The Last Adopted Daughter of Krypton

Chapter 17

“Dear friends and family, we are gathered here today to witness and celebrate the union of Alexander Luthor and Lana Lang in marriage. In the time they have been together, their love and understanding of each other has grown and matured, and now they have decided to live their lives together as husband and wife," the priest started. Lex and Lana were standing in front of him. He had a big smile on his face, while her expression showed uncertainty. The guests, many, took their seats in the big, fancy chapel.

“Before we start this ceremony, if anyone can show just cause why this couple cannot lawfully be joined together in matrimony, let them speak now or forever hold their peace.”

“I have something to say,” a male voice at the entrance of the place spoke.

Everyone at the chapel turned to look at the newcomer. “Clark!” Lana uttered. Her heart was beating faster. Her face showed surprise, her lips close to curl into a smile.

Clark looked at Lana, his eyes begging for her. “Lana, I’ve loved since the first moment I saw you. I cannot let you go through with this, I can’t lose you. I promise you we can be happy together.” He extended his hand. “Just, please, come with me.”

Lana smiled widely. Ignoring Lex’s hurt look, she ran to Clark. But before she could jump into the arms of the man who owns her thoughts, Lana opened her eyes. She looked at the side of the bed. There was Lex with his back turned to her.

She sighed. Just a dream. Today is her wedding, the most important day of her life. She should feel happy, fulfilled. If only she could take Clark off her mind.


“I can’t believe you’re going to that monster’s wedding after what he did to you,” Lois said to Chloe. The petite blonde was getting ready to leave to the Luthor mansion, where she would get dressed and help with the last details for Lana and Lex’s wedding.

“We don’t know for sure it was him.”

Lois looked incredulous.

Chloe sighed. “I’m doing this for Lana. She’s feeling alone lately. As much as I hate to even look at Lex, I want to be there for her.”

“Isn’t it easier to just tell her about Lex? I would, but I’m not exactly the most trustworthy person in her eyes.”

“Lois, there’s a baby involved.”

“Do you really think this kid or Lana will be happy living with Lex? Because he won’t change, it’s in his nature.”

“I don’t know,” Chloe said, sighing. “I don’t think even Lana’s sure. She has been asking me a lot lately about you and Clark, if he talks about her at all.”

“What did you say?”

“What she already knows, that you two are happy,” Chloe replied, still feeling sad for her friend.

Lois took a deep breath. “Well, independent of this weird place we are right now, I think she deserves better than Dr. Evil,” she said, sincerely.

Chloe gave a weak nod. “It’s a decision she has to make on her own.”


Martha entered her house carrying the dress and some shopping bags. Clark was at the kitchen eating a cereal. “Hey,” Martha greeted.

“Hey,” Clark greeted back. He then looked at the bags in her hand. “Going to the wedding after all?”

Martha looked surprised. “Is there any problem if I go?”

He shook his head. “I’m just asking because, you know… Last time I made quite a mess at their party.”

“You were not yourself Clark, it’s mostly forgotten.” Martha took a deep breath. “In fact, I think you should go to the wedding.”

Clark frowned. “What?”

“You and Lana never got the chance to end things on good terms. You showing up, even wishing her good luck on this new stage of her life, would give you two a proper closure.”

He pondered it. “I don’t know. I think it’d just create an awkward situation. I prefer to stay here and spend the day with Lois.”

Martha nodded, smiling. “You know what’s best for you. Have fun,” she said as she started to head to her room.

Clark smiled. “We will.”


“I really thought my father would make your life more difficult,” Lois said to Clark. They were at the kitchen of his house, Lois was eating a sandwich and drinking orange juice as Clark kept watching her with loving eyes.

“What did you expect, a list with tasks like scrubbing the bathroom tile with a toothbrush?” Clark chuckled.

“It’s definitely something he’d do.”

