The Last Adopted Daughter of Krypton

Chapter 18


Lois gave an exasperated sigh after she heard her name being called by her supervisor Jason Bailey one more time. It was her third day working as an intern at the Daily Planet. Impatient as only she was to get into the action, she was growing bored of the obituaries phone calls, paper copies, and theory classes at night.

Lois stood next to her supervisor’s desk. He was dark-haired man in his mid thirties, his receding hairline making him apparent older than he was. “Yes?” She spoke.

The man handed her a few papers. “Make four copies each. Hurry,” he said, without sparing her even a glance.

She nodded and started to head to the copy room, an annoyed expression on her face.

Lois was starting to make copies of the archives when she was approached by Chloe. “Your frustrated sigh can be heard from my desk,” Chloe said.

“Good. Do you think the editor did hear that, too?”

“Lois, you’ve been here only three days. It take some time until you got to do more than that, trust me,” Chloe told her, pointing at the copy machine.

Lois sighed. “I just feel I could do more, you know, with…” She lowered her voice. “With my powers and all.”

“It’s kinda unfair to us mere regular people,” Chloe said, a little uncomfortable.

Lois looked surprised at her cousin’s remark. “Oh, no… I didn’t mean that way. What I’m trying to say is that the powers can help me in something that I think I’m already good at.”

Chloe nodded. “You’re good at it. But, from my own personal experience, you don’t get to make the headline overnight, you have to start from the bottom and go climbing until you reach the status you deserve.”

Lois pondered it. “Perhaps. But shouldn’t I impress them from day one, show them I’m special?”

Before Chloe could answer, Lois’s cell phone rang. She looked who was the caller and then at her cousin. “It’s Clark.”

A smug smiled appeared on Chloe’s face. “I’ll leave you two alone.” She then left.

Lois chuckled, annoyed. She then put her phone on her ear. “Hey,” she answered it, her lips curling into a grin.

“Hey. How’s everything going over there?” Clark asked.

“Bored as hell. I want to take this skirt off, put on a pair of jeans and join you in the Zoners hunt.”

“Don’t, you look great in skirt.”

She chuckled. “I know, you told me the same thing yesterday. And the day before yesterday.”

“And it still is the truth.”

Lois sighed, shaking her head. “Any clues so far of the remaining Zoners?”

“None,” Clark’s voice sounded disappointed. “But I find out something.”


“Apparently, there’s a third person looking for the Zoners. According to the locals, a man who matches our martian acquaintance description had been asking the same questions I did.”

She frowned. “If he’s on our side, then why is he working alone on this?”

“I don’t know. I’m about to follow some leads about his whereabouts.”

“Okay. Keep me informed!”

“I’ll try my best, but I may not be able to contact you as there won’t be cell phone reception where I’m about to go.”

“Well, just be careful, okay?”

“Always. I’ll see you tonight. Love you.”

“Love you, too. See you then. Bye.”

Lois hung up the phone and got back to her task.


Lois was reading some papers when her phone rang again. She looked at the caller number. Unknown. “Hello?” She answered it, frowning.

“Lois? It’s me. Victor.”

“Oh, hey, Victor. How are you?”

“I need your help. It’s an emergency,” Victor said, his breathing was uneven.

Lois looked worried. “What happened?”

“I’ll tell you when you get here.”

She gathered the papers she was reading, preparing to leave. “Okay, tell me where you are. I’ll be there in less than a minute.” True to her words, Lois arrived at Oliver’s mansion in Star City, where Victor was, several seconds later. She found him in Oliver’s office analyzing some images on a big screen. “Hey. What happened?”

“Oliver and AC are missing,” Victor said, worry evident on his face. He then looked at her. “Where’s Clark? I tried to call him, but I couldn’t reach him.”

“Out of the country. There’s no signal reception where he is.” Lois looked concerned at Victor. “What happened to Ollie and AC?”

“First AC went to investigate a lead on the 33.1 that came up. One day had passed and we hadn’t heard from him. Then, Oliver went look for him and I lost contact with him, too.”

“What about Bart? Where is he?”

“Oliver gave him one week vacation and a lot of money to spend on. He must be all over the planet, I couldn’t track him down.”

“You guys should have told him to stay alert in case you needed him.”

“Bart has been helping us a lot, Oliver thought he deserved a break. Besides, we weren’t supposed to go after the 33.1 this week, but out of nowhere something came up.”

Lois sighed. “Let me guess, you were set up?”

Victor nodded. “Probably.”

Lois walked toward the big screen, studying the images in it. “So, do you have any idea where they are now?”

Victor stood beside her. “They went missing in the desert of Utah. My best guess is that there’s a facility or at least a safe house of the 33.1 in the middle of the forest area.”

“How long since Oliver last contacted you?”

“Three hours ago.” Victor gulped. “Lois, my main worry is that if Oliver was really captured, odds are that Lex will find out he’s Green Arrow. It’ll ruin every progress we’ve been making so far.”

