going to prove his point . He was so bad at school that he didn't even know what marking an Alpha meant .

The Alpha who was sipping on his drink lazily, bored furrowed his eyebrows when he saw the boy from the entrance walking towards him 'oh the Omega !'. Rightttttt.

What he didn't expect was that the boy walked towards him , jumping straight on his lap. He furrowed his eyebrows and the boy did something that shocked him , but also the others .

Jungkook opened his mouth and sank his teeth on the crock of the Alpha's neck , marking him.

At that moment came Hoseok and Yoongi who were shocked . Jimins drink fell from his hand from the shock . WHUT?

Alert 🚨 wee woo wee woo

Jungkook pulled back wiping his mouth . Both the Alpha and Jungkook stared into each other's eyes. Yoongi and Hoseok had to act fast.

They pulled Jungkook from the Alpha running fast out of the club . They ran fast towards their car and Yoongi pushed Jungkook in and got in himself as well as Hoseok.

"JUNGKOOK WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU JUST DO !!" Yoongi yelled at him. "I proved my point " Jungkook said rolling his eyes .

"Do you ever listen to your teachers . Do you even know what marking an Alpha means ?!" Yoongi spats in anger .

"His father is going to kill us !" Hoseok starts panicking . Yoongi glared at him. "Shut up!"

"What ! That stupid Alpha challenged me , saying that I'm an omega " Jungkook pouts.

"Jeon Jungkook , do you understand what marking an Alpha means ?!" Yoongi asked again. Jungkook huffs looking away mumbling an low "no" . Yoongi sighs looking at him.

"You just married yourself to one." Yoongi said . Jungkook looks at him shocked , gulping.

"So he's gonna hunt me now ?!" Jungkook stutters. Scared for his life now . and his Dad.

"Not only hunt you , but also fuck you !" Yoongi said turning the engine on . "Yoongs don't scare him!" Hoseok said and Yoongi shot him a glare .

"You belong to him now , Jungkook "Yoongi continued . Jungkooks heart was about to burst out of his chest .

"Dad is going to kill me " he mumbles.

"Not only you ...." yoongi mumbles and drove off.

What's the worst that can happen . Jungkook just got married and not to an ordinary Alpha but a rare Tiger Alpha .

I'm excited 😆 are u ? Are I ?! Eeeeeeeee😆

Give votes lovers ❤️


Yeah so , I'm happy that I could publish this book .

It has been a dream of mine to make this book .

When I got deleted this book was a draft but sadly it all got deleted . But I re-wrote it .

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