He squinted. “Well, he didn’t. Like I said, he told me to take care of you, which I always do, and if I hurt you I’d have to deal with him, which I certainly don’t plan to. All in all, I think your dad likes me,” he smiled proudly.

“Don’t get cocky. I know the general, he will find a way to test you someday. Warning, no one’s passed.”

He kept smiling. “Whatever it is, I’ll be the first.”

Finishing her sandwich, Lois cleared her throat. “So, uh, your ex is getting married today. How does it feel?” She asked, trying to sound cool, but not hiding very well her discomfort.

Clark raised an eyebrow at her. “I’m feeling fine. I don’t think she can be happy with Lex, but I wish happiness to her and her baby.”

Lois nodded, shyly. “I’m glad we’re on the same page.” She stood up and walked to the living room, laying down on the couch. Clark’s eyes followed her, mesmerized by the way her hips moved. Her eyes looked intensely and provocatively at him. They were challenging him.

Clark grinned and then ran to the living room. He laid on top of her, holding himself braced on his elbows, and took her lips in his. One arm went behind her back, pulling her body closer to his. His hot lips sucked hers hungrily. Her tongue tried to found his, but his mouth were everywhere on hers.

Her hands went underneath his shirt, running up and down on his back. His lips finally settled down on hers, brushing it softly. His tongue slid inside her mouth, wrestling with hers. Her fingernails scratched his back as she moaned.

Clark’s mouth descended to her neck, sucking and licking the same spot over and over again. He then kissed his way down to the skin exposed by her U neckline. He looked at her waiting for her to come out of her bliss state.

Lois opened her eyes to see Clark looking at her. There was a question in his gaze. Without hesitation, she nodded, understanding where they were about to go.

Clark got up and extended his hand. He tilted his head, a confident and small smile on the corner of his lips. Lois took it and got up, too. She pulled her body closer to his and leaned in to kiss him. He opened his mouth widely, taking as much of her lips as he could. Clark placed one hand on the back of her neck and the other one on her waist. He then placed his hand on her leg, putting it around his waist. She then took the opportunity to wrap both her legs around his waist.

Without breaking the kiss, Clark started to walk upstairs with Lois in his arms.

Lex had just arrived at the chapel. He looked nervous, disconcerted. Minutes before, Dr. Langston, Lana’s gynecologist, tried to blackmail him, threatening to reveal the secret that could change everything in their relationship. Her pregnancy wasn’t real. Enraged, Lex punched the doctor several times, accidently making him fall back against the edge of a crypt, dying immediately. Lex hid his body inside the crypt. At the chapel, he waited impatiently for his bride.

Lana, meanwhile, was looking through some album with pictures of her and Clark she had hid from Lex. She had fought against it for so long, but couldn’t deny anymore, she still loved Clark. What she’d give for him to show up and say they should be together. But now he was happy with another woman and she was about to get married to the man who in a few months she was going to have a child with. Should she marry him even if she loved another man?

Her thoughts were interrupted by the chauffeur who’d take her to the chapel. It was time.

Back at the Kent farm, after slow steps, the lovebirds finally reached the bedroom. Lois unwrapped her legs from around him and her feet back on the floor. They broke the kiss, gazing into each other’s eyes. Both of them were breathing heavily, their hot and warm breath could be felt by each other.

Clark slowly raised his hand to her hair, finding the elastic forming the ponytail. He took it off, releasing her long blonde waves. He caressed her hair gently, soaked in her beauty. He leaned in and took her lips in his again in a passionate lip-lock.

Clark lifted up her red shirt and threw it at the floor. Lois was wearing a yellow bra, the border of it in the color red. He laid her down gently on the bed, his lips still locked on hers. Clark took his blue shirt off as Lois watched the reveal of his muscled upper body delighted. He threw it at the floor, too, above Lois’s.

He lightly ran the tip of his tongue over her lips, slowly and teasingly. Lois bit his lower lip, a smirk on her lips as Clark moaned. Clark left her mouth and started to kiss and suck her neck, leaving temporary hickeys on her skin.