“Let’s hope for the best.” She took a deep breath. “We don’t have much time left. Is there something more comfortable for me to wear around here?” She said, adjusting her skirt, uncomfortable.

“Uh, actually, there is.” Victor pressed a button, opening a hidden room behind the bookshelf, revealing the team’s costumes, including Lois’s. “Oliver knew we’d need you someday, so he kept a reserve costume, just in case.”

Lois didn’t look so happy. “Oh god, I thought I’d gotten rid of this one.”

He chuckled. “Until you find something better to use, you’ll have to keep wearing this one.”

She sighed. “Whatever.” Then, in less than a second, she had changed to Stiletto.

Victor was taken by surprise. “Wow, that was fast.” He took a deep breath. “Shall we?”

“Um, you’ll stay right here.”

“What?” He asked, puzzled.

“I can deal with it by myself. And in case I might need help, here,” she handed him her cell phone. “Wait for Clark to call and tell him where we are.”

Victor opened his mouth to say something, but closed it again. He then walked to the desk and grabbed something in the drawer. “Take this earpiece, so I can locate and talk to you.”

She nodded and took it, putting it on her ear.

Victor gave her a small smile. “Good luck.”


“There’s nothing here but rocks and sand,” Lois told Victor.

“You’re exactly where Oliver last contacted me. Do you see any forest near?”

“Not exactly near, but yeah, I see it. Wait a second.” Lois tilted her head and started to use her super hearing. “I think I heard something. Talk to you later.”

Lois started to explore the forest, walking carefully. She was grateful for her powers when she saw a bear, which would freak her out if she was her old powerless self. She kept walking, alert to the sounds.

Her super hearing finally picked a heavy breathing. She followed the sound. Approaching it, she was met with an arrow shot in her direction. She held it before it hit her. “Oliver!” she hissed.

“Legs,” he smiled seeing her. He had his back leaned against a tree, his face showing complete exhaustion.

Lois stood beside him. “What happened?” She asked, concerned.

“A man… Or at least it looks like a man, attacked me.”

Lois used her x-ray vision on Oliver. “You have a fractured bone in your right arm.”

“Probably why I’m feeling all of this pain,” he joked, but his uneven breathing showed he was suffering.

“I’ll take you to a hospital.”

“Not yet. AC is here, they’re trying to test him. They want to know where his powers come from.”

She pondered it. “Okay. I’ll rescue AC and you stay put.” She took the earpiece out of her ear and offered it to Oliver. “Keep in touch with Victor.”

Oliver took it. “Lois, be careful. This guy, he has strength, and agility, and has invisibility. He’s dangerous.”

“Don’t worry, Jolly Green Giant. My arsenal is bigger,” she gave him a wink. When she turned to leave, a big, black-haired man stood in front of her and without hesitation punched her in the face, sending her flying.

“Lois!” Oliver shouted. Seeing the man approaching him, he tried to shot him with his crossbow, in vain. Unarmed and wounded, there was nothing more Oliver could do. But before he could get to Oliver, Lois came back punching the hell out of him, sending him flying far from there.

“Go to somewhere safe,” she said. She then ran to the man to finish the fight.

“Cyborg to Stiletto,” Victor called through the earpiece.

“Cyborg, it’s Green Arrow.”

“Oh, thank god you’re fine, man.” Victor said, relief in his voice. “Where’s Stiletto?”

“Dealing with a bad guy.”

“Are you feeling okay? Are you hurt?”

“Yeah, I’m fine,” Oliver lied. “What’s up?”

“I intercepted a radio communication. There is a helicopter ready to take off near where you are.”

“It’s AC. They probably want to take him to one of their facilities.” Oliver grabbed his crossbow on the ground and started to run to there with a little difficulty.

Several feet away from there, Lois glared at the man on the ground. “Who are you?”

The guy stood up, not uttering even a word. His eyes completely soulless. Suddenly, he disappeared in front of Lois. She looked around, trying to locate him with her x-ray vision, but it didn’t work on him.

The man appeared behind Lois and hit her again, this time with not much effect.

“You punch like a lady,” Lois mocked. She tried to punch him back, but he was able to avert it and became invisible again.

Lois sighed. Since her eyes weren’t working, she decided to turn on her super hearing. She easily tracked his breathing, which confirmed that there was at least something human about this guy. She waited for him to get closer to her and then executed a side kick right into his face, making his left ear bleed nonstop.

She then grabbed him by the neck and pressed him against a tree. “Who are you? What are you?”

He didn’t reply. He didn’t even show fear of her. She used her x-ray vision one more time on him, this time confirming he was indeed completely human. Lois was guessing he was the newest experiment of the 33.1.

His hand then went behind his back and took a knife. He then tried to stab Lois, in vain. The knife had broken.

Lois raised an eyebrow. “Seriously?” She then punched him in the face, trying to put him unconscious. She breathed a sigh of relief when she saw the man starting to close his eyes. She’d decide what to do with him later, now she needed to rescue AC.

Lois started to walk away, but was pulled to the ground by her hair.


