The Last Adopted Daughter of Krypton

Chapter 9

A week had passed since Clark and Lois almost kissed. Clark hadn’t tried to talk to her about it, and for that Lois was thankful. Their days of training and talking hadn’t passed by without its awkward moments, though. Hands touching, the way he looked at her, all of it sent shivers down her spine.

She couldn’t deny something was going on between them. She realized Raya saw it, too. But Lois couldn’t explore those feelings. Not yet. She was getting used being kryptonian and she just had sort of broke up with Oliver.

Lois took a deep breath as she arrived at the farm. Another day of training and another day which she hoped the almost kiss wouldn’t be mentioned. She headed to the barn where Clark was.

She stopped at the sight in front of her. He was working at the truck, shirtless. She gazed at the muscles of his back, the movements of his arms showing its toned form. Suddenly, her eyes started to get hot. Realizing it was the heat vision, Lois blinked a couple of times to try to regain control of the situation, managing it. “Wow, that’s new,” she said, surprised.

Clark heard her voice, turning around. He smiled widely at her.

Lois breathed hard as she saw his bare chest and abs practically pointing at her. There was a little of oil on his body. She just couldn’t stop drooling at it. Her eyes went up and then she saw his grin. Big, inviting, beautiful. It made her weak at the knees.

Clark frowned at her standing there motionless. He then approached her. “Are you okay?”

Lois gulped at his muscled body near her and then looked up, trying to focus on his question. “I… I… Uh… I am. Um… Err… Are you posing for the farmers annual calendar?” She gave a weak laugh.

Clark looked puzzled. He looked down his body and realization dawned on him. “Oh. I… My shirt got ripped when I was working on the truck.”

“You shoul… You should put a shirt on before we start our training.”

He nodded. “I will. I’m just gonna finish fixing the truck.”

Lois watched as he walked back to the barn. She bit her lower lip watching him fixing the machine, completely focused on it. It was a torture to her inhibitions.


Lois was at the door of her apartment, ready to get in. One day had passed since the shirtless incident. She went to the farm for another day of training, but Clark wasn’t there. She called him and he explained he was looking for a new Zoner. She offered to help him, but he turned her down.

As she entered the apartment, she saw Chloe sitting on the couch working on her computer. “Hey,” Lois greeted.


The mood had been awkward between them. Chloe asked Lois more than once about what was happening to her, and Lois refused to say. After talking to Clark, Chloe had stopped asking, but Lois could see in her cousin’s eyes she was hurt that Lois was keeping something from her.

“Shouldn’t you be working at the Daily Planet right now?”

“I’m helping Lana with something. Lex’s missing.”

Lois looked surprised. “Are you sure he just isn’t in one of his evil companies killing puppies so he can have a hair?” Chloe raised an eyebrow at her. “Sorry.”

“Uh, I have to go back to work,” Chloe said. She got up and started to pack her stuffs.

Lois took a deep breath. “Chloe…” The blonde turned to look at Lois. “Can we talk?”

“I… I can’t. I’m kind of busy right now,” Chloe replied, uncertain.

Lois nodded. “It’s okay,” she said, giving her cousin a small smile.

Chloe opened the door, but stopped. She then sighed and turned to face Lois, smiling. “You know what? You’re way above Lex in my priority list.”

Lois’s smile grew wider. Chloe closed the door and then both of them sat on the couch.

“So…” Chloe was waiting, a little impatient.

Lois took a deep breath. “Do you remember the LuthorCorp jet that crashed with me and Mrs. K in?”

Chloe nodded. “Yeah.”

“I almost died there, Chlo. The only reason I’m alive today is because of Jor-El.”

Chloe’s eyes opened widely. “What?”

“Clark’s biological father. Kryptonian father. The one that’s inside of the Fortress of Solitude.”

“You… You know?!” Lois nodded. “How long?”

“Over a month.”

“Oh.” Chloe pondered the new information. A lot of things started to make sense, but there was something that didn’t. Clark’s secret didn’t explain Lois’s odd behavior she’d been seen lately. “There is more, isn’t it?”