His hands went behind her back to open her bra. He then slid the straps of the bra down her arms, exposing her voluminous breasts. He threw it over his shirt on the floor. He smiled as he admired the beauty of her body and face. He put two fingers under her chin, lifting her face to look at him. “I love you,” he said in an almost inaudible voice.

Lois nodded, her face so peaceful, angelical. She put her hand on his shoulder and hair as he started to kiss her again.

On the drive to the chapel, Lana kept taking deep breaths. She was growing nervous. She placed her hand on belly, reminding herself what was at stake now.

In Clark’s bedroom, his lips kissed Lois’s chest gently. His hands massaged her breasts lightly. His mouth descended further, landing on her nipple. He sucked and bit it mercilessly, making Lois utter moans after moans. He then repeated the same movement on the other nipple.

Clark sat up on the bed and took his shoes and socks off. He took hers off next. He then leaned in to kiss her belly, his nose rubbing her lightly, intoxicated by her smell. He started to unbutton her jeans, lifting her hips a little so he could slide the jeans down her legs.

He laid down next to Lois and kissed her. His hand grabbed her butt, pulling her hips close to his crotch. She felt his erection practically screaming to come out of his pants. Her hands then went to his belt, unfastening it.

Lois climbed on top of him, straddling him. Cupping his face with both her hands, she devoured his mouth, her lips brushing his passionately. She dug her fingers into his hair as her mouth went to his neck and she sucked on his skin. Lois descended further and put her mouth over his nipple, biting it. Clark bit back a moan. She giggled.

She sat on her knees and slowly took Clark’s jeans off, leaving him only in his boxers. She laid on top of him, tasting his lips again.

Lex’s wait for his bride was over when he sighted her at the entrance of the chapel. He smiled, oblivious to Lana’s hidden sadness as he she walked down the aisle alone. Chloe could saw it, pitying her friend.

Clark kept kissing Lois as one of his hand stroke Lois’s back and the other one tried to tuck her hair behind her year, unsuccessfully. He then rolled her onto her back, giving her several lip-sucking kisses.

He pulled away, his eyes turning their attention to her panties. He slid it down her legs, drooling at her magnificent figure. Lois breathed hard as he touched lightly her core.

Clark took a deep breath and started to take off his boxers. His hard cock was begging for attention as it was watched by a clearly aroused Lois. Clark hesitated, the newness of the situation finally catching up on him. Lois noted it and extended her hand, her serene face giving him the courage he needed. He took her hand and put it closer to his face, kissing the back of it. He then interlaced his fingers with hers.

He laid down on top of her again, taking her lips in his.

Lana took her position in the altar, giving Lex a small smile. The ceremony then started. When the objection part came, Lana looked at the entrance of the chapel, but he never came. It was just a dream after all. The ceremony soon continued with the vows.

“You’re perfect. You’re more than what I could ever hope for. I love you,” Clark said to Lois as he gave kisses all over her body. His hand ran up and down between her tights and core.

“I love you, too. That’s all that matters to me,” Lois said, her eyes closed in pure bliss.

Clark smiled widely. Hearing this from her never gets old. He put two fingers over her entrance and started to prepare her for him. Lois shivered. He then slipped a finger inside her wet folds, causing Lois to moan loudly. He pushed it in and out for several seconds until he pulled away.

He leveled himself up so he was face to face with her. He wrapped one arm around her as his free hand held his cock. He teased her entrance for a bit. Slowly, he finally pushed himself into her. She tilted her head back, fighting the moans that were threatening to escape off her mouth. He took the opportunity to place kisses on her jaw.

He thrust inside of her a few times before pulling away. He then went to grab a condom in his drawer.

Lex promptly said “I do” to the priest’s question. Lana hesitated a little, but also accepted Lex as her husband. They started to exchange vows.

