The Last Adopted Daughter of Krypton

Chapter 2

Clark was sitting in the kitchen checking his temperature with a thermometer in his mouth. Martha was also there, filling a mug with tea for him.

“Clark, was that the first time you ever sneezed?” She asked.

“Mm-hmm, and the first time I‘ve had a scratchy throat with my ears all plugged up.” He took the thermometer out of his mouth and checked it. “98.1.”

Martha grabbed the thermometer and checked it, too. “No fever.” She was finishing the tea with lemon and honey.

“I’m no doctor, but it seems like it’s just a commom cold.” Clark grabbed a tissue to clean his hands.

“You’re far from commom, Clark. I don’t remember you’re ever even having the sniffles.”

“I’ve never pushed myself so far into overdrive before.”

“You know you said when you were in that zone, your powers were gone. That means your immune system was normal. You could have been exposed to something there.”

Clark gave her a half smile. “Whatever it is, I’m not really that sick.” Martha handed him the mug.

Lois suddenly entered through the kitchen door and headed straight to the living room, sitting on the couch and staring blankly at the wall. Clark and Martha looked puzzled at her.

“Lois, sweetie, are you okay?” Martha asked.

Lois didn’t answer, her mind was elsewhere.What did happened to her? How could she super run like that? Was she going crazy?

Clark approached her. “Lois, is everything alright?”

Maybe she was hallucinating, maybe the medications that the doctor prescribed were causing it. It sound plausible in her mind and she was going with that.

Lois finally looked at Clark and Martha. “Yeah, I am.” She got up. “Don’t worry, Smallville.” She then punched him in the arm, heading to the frigde next to grab a bottle of water.

“Ow.” Clark looked surprised when Lois’s punch actually hurt him. And since Lois hadn’t superpowers, not that he knew of, it proved in his mind that he was definitely sick. He then took a sip of tea and sniffled.

Lois saw it and smirked at him. “Uh-oh, does Clarky have the sniffles?”

Clark shot her a look.

“It’s just a little cold,” Martha spoke, chuckling uncomfortably.

Clark was growing annoyed.

“Lucky for you, I have the perfect remedy, honey and a little bit of cayenne pepper. Works every time.” She started looking for the cayenne pepper. “First it makes you sneeze a bunch of times, but then I swear you’re pretty much cured.”

Clark and Martha looked worried. “Lois, I’ll pass,” he said.

“I think we’re all out of cayenne, Lois,” Martha tried to throw her off.

“No, you’re not,” Lois grabbed the cayenne and showed it to Martha. “I’m just gonna whip up a little bit of something here.” She then looked through the window, surprised. “Where did your barn door go? It was here late last night when I came to drop off the documents, and now it’s gone.”

Clark stood beside her, looking through the window. “Uh… Err… It fell today. The Earthquake… It damaged the door.”

“Oh, that explains it.”

Clark breathed a sigh of relief.

Later that day, Clark, with Chloe’s help, found out that his cold was actually a new ability he had developed.


Chloe and Jimmy were having breakfast in the kitchen of the apartment above the Talon, where Chloe had moved in after the Dark Thursday, the mess that Zod caused, until her university recover from the destruction after it.

Lois then left the bedroom, still wearing her pajamas. “Good morning, Chlo.”

Chloe frowned at her. “Rough night?”

“Barely managed to sleep.” Lois grabbed a pancake from her cousin’s plate and eat it. “Do you remember that palace of ice I told you about? I’m having those dreams about it,” she said with food still in her mouth.

Chloe gulped. “What… What exactly?”

“It doesn’t make sense. Mrs. K is talking to it, and the ice palace is actually answering her. Something about saving the world, Zod something…”

“Good thing it’s just a dream,” Chloe said, giving her a nervous smile.

Lois then realized there was a third person in the room. He was standing next to Chloe, somehow afraid of her. “I presume you’re the bastard who screw my baby cuz.”

Jimmy froze, his eyes opened wider in fear.

Lois laughed, followed by Chloe. “Relax, bowling man, I’m just messing with you. Nice to finally meet you. I’m Lois, I’m sure Chloe told you about me.” She extended her hand.

Jimmy shook it and smiled uncomfortably. “I’m Jimmy. Yes, she di… Did. You’re exactly like she described.”

“Don’t believe in her, I’m a lovely person.”

“After two cup of coffee, three donuts, and a fight with Clark,” Chloe intervened in.

Lois glared at her.

“So, Chloe told me you’re Chief of Staff of Senator Martha Kent,” Jimmy said.

“Yeah, but I don’t have intention to follow this career.” She took another pancake out of Chloe’s plate.

Chloe looked at Jimmy. “She’s clearly talented for journalism, but refuses to admit that.”

Lois rolled her eyes.

“Wait a minute, I know why your name sounded familiar to me. You wrote some articles for the newspaper Chloe had in her school. They were really good,” Jimmy spoke.