Oliver sighted the helicopter ready to take off. He could see AC in there, unconscious. Oliver ran to it and clung to the skid. He breathed hard as he realized how high in the air they already were.

With much difficulty and practically using one arm, he managed to sit on the skid. He took a quick glance inside the aircraft. Aside of AC, there was a doctor, a body guard, and the pilot.

Oliver took a deep breath, he’d need all the strength he had and didn’t have to do this. He then used his good arm to stand up and took the body guard by surprise and hit him in the head with his own. Oliver took the opportunity to get into the helicopter.

“Green Arrow! How did you manage to escape from our super soldier?” The doctor asked.

Oliver smiled cockily. “I’m a hard catch.” He then punched the doctor hard enough to make him fall unconscious.

He turned to look at the pilot. “Get us back on the ground!” He demanded.

“Don’t do this!” The body guard spoke. Oliver turned to look at him, shocked to see the man pointing a gun at him. “The boss will be happy to know we have both Aquaman and Green Arrow with us.”

Oliver put his left arm up in surrender. “You don’t have to do this.”

“Shut up!” The man checked his wound with his free hand, a little blood in his forehead. He was still feeling a little dizzy because of the hit. Oliver realized it and then advanced at the man, trying to take the gun out of his hand.

Clearly in disadvantage, Oliver mostly managed to avoid being hit by the bullets shot. The body guard pushed him against the closed door of the helicopter. Oliver screamed in pain as the fracture in his arm’s bone became even worst.

The man was about to shoot Oliver when the alarm of the helicopter shot. One of the bullets had hit its system. “We’re falling. We’re gonna crash,” the pilot said, desperate.


The super soldier kept hiding from Lois, while she grew annoyed. She needed to end this immediately. She waited for him to try to attack her. When he did, she counter attacked with consecutive punches.

She only stopped when she heard Oliver calling her for help. From distance. She looked up saw it. A helicopter leaving a trail of smoke in the air as it was falling. She gulped as she x-rayed it and saw Oliver and AC there.

She ran to a closer place where she could see it. She could reach them by super leaping, but she wasn’t sure how she’d land it. If only she could fly.

If she could fly…

She had to try. She had it in her. “C’mon, Lois. Remember how you learn all of your other powers. Close your eyes and focus on what you want to do.” She tried to gain focus, but hearing Oliver’s heavy breathing was getting in the way. “C’mon.”

Her feet hovered over the ground, but she was quickly back on the ground. She saw the helicopter getting closer to hit the ground and shook her head. She super leaped forward. “C’mon.”

In flying position, she closed her eyes again. “C’mon, Lois. You can do it.” She started to feel her body getting lighter and started to gain more control over her body in the air.

She opened her eyes and moved to higher heights. She smiled widely. She did it, didn’t she?

Her face then turned serious and focused on saving the helicopter. She flew forward, faster, like a brighter light in an already sunny day, despite the black colors in her costume. She reached the helicopter right before it crashed on the ground.

Lois placed the aircraft carefully in a desert area. She stood in front of the shocked crew, wearing the most proud smile on her face.


“After some bottles of water, AC is fine,” Oliver told Lois as he joined her to watch the sunset in Utah.

“Where’s he?”

“Against my own rest advice, he’s back to work, collecting some data about the super soldier. His name was Michael Westwood, he was a good man and a good soldier. According to the doctor, he was practically dead when they took him in. When we shut him down, he went back to just being a dead body.”

Lois sighed. “It doesn’t justify what they did to him. There was no life left in that man’s eyes, Oliver. That’s just cruel.”

He nodded. “I know.”

“Did they at least admit LuthorCorp did it?”

“No, I don’t think he will, either. Lex usually threatens his most important employee’s family.”

“Will this guy ever pay for what he’s done?”

“I’ll do everything in my power to make that happen.”

“What about those guys, what will you do with them?”

“We’ll collect more information from them, and then probably hand them for the cops. Which will probably end in nothing, but it’s the most we can do.”

She nodded.

Oliver studied her. “What you did there, that was pretty amazing.”

She smiled. “It felt amazing. You always this idea what flying is like, and it ends up even better than what you pictured.” She looked at him. “You feel free.”

Oliver smiled back. “You saved us. You and boy scout make a great pair.”

“Can’t wait to show it to him.” Her face then turned serious realizing for the first time the improvised sling for his fractured arm. “How’s your arm? I think we should take you to the hospital to take care of it.”

Oliver shook his head. “Don’t worry about it. Victor is coming here. The guy’s great for those things.”

Lois looked skeptical. “Are you sure? It won’t take more than a few minutes to take you there, especially now that I’m flying.”

“I am. Go home, I’m sure there’s a farmer in all of his tan glory waiting for you there.”


He smiled again. “Go!”

Lois sighed. “Take care of this arm. This world can’t stay much longer without its best archer.”

He nodded and smiled widely. “Will do.”

They hugged. “Bye,” they said to each other.

Oliver watched as Lois flew away. She couldn’t stop the grin on her face. She was flying. She was actually flying. After a rocky start, things were looking brighter than ever in her new life.

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