Moment of Congratulations

To Commander Cullen...No, scratch out the Commander. To Cullen Rutherford. Wait, did he actually take her name? They spoke of it but it could have been another one of their little jokes. Oh, this is too complicated. Just say, To Cullen.

Did you?

I wanted to offer congratulations on your first year of marriage. The binding of your union may not have been under the most auspicious of situations but...who uses auspicious in a congratulations letter? Forget that part. Instead, put down: My hearty greetings to you and your wife. So much has occurred in the year since you two bound your love together in the sight of Andraste. Or...did she even cite vows to the Maker? Does it matter? Never mind, leave that part in. Cullen will know I meant no offense.

I wish I could be there in person to share in the joy and adulations you both deserve, but the chantry keeps me busy on the other side of Thedas wishing to throttle a pair of grand clerics who...Please remove that last part. It is my understanding Varric intended to launch an armada of ships in celebration but was detained after the port authorities noted his confetti was actually Antivan hissing powder, illegal in nearly- I'm getting off topic.

What I wanted to say, what I wish to tell them is, just put down something about how glad I am that they found each other, can bring and share joy for their lives in this cruel world. Maker, after the troubles in Kirkwall, if any man needed someone it was Cullen. He pushed himself so far so fast, scrabbling to find forgiveness and also reparations. A hard ideal to live up to, but one I could respect. And, I suspect, he was the perfect balm for her as well. She molded herself to become something she never wanted to be but knew was needed. They both understand what it is to lose everything in a blink, to cherish what is before you, and to build upon each other. Even when the bleakest days stretched before us, neither turned to harsh words or actions, but clung together bracing for the storm.

No, don't put that exactly. Just give the idea of it, but in flowery language and metaphors. Maybe mention something about loving as long as they live, or wishing to live and love for a long life of love? More poetics and use that curly pen of yours with the scented inks.

Anyway, to end, simply put that I wish them all their years in love, joy, and contentment, and to not trust Varric when he promises he'll come up with an anniversary poem for you. Did you get all that? Good.


Divine Victoria

No, just put Cassandra.

Maker's breath, this hat itches.

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