The Last Adopted Daughter of Krypton

Chapter 3

“What?” Martha’s eyes was wide-open, completely in shock at Lois’s revelation.

“I’ve been developing those powers,” Lois said, downcast. “I don’t know what to do.”

Still trying to process the information, Martha held Lois’s hand. “I’m here for you, Lois.” She smiled when Lois looked at her.

Lois smiled back and wiped the tears coming out of her eyes. “Thank you.” Lois then hugged Martha, staying that way for a couple of minutes.

When they pulled away, Martha pushed a strand of hair behind Lois’s ear. “Feel better now?”

Lois nodded.

“When all of this started?”

“Ever since I left the hospital, I guess. I’ve been feeling stronger, healthier, you know. And then one day I just woosh,” Lois said, gesturing the last part with her hands. “I ran really fast.”

Martha’s eyes opened wider in realization.

“After that, I started lifting things, heavy things, so easily. Look.” Lois got up and then lift the couch with Martha still sitting on it.

Martha gulped.

She put the couch back on the floor and sat again. “I also started to see the skeletons of the people, like I had x-ray or something. I’m pretty sure I’ll never get to sleep after that.” Lois continued. “But the worst part of this nightmare happened this morning. Remember that really hot guy from this morning and his burning shirt? You’ll never guess it. I did it. I burnt the guy’s shirt. I almost burnt the guy, which would be a shame since he was really cute. Anyway, I think I did it with my eyes. They started heating and only stopped when that guy’s shirt started to catch fire.”

Martha was quiet, the expression on her face still showing shock, her mind elsewhere trying to figure out how it happened to Lois.

Lois looked puzzled. “It’d be really nice of you if you say anything.”

Martha focused her attention back to Lois. “I… Uh… Are you feeling okay? I mean, any side effects so far?”

“None. But considering what happens to the meteor freaks in this town, I’m afraid I’m going mad like them,” she gave a nervous laugh.

“I’ll not let that happened to you, okay?” Matha then took a deep breath. “Do you trust me?”

“With my life.”

Martha smiled. “Don’t tell anybody else about it or go to a doctor until we figure things out, do you hear me?” Lois nodded. “I promise we’ll find out what is happening to you.”

Tears threatened to fall from Lois’s eyes again. “You’re the best Mrs. K.”

They hugged. Out of Lois sight, Martha’s face changed to worried.


Martha was pacing from one side to the other in the kitchen anxiously, the phone in her hand, when Clark entered the house. “Clark! Where have you been? I’ve been trying to call you all night.”

“I had a problem to take care of, a criminal that escaped from the Phantom Zone when I did.”

“Oh, my God! Are you okay? Did you stop it?”

“Yeah, I defeated her. But I’m afraid more phantoms escaped from there.” Clark then looked at her clothes. “Weren’t you supposed to be at Lex’s party?”

“We have bigger problems now, sweetie.”

Clark frowned. “What is it?”

“Remember that Jor-El saved Lois when our plane went down and she was severely hurt?” He nodded. “Jor-El did more than just heal her, he gave her powers.”

Clark’s eyes opened wider. “Uh… Err… Are you sure?”

“Lois thinks she is infected by meteors, but she has the same powers as yours, Clark.” She pointed to the couch. “I was sitting on that couch when Lois lifted it with one hand.”

Clark gasped. “But why would Jor-El give her powers? What would he gain with it?”

“I don’t know. Only he can answer it.” Martha crossed her arms in a worried manner. “Lois is scared, it’s something beyond her comprehension. I’m scared, too, honey, your father’s heart weakened because of these powers, we can’t let that happened to Lois, too.”

Clark put a hand on her arm. “I’m going to talk to Jor-El.”

“Isn’t the Fortress dead?”

“It can’t be. Not now.”

Clark superspeeded out of the house, while Martha took a deep breath trying to calm down.


“Jor-El!” Clark shouted his father’s name as he arrived at the Fortress of Solitude. “Jor-El, what did you do to Lois? What’s your game this time?”

There was no answer. The place was dark, not even the usual hostility it emanates could be felt anymore.

“Are you really dead or is it just your way to ignore me because I didn’t do what you ordered me to?” Clark angered. “Do you wanna kill Lois like you did to my father to teach me a lesson, is that it?”

Frustated, Clark kicked some crystals, breaking it. He sighed and then left.


“Any luck with Jor-El?” Martha asked as Clark entered the door kitchen.


Martha put both of her hands over her head. “What are we going to do? We can’t let Lois keep thinking she is a meteor-infected.”

“We can’t exactly say she’s kryptonian either. I’m not sure about what Jor-El did to her.”

“Clark, I know you always had a problem with telling people your secret and whether or not they’ll accept you, but it’s not the time for that. Lois’s life may be in danger.”