Lois nodded, looking down. She then looked back at her cousin. “Clark’s father didn’t just save me, he changed me.”

Chloe looked puzzled, starting to get worried. “What do you mean?”

Lois closed her eyes, trying to find strength on herself to say it. She opened her eyes and took a deep breath. “I am… I’m…” She drew another breath. “I’m a kryptonian now, too.”

Lois watched nervously as Chloe froze. She kept swallowing hard waiting for her cousin’s response.

“How? How’s that possible?”

“Jor-El injected kryptonian’s cells into my body. They liked there and made themselves at home,” Lois gave Chloe a weak smile, trying not to show that herself was still trying to accept her new reality.

“Is it permanent?” Chloe asked, tears starting to form on her eyes.

Lois only nodded.

“How are you dealing with it?”

A tear rolled down Lois’s cheek. “Accepting it. Clark’s been helping me with it, training me. He’s been a really good friend.”

Chloe hesitated. “Why did you wait so long to tell me? I know this was hard for you, but I could have helped, be there for you.”

“I know you could. The problem wasn’t you, it was me.” Lois took another breath. “When my powers started to develop, you were the first person I went to tell about it, but you were busy.” Chloe looked guilty. “I’m not blaming you, okay? I was feeling so lost, lonely at that moment, I just needed someone to talk. And then I confided in Mrs. K. At the time I thought it was just a case of meteor freak.”

She continued. “After Clark explained what was happening to me, I don’t know, I just kept postponing our talk, hoping it’d be temporary and soon I’d get back to normal. It was only after Jor-El announced it was irreversible that I knew I had to accept it. But I was scared to tell you, of you seeing me differently. I know you accepted Clark, but this is me, your family. I feel like a whole different person now.”

“Lois, I don’t see you –“

“I know, Chlo. Deep down I always knew.” Tears rolled down Lois’s cheeks. “I’m the one who have to accept it, to still feel like I belong to this family even when everything about me says otherwise.

Tears also started to roll down Chloe’s cheeks. “Oh, Lois. You’d still be my family even if you were green and had antennas on your head.” They hugged, smiling slightly.

After a couple of minutes, they pulled away, both of them wiping the tears with their hands. “There’s something else,” Lois spoke.


“The minute I decided you should know about me, I knew my father and sister deserved the same.”

Chloe looked concerned. “Are you sure?”

Lois nodded. “I’ll keep Clark’s heritage out of the story. I don’t know when, or what exactly I’m gonna tell them, nor even how they’re gonna react, all I’m sure of right now is that it’s the right thing to do.”

Chloe nodded. “I’m here for whatever you need, Lois. I’ll support whatever you decide.”

Lois smiled. “Thank you.”

Chloe smiled back. “Tell me about you powers. Show me them.”

“Ok –“

There was a knock on the door. Chloe went to answer it. “Lana.”

“Chloe. I went to the Daily Planet to talk to you but you weren’t there. I found out who kidnapped Lex. He was –“ Entering the apartment, Lana realized someone else was there. “Lois, hi.”

“Hey,” Lois replied, a little uncomfortable. “Chloe told me about what happened to Lex. I hope you find him.”

“Thanks,” Lana smiled, grateful.

Chloe looked at Lois. “You don’t mind if we continue our talk later, do you?”

Lois shook her head.

Chloe smiled at her and then looked back at Lana. “Let’s go to the Daily Planet. Jimmy was following some leads, he might have something for us.”

Lana nodded. She said goodbye to Lois as she and Chloe left the apartment.

It was weird for Lois seeing Lana after what almost happened between her and Clark. So far her reasons to avoid the talk with him hadn’t included Lana. But now her mind was filled with the most hard question. Was she just Clark’s rebound girl?

Lois sighed. She had no idea of what to do.


“My mom told me you were waiting for me,” Clark spoke as he arrived on the loft of the barn. He had just arrived from Seattle where he found another Zoner.

