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Penelope her yearly Christmas party seems to be the perfect way to finally give Derek and Spencer that final push they need. Also that mistletoe should have done it work years ago already, but then again when you deal with the genius named Spencer Reid it is never as simple as it should be.

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Chapter 1

After a long case that lasted nearly the whole week, everyone was happy that they’d be able to go back to the bureau just in time for the holidays. Especially Hotch and JJ were happy that they’d finally be able to go home and be with their family. Well, after their yearly Christmas party that is hosted by Penelope for the last five years, making it a new tradition within the BAU.

As soon as the group enters the building, Penelope comes towards them with Christmas hats, handing them out to them as soon as possible. This is her way to get them out of the vibes from the case and into the holiday spirit. Spencer takes one with a small smile and slowly walks towards his desk to put away his bag. Spencer sits down in his chair and rubs his temples, the lack of sleep is slightly kicking in. He’s been having sleepless nights with way to realistic dreams that keep him awake. His eyes trail towards Derek, the reason why he’s been having sleepless nights the last few days.

Spencer with his eyes scan the room in a fast manner, he spots a mistletoe. Every year the mistletoe has another spot, hidden slightly because Penelope hopes that none of us spot it that easily.

After sitting down for a few minutes Spencer notices, he is being stared at by JJ, but before she can make her way over to him, he’s standing up and putting the Christmas hat on. A fake smile forming slightly on his lips as he walks towards the group that is in the furthers place away from all the desks. His eyes keep scanning the group and his eyes fall on Derek again, who is standing extremely close to the mistletoe. Spencer scans the room for Penelope and sees she’s handing out drinks, with a sly grin onto her face. She comes stalking towards Spencer with that grin still onto her face, she hands him a paper cup with a hot brown beverage in it and Spencer knows it isn’t just normal hot cocoa, but he still takes a sip of it.

“Thanks.” He mumbles, his throat burning a little from the booze in the hot cocoa.

“You’re welcome, sweetie.”

Penelope gives Spencer a small hip bump, pushing him slightly closer towards Derek, who steps aside a bit so that Spencer won’t stand on his toes. A fake gasp leaves Penelope her mouth and Spencer wants to bury himself six feet under right now. He knows why that gasp was because now Derek is fully under the mistletoe and he’s also under it.

“Time to kiss,” Penelope coos into a sing-song voice.

The others soon joining her as soon as they notice there is a mistletoe right above Derek and Spencer. Spencer looks slightly around, eyes as big as those of a deer caught in headlights. Before Spencer knows it, JJ and Emily are next to him and Derek, taking the cups from their hands.

A small and light touch from JJ’s hand on Spencer his lower back makes him slightly relaxed. She knows about the sleepless nights filled with dreams about Derek Morgan and his body. Derek’s hands caressing Spencer his body in such a gentle, tender and loving way. Spencer shakes his head slightly to let go of those thoughts. It’s already bad that he is awake most of the night because of those dreams and if he gets lost in his mind and thoughts now then he doesn’t know how he will be ending his night.

“Darn you, Penelope,” Spencer hears Derek mumble under his breath.

Before Spencer knows it one of Derek his arms are around his waist, pulling him slightly closer. Spencer feels his cheek glowing and he knows that he is burning red, he lets his eye slightly fall onto Derek’s face. Derek’s eyes have a nervous look into them, and Spencer let his eyes trail toward the full plump lips that may be touching his lips within a few moments. A tongue darts over Derek’s lips and a hand is slowly creeping up its way towards Spencer his face. Derek cups Spencer’s cheeks before he pulls him closer, his lips slowly touching Spencer his lips.

The younger male feels a spark go through his body, with some hesitation in his movements Spencer finally wraps his arm around Derek and moves his lips along the movements of Derek his lips. Spencer balls his hands into fists, holding a fistful of Derek’s shirt as he does so but right now, he doesn’t care. The catcalls that the other team members are making are all falling on deaf ears because neither Spencer nor Derek hears them as both males are lost at this moment.

With a gasp for air both males break apart from each other, Spencer lets go of Derek’s clothes and one of his hands moves towards his lips, slightly touching his now swollen lips. His gaze doesn’t meet the one of Derek, so he’s missing the love-stricken look that’s present on Derek Morgan his normally so unreadable face.

