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Escape The Night 1 - Concert's Devil


The Story begins when Ed Sheeran invited 9 celebrities to his concert. After the end of the show, everyone was shocked by the death of their friend... Who will escape the night? Based on Escape The Night of Joey Graceffa.

Mystery / Thriller
Age Rating:

1- The Concert

Ed Sheeran's POV

" Hey friend, I'm inviting you to my concert next week in LA. I'm waiting for you "
I sent this letter to nine of my friends.

Author's POV
The day everybody was waiting for just came.
All the invitors arrived :
Ariana Grande - the influencer
Zayn Malik - the fixer
Demi Lovato - the perceptive
Blake Shelton - the humorous
Shakira - the hotblooded
Justin Bieber - the leadman
Nicki Minaj - the troublemaker
Luis Fonsi - the savant
Alicia Keys - the vigilant

Zayn's POV
The concert has just ended. We decided to go and see Ed at the Hotel.
The seats are now empty, and everyone left.

Grande's POV
What a nice night to spend here with Nicki and some other friends.
Ed just came out to talk to us.

Ed's POV
I'm so glad everyone liked the show!
"Hey hope you liked everything"

- although the show was a little bit dead, I liked it. Just kidding. Said Blake.
- we should collaborate! Especially that my fans are waiting for my comeback for so long...
"why not Demi!"

Justin's POV
"I don't care about your shitty collaborations and songs! Let's order food."

- aw yes, let's order some Popeyes chicken for these little asses. replied Nicki.
Shakira interrupted her :
- Good idea! 30 boxes for the gang?

Alicia's POV
We 've been waiting for half an hour in this small room. Finally, the food is here.

Luis' POV
" What a perfecto plate!! "

- The queen of rap knows what to order bae. I am Nicki, bratatata...

Shakira's POV
We were eating, when suddenly Zayn started to choke. His caughs lasted for a long time.
Ariana: what the fuck is happening! Help him he's dying!
Nicki: go get him some water bitch.
Shakira: stop calling me bitch!

Ariana 's POV
Ed got him some water, while Zayn was still coughing hard.
A small paper got out of his mouth.
Ed took that paper and he started to read it :
" You have 30 minutes to search for the medicine in the kitchen and its key in bedroom number 1 to save your friend. Good luck. "
Demi: does this means he'll die if we ran out of time?
Justin: there's no time to talk! Let's split up to two groups! Blake, Luis, Ariana, Alicia, and Nicki will search for the key... Me, Shakira, Ed, and Demi will search for the medicine.

10:27 PM:
Group 1: Searching for the Key
Ariana: guys, I just found a letter here...
Blake: what does it say?
Ariana: " search near the moon "
Nicki: what does this fuckin mean? Are you telling me we need to solve these shitty riddles? Shit.
Alicia: Guys, please search and don't lose time

Group 2: Searching for the medicine
Demi: oh look! Can't you see this man holding a medicine on this portrait?
Justin: oh god you're right! What does this mean
Shakira: so this man is holding it in the picture... And in the other corner, I just saw a look-alike statue of this man. Shall we see it!?
Ed: Guys, I found it! The statue was holding it!
Justin: thanks god!

10:39 PM:
Group 1: searching for the key
Luis: Amigos, be fast! 18 minutes are only left.
Ariana: oh my god I can't see anything!
Blake: oh look there's a picture of the moon behind the bed!
Alicia: they wrote under it :
" The key is in its place "
Nicki: what?
Alicia: oh look!!! There's a key in the bathroom ' s door.
Blake: I don' t think that's the key we're searching for!
Alicia: " the key is in its place!! "
So that's it.
Luis: oh, mierda! We need to find a combination of 4 numbers so we can take the key out!
Nicki: omg, why?!
Ariana: Are you kidding me? The key is stuck in the door's look.
Nicki: Luis, how many minutes are left?
Luis: only 8 minutes! Actually 7.
Blake: I think we just failed the mission.
Alicia: how are we even supposed to find 4 numbers?!
Ariana: they wrote on the door :
" blue clothes "
Luis: maybe there's a number on each blue clothe ?!
Blake: I'll open the wardrobe!
Ariana: are you kidding with me?! There are more than a thousand clothes!

10:52 PM
Group 2: done searching
Ed: where are they?!! There are only 5 minutes left
Demi: I'm so scared! I think I'm having a "heart attack"

10:57 PM
Justin: I'm sorry, zayn died.

Ariana ' s POV
Okay, so no more time left. We don' t have even one number of the combination. I don't know how I'm gonna look at the others.
Nicki: it's not your fault! Don't blame yourself anymore!!

Justin ' s POV
The other group just entered the dining room...
A couple of silence minutes took place.
Until Nicki started to talk.

Nicki' s POV
I don't feel safe at all here. And I don't trust Ed at all.
" ed, can you explain what happened, please? "
Ed: I don't know anything! I just invited you to my concert! That's all.
Nicki: YOUR concert! What the fuck is happening here?!! Why did you just kill Zayn!
Ed: I didn't kill him! Trust me!
Alicia: what about you Bieber?
It was your idea to order food.
Justin: are you kidding with me?
Luis: Nicki? You chose Popeyes chicken... Doesn't sound a little bit suspicious? Especially that everything happened to zayn was because of the food?
Nicki: you fuckin ass, first of all, we ordered food, not a piece of paper!
Ariana: can you please stop! Zayn just died and all you do is screaming.
Blake: Ed, what about your helper Sara?
She was here all the time, she ordered the food, she made everything!
Sara: no no no no no!!! I don't know anything!

Nicki ' s POV
What the fuck? Sara started screaming! It' s so annoying.
Luis: we better leave this place right now and call the police!

Justin's POV
Everybody stand up and ran to the hotel' s central room... No one was there...
Ariana: it's so scary!
Nicki: don't worry my girl, we will go out from here...
Blake: No one is here! And the central door is closed!
Shakira: please NO!
Alicia: Oh look there's a letter :
" I failed in my mission... My killer is not who you might think it is. It's the hotel itself, which is possessed by an ancient evil that has locked it in 1930. I came here tonight with the intention of destroying it. I am a member of a secret organization known as the society against evil. We've been battling this wicked force for centuries. There are 5 artifacts which the evil has hidden behind a series of puzzles and clues. If they can be gathered, and a binding ritual
performed, evil will be locked away. However, to complete the final task to complete each artifact, the group must vote on two people who must undertake a dark challenge. Tragically one of them will die. But to help you along the way, the society against evil has marked the clues with their symbol. You have until sunrise to recover the artifacts before you are trapped here forever. What lies ahead will not be easy. But I'm afraid, you have no other choice if you wanna get back to 2019.
Sara was sent by the society against evil to help you with the voting and other stuff...
Zayn Malik. "
Nicki: are you trying to say we're trapped by an ancient evil? Haha?
Ed: Guys, let's get out of here from my room.
Shakira: we better leave now!
Luis: do you wanna leave zayn here?
Demi: we'll come back later...
Ariana: where's my phone?!
Alicia: we're trapped in 1930... That means there are no phones. And no cars to get out of here.
Blake: is the outdoor gate locked?
Alicia: of course! Plus we're locked in 1930! Can't you see clearly?!! To get back to 2019 we need to find those artifacts before the sunrise!
Nicki: to get those 5 artifacts, we ' ll need to exchange 5 lives. That means only 4 will escape!
Shakira: better than no one, right?!
Nicki: are you trying to say that now everybody will gonna have to protect his ass?
Luis: No time left! Let's move faster!
it' s 11:15 PM!

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