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The Bedlam Punisher


After Izuku Midoriya found out he was quirkless his life took a turn for the worst. His father left his mother abused him and on top of it all he was bullied by his "best friend", Kacchan and his fellow classmates. Because of this, he hides, behind an emotionless mask. Despite all of this he still wanted to be a hero, to save people because he desperately wanted to be saved himself. But after his idle told him he "can't be a hero" and Dispit how many setbacks he faces he was determined to help save people. But saw just how messed up heroes were. I mean the number one hero just laughed at his dream and crushed it. So he made the choice to become a vigilante. I don't own any of the pictures that I use I took them to form Google and Pinterest! The story is an original of mine DO NOT copy. I don't own My hero academia. (Obviously)

Action / Drama
The Kelp Crown
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Before you read

So few things before you read this book it not going to stay true to the actual series. Character's personalities will change such as Inko, Deku, and All Might (other as well some will stay the same) As said previously in the synopsis the quirkless can't participate in the UA entrance exams. (other things will change as well and I'll let you know what they are beforehand) I will have my own OC's in here some may be other vigilantes some may be heroes others may be villains! Some LGBT+ themes will be in here nothing to much, just some of my oc. I don't plan on putting Deku with anyone. I'm terrible with romance. If you are uncomfortable with that then this story may not be for you. If you have any questions please comment on them and I will do my best to give you an answer. I'm sorry for any grammar or spelling mistakes in advance please tell me and I will do my best to fix it. And I'm always open too CONSTRUCTIVE criticism!

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