Spencer backs away from Derek, his mind a mess and before he knows it, he runs towards JJ her old office. He ignores the calls of his name and runs as fast as he can towards the room. As soon as the door closes behind him, he lets himself fall against the wall and glides down till he is sitting down. His fingers unknowingly keep touching his lips. Derek Morgan has kissed him, kissed him in a way Spencer only could have dreamt off.


JJ has followed Spencer towards her old office and sits next to him, a big glass bottle of booze in her hands. She grins a bit at Spencer before showing him the bottle.

“How about some of this stuff as we talk?”

“No thanks, I think I’ll just go home in a few minutes. I was having a headache anyway.” Spencer mumbles.
“Spence lets talk. Before you go home because that pretty head of yours won’t let this go if you don’t at least talk a bit about it.”

“What’s there to talk about JJ, it’s not as if it meant anything for Derek. You know it does for me, but I can certainly tell you that it’s not mutual.”

“Smart kid they say, huh.” JJ laughs as she hears those words from the other side of the door.

JJ gives a pat on Spencer his leg before she stands up, he looks up at her and she just smiles at him.
“I think this is my clue to leave for now.”

JJ opens the door and as soon as she left Derek steps inside the room. He lets himself crouch in front of Spencer and places a hand on top of Spencer his knee.

“Look at me pretty boy. Why would you run away?”

Spencer doesn’t look up; his eyes are fixated on the hand on his leg. A tingly feeling forms on the skin that’s under Derek his hand.

“Spencer, come on. Look at me.” Derek’s voice is soft.

Still Spencer doesn’t bother to look at Derek, because he can’t. He is afraid that everything he just said to JJ has been heard by Derek and that he now is here to talk some sense into him. Spencer just wishes he could turn of his mind and feelings at his moment and just look Derek in the eyes and laugh it off as some kind of joke. He can’t though and he feels weak because of the fact that he can’t do it.

Derek moves his hand towards Spencer’s face and takes hold of his chin, tilting it slightly so their eyes can finally meet each other.

“Spence, for real why did you run away.”

A lump is forming in Spencer his throat and he can’t form any words, he just stares at Derek with big eyes and Derek slightly shakes his head.

“What you just said to JJ, why do you think those things? You’ve never asked me how I feel about you nor did you ever tell me what you feel for me. So how can you be so sure it means nothing to me.”

Spencer doesn’t know if he understands what Derek is saying, he hopes that what he is hearing is indeed what Derek is telling him. Because if not then it’d be very cruel of his mind and heart to play those kind of games with him.

“W-what.” Finally a small stutter is coming out of Spencer.

“Spence, it means that what you said to JJ isn’t right. It did meant something for me, but for your sake I never acted out on my feelings. To be honest, I bet the girls have been planning for a moment like this to happen.”

Spencer is at loss of words after hearing that for his sake Derek never truly acted out on his feelings. Of course Spencer did notice the flirting that was going on between the two of them sometimes but he taught it was just Derek’s way of being nice to him. For him the flirting has always been real but he never thought it was also real for Derek.

“Hey pretty boy, what are you overthinking now.” Derek laughs softly.

“J-just, well us flirting before.” Spencer feels his cheeks go hot again.

“Mmh, believe me pretty boy that I like flirting with you. I’ll surely keep doing it.”

Spencer feels himself going soft and has the resist the urge to kiss Derek again when he sees the smile that Derek’s giving him. That big, all teeth but yet charming smile that always makes his knees go weak.

“How about we leave this place and go somewhere else. Maybe get some late night snack and talk.”

“It’s Christmas eve,” Spencer laughs a bit. “I think we won’t be able to eat somewhere because it will be fully loaded or we’re going to eat junk food.”

“You’re right,” the small chuckle from Derek sends shivers down Spencer’s back. “I got an idea, I have food at home. Let’s go there and cook together and talk.”

Spencer nods at the idea and Derek stands up, holding up his hand for Spencer to get up too. When Spencer is standing Derek pulls him closer, to whisper in his ear.

“The girls are standing outside the door, just pretend they are not there. We won’t answer any questions and just leave straight for my car.”

Spencer just nods, actually not wanting to let go of Derek just yet and it seems like he is not the only one thinking like that. They stay close to each other for a moment just enjoying each other’s body heat before breaking apart.

“Let’s go.”

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