“Yeah,” Lois said, a little hesitant. “How it all went? I was worried.”

His lips curled into a smile. “You were worried about me?”

Lois shot him a look.

He chuckled. His face then turned serious. “The Zoner was defeated.”

“Good. One less bad guy to worry about.”

“Not by me.”

Lois frowned. “How so?”

“I was on the verge of being killed, but then a man sort of burnt the Zoner with his hand. He then flew away.”

“Flew? Smallville, we really need to learn to fly.” Clark was quiet, pondering something. “There is something bothering you, isn’t it?”

Clark turned to look at the stars, taking a deep breath. “The way that Zoner killed his victims, it was so inhuman. I wanted to stop him as soon as possible, but the crystal didn’t work. That man saved my life, other people’s life, I’m just not sure if kill the Zoner was the right answer.”

Lois put a hand on his shoulder. “I don’t have the answer for it either, Smallville, but it wasn’t you that made that decision. You can’t blame yourself for something you didn’t.”

Clark turned to face her. “It’s not about it. I just wonder if when the time comes, I’ll have to fight against people who want the same thing I do, but uses their own laws to do it.”

“When the time comes, you’ll know what to do. Hopefully, by the time it happens you’ll start including me in your fights.”

They stared into each other’s eyes, Clark’s hands were touching both of Lois’s arms, his thumb stroking it. “You shouldn’t see what I saw, Lois.”

Lois looked frustrated. “I’m the daughter of a man of war, Clark. Believe me, I saw a lot of ugly things.”

“Did you ever see a man without his skeleton? Did you ever see the fear in someone eyes about to have his back broken by another man twice his size?” Clark tightened his grip on Lois’s arm. “Can you imagine the fear in someone’s eyes seeing a person he cares about in a situation like that?”

Lois’s face softened at what she was seeing. Hesitation. Was Clark afraid of letting her in? Losing her? How much did she really mean to him? She put a hand on his chest. “I won’t leave you alone, whether you like or not,” she said, giving him a warm smile.

“I hope you don’t.” He put his hand over hers. They kept gazing at each other, breathing heavily. Lois then freed her hand abruptly.

Lois swallowed hard, avoiding his eyes, which were looking for hers. “Um. I told Chloe about me.”

“You did?” Clark looked surprised.

“I did,” Lois nodded. “She took it well.”

Clark smiled. “I’m happy for you both.”

The silence dominated the place. “Well, uh… I guess I should get going. Good night,” Lois started to leave.

“Wait.” Clark grabbed her hand before she could climb down the stairs. Lois looked at his hand holding hers and then at him, confused. He let go of her hand. “What do you say if we go somewhere to eat tomorrow?” She stared at him with wide-open eyes. “It’s not a date. Just something… Like a date,” he added, nervously.

Her heart beat a mile a minute, it felt like it’d pop out of her chest at any moment. “I can’t. I… I’m busy tomorrow with… I have lots of papers to analyze. Sorry,” she lied. She wasn’t ready. “Maybe some other day.”

Clark nodded, disappointed. “Maybe.”

Lois practically ran out of the barn. A thoughtful Clark turned to look back at the stars, oblivious to a man watching him from afar with a box of Oreos in his hand.


Almost two weeks later, things between Lois and Clark had cooled down. There were times that they wanted to talk about their situation, but neither of them had the courage to do so. Lois, especially, would go out of her way to pretend nothing had happened. The truth was, both of them were still confused regarding their feelings for each other.

They were training Lois’s heat vision with Frisbees. Clark was throwing them far in the air as Lois hit them with her power. So far she hadn’t missed any. “You’re really good at it.”

“Mama knows,” Lois smiled cockily. “Step up your lessons, master El.”

“Well, there’s only one thing left for you to learn.”

Lois sighed. “Super breath –“

“Arctic breath.”

“This power isn’t my thing, I tell you.”

“C’mon, you just need practice.” Clark took off his jacket and held it loosely. “I want you to blow it out of my hand.”