After putting the condom on, Clark slowly pushed himself inside her again. His thrusts were slow and steady. They gazed at each other intensely. Clark increased his speed as her core started to get wetter. Lois held her lover in a stronger grip, needing his ardent body closer to hers.

His grabbed her leg, wrapping it around his waist. He repositioned himself inside her and thrust deeper and hard. He used his thumb to stroke her nipple, giving her even more pleasure.

Clark rocked his hips back and forth, filling her with every bit of his huge cock. Lois dug her fingernails on his shoulder, her body tensing with his passionate thrust. She then ran her fingers into his hair, urging him closer, their lips crashing together.

His cock kept pulsing within her tight core, his limit close to being reached. He pounded into her harder, deeper. He was almost breathless. His mouth sucked on her neck. Lois rocked her hips along his, their movements causing an immeasurable ecstasy of love.

They kept going and going until Lois’s body shuddered, her entrance tightening around his shaft. She had reached the orgasm. Multiple ones. She tightened her arms around his shoulders, holding him closely to her as long as she could. Clark maintained his hard thrusts.

Not long after, Clark finally came along Lois’s last orgasm. Meanwhile, at the chapel, Lex and Lana shared their first kiss as husband and wife.

Panting, both Clark and Lois looked up, not anything in particular, seeing only blur due to their state of pure bliss. They were smiling from ear to ear. “I guess I should stop calling you Smallville,” Lois joked.

Clark laughed. He looked at her, putting his arm around her waist. “Clark is fine by me.”

“How about ‘Hot Stuff?’”

He leaned in and kissed her cheek and neck. “Anything you pick is fine by me.”

She looked at him and then looked down, raising an eyebrow seeing his member still hard, covered by the dirty condom. “Man of steel, aren’t you?”

He looked down and then back at her, a cocky grin on his face. “Just happy to have you here in my humble room.”

“You know what you have to do when you bring guests over, right?”

“Make them feel at home? You got it. I’ll make sure you never want to leave.” Clark climbed on top of Lois and took her lips in his, ready to give her new waves of pleasure.

Arm in arm, Lana and Lex walked out of the chapel, heading to the car that would take them to the wedding reception. He had a huge smile on his face whereas Lana wore a weak smile. As the car started to be driven away, Lana looked back one last time. No sight of him at all. It was really over.


Clark and Lois climbed down the stairs to the kitchen. He was wearing a white T-shirt and pajamas pants, while she was wearing just his football jersey. Lois checked out his butt as he went to the fridge to grab a jar with the little orange juice left.

They giggled as they exchanged provocative looks. Clark poured two glasses with orange juice, one of them with more than the other. Clark grabbed the less filled glass and drank it, not taking his eyes off her. Lois motioned to drink hers, but her focus was completely on him. “So, how long do you think your mother will be out?” Lois asked.

“I think she’ll stay for the reception.”

Lois flashed Clark a sensual smiled and started to walk past the stairs.

Clark chuckled. “Lois…” She wrapped her hands around a column in the house and turned to look at him. “The bedrooms upstairs,” he said, tilting his head at the stairs.

“Mmhm, but the porch swing, is out there,” she tilted her head at the door. She then walked to there again.

Clark smiled and then superspeeded to stop her before she opened the door. He grabbed her wrist and turned her around, placing her hand above her head and pushing her against the door. He then leaned in and gave her a passionate lip-lock.

Lois put her arms around his neck as she draped her leg around his. Between the kisses, and with Clark’s help, she took his shirt off his body. His lips brushed hers hungrily.

Giggling, Lois pushed him off her and opened the door, eager for more action outside the house. Her expression changed to shocked once she turned around and saw a certain someone heading to the door. “Mrs. K!”

“Mom!” Clark uttered, embarrassed. He placed his hand over his crotch, covering his visible erection.

Martha’s eyes were open-wide. She was speechless, also feeling embarrassed by the situation.

Lionel, who came with her, smiled, amused. “Oh, the youth.”

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