“Thanks, I guess,” Lois smiled shyly.

“You know, I’ve been working at the Daily Planet for a few years and I know some people, I could arrange you a internship there.”

“I dropped college,” Lois dismissed him.

“That’s okay, they pay education for whom they see potential, which you clearly have.”

“I’ll think about, okay?” Lois grabbed one more pancake and the newspaper and headed to the living room, sitting on the couch.

“Thanks for trying,” Chloe smiled at Jimmy and gave him a quick kiss.

“Ugh,” Lois scowled.


Lois was in the kitchen of the farmhouse typing on her laptop, nervously. Since the superspeed incident, she had been experiencing new abilities. Although she hadn’t superspeeded since that day, she was getting stronger, really strong. Yesterday the remote control fell under the couch, and when she tried to lift it a little, she easily lifted it over her head as if it was a tissue. Stunned, she then started lifting TV, frigde, and bed, all of them as easily as the couch. The day before it, she started to see skeletons walking around the streets. She was definitely not hallucinating.

There was a knock on the door, which Lois only realized the second time. She then got up and answered the door. There was a tall, blond, and handsome man. They gazed at each other, mesmerized. “Hey,” she greeted, smiling.

He smiled back. “Hi.” He tried to hand her an envelope, but she didn’t move.

Lois’ eyes kept focused on his face and body. Too focused. Her eyes started to heat and glowing red. Suddenly, it shot fire beams, hitting the man’s shirt, setting it on fire instantly. Lois closed her eyes and stepped away from him, feeling slightly pain.

“Oh,” the man opened his eyes in shock, quickly removing the burning shirt and the jacket he was wearing, leaving his chest bare.

Martha came down the stairs after smelling smoke. “Oh, my God, what happened?”

“My shirt started to catch on fire out of nowhere,” the man said, breathing heavily. He then looked at Lois. “Hey, are you okay? Did it hurt you?”

“No, I’m fine.” She finally opened her eyes, shocked to see she almost hurt him. “I’m sorry, Mrs. K, I gotta go. I’m sorry.” She then grabbed her purse and left the house.

Both Martha and and the man looked confused at Lois’s sudden exit. Martha then looked at him. “My son probably has a shirt that fits you. I’ll grab it for you, Mr…?”

He extended his hand. “Oliver Queen.”

She shook it. “Oh, I was expecting you Mr. Queen. I’m Martha Kent. I’ll just grab a shirt for you and then we can discuss the financial support you offered to my platform. Make yourself at home.”

Oliver smiled at her. “Thank you.”


After half an hour, Lois got home. She throw her purse on the floor and looked herself in the mirror. She hadn’t change since she saw herself this morning, not even the incident at the farm changed her, but she didn’t feel like herself. She didn’t recognize that person in the mirror.

Lois then sat on the couch, lots of thoughts took over her mind. After a a couple of minutes she stopped fighting the tears that threatened to fall since she got into her car, she let it all out. She was feeling alone at the moment.

Calming down several minutes later, Lois started debating whether she should tell someone about what happened or not. After two hours, she dialed Chloe’s number. “Hello, Chlo?”


“Hey, can I talk to you, in person?”

“Is it urgent? Because I’m investigating a really important case with Jimmy and Clark right now.”

“No,” Lois was disappointed, but was quick to cover it with an enthusiastic tone. “Good luck on your front page article.”

“Yeah, right,” Chloe wasn’t so sure about that. “I’ll see you later. Bye.”


Lois thought if this wasn’t a sign that she should do it by herself, like so many other things she did in life. But she also wanted unload all of her worries to somebody. She was completely lost.


It was evening when Lois parked at the farm. She had decided she needed someone to give her support in this. Someone she knew that wouldn’t look at her differently and that she could count on.

Lois knocked on the door, being promptly answered by Martha. “Lois, hey, I was worried about you.”

Lois looked at the clothes Martha was wearing, a costume, disappointment again appearing on her face. “Oh, you’re going to Lex’s charite costume ball. This isn’t a good time.”

When she turned to live, Martha grabbed her hand. “I always have time for you. Come in.” Lois smiled shyly at her.

After both of them sat on the couch, and Martha handed Lois a cup of coffee, the older woman spoke. “So, tell me, what happened today? Why did you left like that?” Her voice was filled with concern.

Lois averted her eyes. “It was a lot more complicated than that.”

“I realized that. You’ve been acting weird since last week, it’s like your mind is somewhere else. I’m worried about you, honey.”

Lois looked at Martha, her eyes showing sadness. “I’m worried about me, too. Lately, strange things has been happening to me. I don’t know how this happening, and believe me, I didn’t want it to happen to me –“

“What is it, Lois?”

Tears started to appear on Lois’s eyes. “I think I’m a meteor freak.”

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