The Last Adopted Daughter of Krypton

Chapter 14

Clark knocked on the door of Lois’s apartment. She quickly opened it, a bright smile on her face seeing him. “Hey,” she greeted him.

“Is there anyone here?”

“No, just me. Chloe and Jimmy went on a date.”

Clark smiled and leaned in, giving Lois a quick kiss. “I brought popcorn, beer, soda, and chocolate,” he showed her it as he entered the apartment and put them on the countertop. “You got the movie?”


Clark sat on the couch with the popcorn bowl in his hands, while Lois put the disc on the DVD player. As she finished putting the movie on, Clark signaled for her to sit next to him, placing the bowl on his lap. As she sat next to him, he put his arm around her shoulder. They smiled at each other one last time before starting the movie.

Almost an entire hour had passed and popcorn was gone, mostly eaten by Lois. Clark kept ran his finger softly up and down on her arm. Her head was on his chest as was one of her hands. Their eyes were focused on the screen.

Lois’s hand then slowly went down and found the end of his shirt. She slipped her hand under his shirt and touched his chest and caressing it. Clark’s hands also went down, touching the skin underneath her shirt. Their eyes were still on the screen.

Her fingers started to trace the lines of his toned abs, feeling it with the palm and fingers of her hand. Clark placed his free hand on her busy arm and worked its way up as his other hand stroked her back. He cupped her face, making her look at him. Without wasting any more time, he kissed her.

Lois’s hand left Clark’s abs and went to his neck, joining her other one. She then sat on his lap. His lips kept brushing and sucking hers. Their tongues wrestled for dominance and pleasure. The heat from their passionate kiss would be capable enough of activating their heat vision if they didn’t have total control of it.

Clark then grabbed Lois by the waist and gently laid her down on the couch. He kissed her lips one last time before descending his lips to her neck. Lois caressed his back underneath his shirt, moaning as Clark sucked and licked her neck.

Lois suddenly opened her eyes, her super hearing picked up voices coming in their way. “Smallville, Chloe and Jimmy are coming up here.”

Clark didn’t seem to mind. “We have superspeed. We can keep this till the last second.” His lips then reached hers again.

Lois almost protested, but the feel of his lips was too good to be interrupted. She decided to take charge of the lip-locked and kissed him harder, biting his lower lip, causing Clark to moan. She giggled as she heard it.

The door of the apartment opened. “Jimmy, it’s okay. It wasn’t your fault,” Chloe said. She then saw Clark and Lois in the living room. “Hey, guys.”

“Hey,” Clark and Lois said in union. They were sitting on opposite ends of the couch, pretending to be focused on the movie. Clark had his hands between his legs, trying to cover his evident erection.

“Hey, are you watching a movie?” Jimmy asked.

“It’s in the final part,” Lois replied. She then looked at them and cleared her throat. “I thought you guys would be out all night. For your date, I mean.”

“We were supposed to, but the restaurant Jimmy picked got closed by the health department,” Chloe told her in a disappointed tone. Jimmy gave her an apologetic look.

Clark and Lois breathed hard as the couple sat on the middle spots of the couch. They looked at each other sadly, longing to have their lips locked in that breathtaking kisses again.

The four of them watched the rest of the movie. During it, Jimmy saw something that made him frown. A long strand of hair on Clark’s shoulder. He then looked at Lois and saw her hair a little disheveled.

He wondered about it. Had something happened between them? Were they together? Was it just a coincidence? Jimmy decided to watch them closely.

Once in a while, Clark and Lois glanced at each other. In some of those times, Jimmy caught them on it, making them turn their attention back to the screen.

After the movie ended, the four of them watched TV and talked about their days.

Clark got up. “Well, I should get going.”

Lois stood up, too. “I’ll walk you out.”


“Uh, okay. I’ll see you tomorrow,” Chloe said.

Jimmy just kept looking between Lois and Clark, suspiciously. Once the two of them left the apartment, he turned to Chloe. “What do you think of Clark and Lois?”