Lois positioned herself in front of Clark, a couple of meters away from him. She closed her eyes, trying to concentrate. She then opened her eyes and started to fill her lungs with air and blew it. Nothing.

Clark signaled for her to try again. She repeated the movements twice. Still nothing. “Forget it,” Lois said, irritated. She turned to leave.

“Lois –“

“I said forget it,” she said, glaring at him. She turned to leave again.

Clark sucked in his lips. He then blew air on Lois’s hair, tousling the back of it. “Stop it, Smallville.”

He blew again. “Do it.”


And again. “Do it.”

Lois turned around, teeth clenched, and then blew air in his direction. Still a regular blow. Clark was smirking, which was making her even more angry.

She closed her eyes, trying to regain focus. She took as much air as she could and then blew it. She opened her eyes to see Clark’s jacket being thrown away and Clark trying to maintain his shirt on his body. Lois smiled from ear to ear.

His hair was messy, his facing showing clearly he was taken by surprise. Despite all that, he laughed. He was proud of her.

“I did it! All I need now is a cape and I’m good to go,” Lois said, happy.

He gave her a smile. “Congratulations.”

Lois looked him over. “You’ve been teaching me so much. I should teach you something, too.”

Clark raised an eyebrow at her. “What exactly do you have in mind?”

“Fighting skills. I'm a third-degree black belt, I actually can teach you some moves.”

Clark looked uncertain. “I –“

“No, I’ll show you. Now, I want you to throw punches at me.”

“What? No way.”

Lois made an annoyed face. “I will start then.” Lois started to throw punches at Clark, which she blocked with his arms. “You have reflexes. Good.”

“And you’re crazy if you think I will fight you.”

She rolled her eyes and shook her head. “Training, not fighting.” She then did a sweep kick, making Clark fall on his back on the ground. Clark got up and tried to grab her arms, but she grabbed his arm first and flipped him over her back, dropping him on the ground again.

“Poor Smallville. Pure muscle, no skill at all,” Lois mocked.

Clark ruffled and got up again. “Very well. Come!”

They walked in circle, waiting for the moment one of them would lower the guard. Lois would eventually throw some kicks at Clark, which he blocked. She tried again, but this time Clark held her leg, trapping her. Lois gulped as he pulled her body closer to his and dropped her on the ground.

He laid on top of her, trying to trap her legs and arms. “You were saying?” His smile was confident.

“You can’t beat the city girl, farm boy.” Lois used her only free arm to take him off her and then flipped him onto his back. She winked at him.

Before she could try to trap him, however, Clark regained control of the situation and took her down, laying on top of her again. They started to giggle, both of them breathing heavily.

Clark stopped giggling when he caught sight of her face, inches away from his. She was so beautiful. Why did it feel like it was the first time he was seeing her?

Lois then realized the lack of Clark’s voice. She opened her eyes to see his blue eyes looking at her. Beautiful, intense. Desiring her.

They were gazing at each other. They could feel each other’s hot breath. Everything they’d done so far was leading to this. Clark promised he’d waited until the time was right. This was it. He then leaned in to kiss her.

His lips brushed hers slowly. It was sweet, shy. Enough to make Lois respond to it. She wanted more, though, but before she could demand more, Clark pulled away.

He looked at Lois, who was still trying to regain her senses. If she wanted to leave, now it was the time. She just kept looking at him, waiting for him, waiting for his lips back on hers. Without wasting any more time his lips crashed on hers again.

This time there was more passion, demand. His tongue parted her lips, looking for hers. Their tongues met and started to dance, making their owners moan in pleasure. Clark’s warm lips then started to suck her lower one.

It felt good. It felt like the world and its problems didn’t matter at the moment. They both wanted this kiss to keep going forever. Well, at least until Lois panicked. She opened her eyes abruptly and pushed Clark off her.

Clark looked dumbfounded as she got up and raised her hand to her forehead. “I… I…” She then superspeeded out of there.

Clark was breathing heavily, still trying to process what had happened. Words failed him at that moment.

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