“Me and Lois may not be always in the best terms, but I’d never risk her life to protect my secret, mom. What I’m saying is that if I tell her I’m kryptonian, and then tell her she may be kryptonian because of my father, she may turn her back on us. And could we really blame her if she did it?”

Martha sighed. “You may be right.” She took a deep breath. “What are you going to do now?”

“Talk to Lois.”

“What are you going to say to her without revealing who you are? She won’t be happy that you’re minding her business, especially when she trusted me with this secret.”

“How’s that any different from our talks every day?” Clark gave her a half-smile. “Sometimes I think I irritate her just by saying ‘hi.’”

Martha chuckled. “Maybe I should talk to her instead.”

“No, that’s something I need to do. If someone understands the pressure that comes with those powers it’s me. Whether we like it or not, me and Lois are going to spend a lot of time together from now on.”

Martha gave him a warm smile. “Good luck.”


Clark knocked on the door of the apartment above the talon. He was breathing heavily, still not sure how to proceed with the revelation that Lois had now powers like his.

Lois answered it, smiling at him. “Smallville, hey! I’m sorry but Chloe is not here. She called from the hospital saying she was going to stay the night there with Jimmy.”

“Actually, I came to talk to you,” he said as he entered the apartment. He was surprised when he saw there was a third person there, dressed in a Robin Hood costume.

“Smallville, Oliver Queen. Oliver, Clark Kent,” Lois introduced them.

“Hey,” Oliver greeted. They shook hands. “You’re Martha Kent’s son, right? Thanks for the t-shirt, by the way. Although blue kind of isn’t my thing.”

“What?” Clark looked puzzled.

Lois looked at the floor, hiding the guilty on her face.

“My shirt started to burn suddenly this morning and your mother then borrow me one of your shirts.”

Clark looked at Lois and then realization downed on him. “You’re welcome. The important thing is that you’re fine and nothing bad happened to you.” He then cleared his throat. “Uh, could you leave me and Lois alone?”

“Oh, you came here to ask her out, too?” Oliver asked, jokingly.

Both Clark and Lois raised an eyebrow at Oliver. “He’d have to learn to dress first for this to ever happen. And, you know, be a completely different person,” she said, smirking.

“It's really nice to see that Lois has found someone who can overlook her personality,” he smirked back.

“Oh, don't worry about it, Clark. If I lived under the same roof with such a beautiful woman, I probably would've mask my feelings in sarcasm, too,” Oliver chuckled. He then went to the table to grab the hat of his costume.

Lois chuckled, a little uncomfortable. “Feelings?”

Clark angered. “Feelings?”

“A little advice, Freud Jr., there... Stick with your day job,” Lois said to Oliver.

“Good advise, I have to wake up early tomorrow morning.” Oliver grabbed her hand and lifted it to his lips, kissing it. “I’ll see you at the fundriser party at Lexcorp. Night.”

“Night,” she said, smiling tenderly at him.

“Nice to meet you, Clark.”


Oliver then left the apartment.

“Are you seriously going out with that guy?”

Lois grew annoyed and crossed her arms. “None of your business. What do you want?”

Clark took a deep breath. “How are you feeling?”

She pressed her back against the countertop. “Fine. Why?”

“Haven’t you feel any different?”

Lois looked suspiciously at him. “What’s that supposed to mean?”

“I… We almost lost you two weeks ago. I feel like we should try to be better friends, hang out more.”

“Somehow I’m not buying it.”

“I’m serious. I want you to feel you can count on me anytime.”

Lois pondered his commentary, trying to figure out what he was really trying to say. She then opened her eyes in realization. “Your mother told you about me.”

“Lois –“

“I can’t believe it. I thought I could trust her and she does that to me,” she said, pissed off.

“Lois, I can help you.”

“If I wanted your help, I’d ask you personally.”

Clark placed his hands on her arms. “Stop! I’m your friend, let me help you.”

Lois pushed off his hands and headed to the door, opening it. “Get out! I’ll deal with it on my own. Tomorrow I’ll start looking for a doctor that can cure me.”

“You don’t understand –“

She raised her voice. “Get out!”

Clark crossed his arms. “I’m not leaving until you listen to me.”

“Looks like your mother forgot to mention I’m stronger now. I’ll make you leave.” She reached his arm and tried to push him out of the apartment, in vain. He then grabbed her hand, making it impossible for her to move it. “What –“

“I’m strong, too, Lois,” Clark said, a little nervous.

Lois gasped in surprise. “Are you –“

“No.” He took a deep breath. “But the powers you’re starting to develop now, I’ve been developing them my whole life.” He took another breath. “Not because of the meteor rocks. It’s because I’m from the same place they are. I’m not from here, Lois, I’m from a different planet.”

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