Chloe raised an eyebrow at him. “What do you mean by that?”

Jimmy raised both his eyebrows at her.

She studied him and then chuckled. “Jimmy…”

“C’mon, you gotta admit, they got chemistry. Plus, they were here, just the two of them, watching a movie…”

“Yeah, so do nitroglycerin and peroxide, and I don't suggest putting them together. They’re just friends, more now than ever. Besides, I think Lois is already seeing someone.”

“What if this someone is Clark?”

Chloe blinked, pondering about it for a minute. She then shook her head. “No, I don’t think Clark is thinking about romance right now.”

Jimmy sighed. He’d prove he was right.

Outside the Talon, Clark and Lois were kissing passionately. “We should just tell them about us. I’m getting tired of kissing and touching you only when we’re alone.”

Lois sighed. “Clark, please, just hold it a little longer, okay? It’s all I’m asking you.”

He nodded his head, reluctantly. He leaned in and touched her lips with his, gently.

“I have to go back or they’ll start to get suspicious,” she said, not breaking the kiss.

“Uh-hu.” He kept kissing her, each time with more intensity. They kept smooching for some more minutes before they broke it and Clark left.


“Are you sure this trail in Amazon was nothing?” Lois asked. She and Clark were having a coffee at the Talon while they looked for whereabouts of the Zoners left.

“Yeah. I checked it twice. How were your leads in Guatemala?”

“Only jaguar attacks, according to the locals.”

From a corner in the coffeehouse, Jimmy was watching their movements, waiting for them to reveal their relationship. The more he thought about it, the more it made sense.

“You know,” Clark spoke, a little hesitant. “I was thinking. Uh… I think we should go to a vacation someday. An inn, maybe.”

“You mean…” Lois gulped. “You mean our first time… Slee… Sleeping in the same bed… Together?”

“I… Uh… I mean if you’re okay with it.”

“I… I’m okay with it. Yeah, I think that’d be great,” she smiled at him.

He smiled back. “Great.”

The two of them kept talking and laughing. Their lack of touching was frustrating Jimmy, though. After finishing their coffee, Clark and Lois walked out of the place, being followed by Jimmy.

The pair entered an alley near the Talon. He was shocked when he looked at the alley and didn’t find them there. He started to look around the stores but quickly gave up, disappointed. They were gone.


Lois arrived at a diner in Metropolis. She then spotted someone she was not expecting. “Clark?”

Her boyfriend frowned. “Lois, what are you doing here?

“Jimmy asked me to meet him here. What are you doing here?”

“He asked me the same thing.”

“Where is he, by the way?” Lois asked, puzzled.

“I don’t know.”

Both of their cell phones beeped. Jimmy had sent them a text.

“Sorry, stuck at work. Can’t make it.”

“Well, that is a waste of time,” Lois said, annoyed. “We should go.”

Clark grabbed her hand, smiling at her. “Have you eaten yet?”

Lois shook her head and gave him a tight-lipped smile. Clark led her to one of diner booths where they sat next to each other, his arm around her shoulder.

In one of the booths in the back of the diner, wearing a hat and using the menu to cover his face, Jimmy smiled triumphantly as he watched the PDAs between his targets.

“So, I was looking into some ads and I found this cute little inn outside of Metropolis. What do you think if we book a room for next week?” Clark asked as he ate some French fries.

“Sounds good to me.”

“I was expecting to show it to you later, but since we’re here…” Clark took a paper out of the pocket of his jacket. “This is the inn. The rooms are spacious, the view is beautiful, they have a pool…”

Lois looked at him charmed, not really paying attention to what he was saying. “You’ve been thinking about this vacation longer than yesterday, haven’t you?”

Clark was taken by surprise by her remark. “I… Err…”

She chuckled, showing him she wasn’t mad. “You like me, don’t you?”

His lips curled into a grin and his head moved forward. “When did I give you the impression I don’t?”

“I’m sure there are some quotes from those two years we know each other.”

“And I can show you how much I like you.”

Lois bit her lower lip. “Can you?”

Clark nodded and then his lips landed on hers. It was a more soft kiss since they were in a public place, but still sensual.

Jimmy smiled from ear to ear. “Gotcha.” He grabbed his camera and started to take photos of them kissing.

Clark suddenly pulled away and looked at the source of the click sound of a camera. He looked shocked as he saw Jimmy at the end of diner taking pictures of them. Lois, frowning at Clark’s sudden interruption, followed his stare and wore the same shocked expression he had when she saw Jimmy.

Jimmy gulped when both of them started to come his way. They didn’t look happy at all, which made Jimmy a little terrified.

“May I have this?” Lois took the camera out of his hand.

“Hey!” Jimmy protested, in vain. Lois started to delete their pictures.

“What are you doing?” Clark asked, anger in his voice.

“I knew you two were together, but Chloe didn’t believe me.”

“Couldn’t you just ask us?”

“Right, because the fact you haven’t told anyone means you’d told me. I’m telling Chloe, by the way.”

Lois glared at him. “No, you won’t.”

Jimmy shivered.

“Look, Jimmy, we’ll tell her by ourselves, okay?” Clark told him.

“I don’t get it. You’re both single, adults, why are you hiding this?”

Clark hadn’t an answer for that, but Lois was having none of this. “We like to have privacy, which apparently is something you and your damn little camera do not respect.”

“Lois…” Clark tried to calm her down.

“I’m calm. I’m perfectly calm.”

Jimmy looked ashamed. “Sorry I crossed the line, guys. It wasn’t my intention to embarrass you. I, uh, I just wanted, hoping, to see you two together. You two just feel right to me.”

His commentary took both of them by surprise. “Oh. Thanks, Jimmy. I… I appreciate it,” Clark told him.

Lois sighed. “Just don’t do that anymore.” She then gave his camera back to him. “And, please, don’t tell Chloe.”

Jimmy nodded. “I promise.”

Silence raised between the three of them.

Jimmy cleared his throat. “Do you mind to tell me how you two got together?”

“I don’t know…”

“I don’t think so.”


Clark and Lois exchanged looks and nodded their heads. They invited Jimmy to their booth and started telling him how they got together, leaving the secret parts out. Jimmy then told them how he tried to follow the couple yesterday, surprising the pair with the revelation that they were almost caught by accident using their superspeed.


The trio walked out of the diner a couple of hours later. Talking and laughing.

“Alright, guys, I gotta go. I have a pretty lady waiting for me at her desk,” Jimmy told them.

“Uh, Jimmy, speaking of desk…” Lois started. “Is that Daily Planet internship offer still available?”

Jimmy looked surprised at first, but quickly smiled. “You want it?”

“It’s time I find my calling. I think journalism might be it.”

“I’ll see what I can do.”

“Just… Give me some time first. I’ll need to find a new Chief of Staff for Mrs. K.”

Jimmy nodded. “You got it.” He then cleared his throat. “Uh, bye, guys.”

“Bye,” Clark and Lois said in union. They started to walk in the opposite direction of Jimmy.

“Are you sure about the journalism career?”

“I don’t know. Looking forward to find out, though.”

“You’ll do great, I know it,” he smiled at her.

She smiled back.

Clark cleared his throat, his expression turned serious. “We can’t keep lying about us to our family and friends, you know. I support your decision, despite my own opinion about it.”

Lois breathed hard. “But?”

“I want to be able to spend time with you and our friends without having to hide that we’re in a relationship. I’ll give you the time you asked, whatever is the reason, but I don’t know how much longer I can take it.”

Lois nodded shyly, not meeting his eyes. “Thank you.”

Clark took a deep breath and then reached her hand. “Sorry for ruining the mood. Uh, how about we head back to your apartment and play some Guitar Hero? You won’t beat me this time.” His grin reached her, easing the tension between them.

Lois raised an eyebrow at him. “You wish.”

Clark took a look around and winked at her. “See you there.” He then whooshed out.

The smile returned to Lois’s face as she ran after him.

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