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lets go with the flow


First experience of girl after his graduation to a new surrounding, where he got attracted to him and fantasized about him. In the first chapter, the vibes of her first day at the office mentioned and how all it came out as!

Fantasy / Romance
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chapter 1

With a bit of notion, Ailsa looking forward to the office...

{Ailsa- she just completed her graduation and want opportunities to make herself stand out despite seeking help or involvement of her father as he takes her decisions}

back to scenario again...

I should be happy, the first day of internship in a re-owned organization. But I’m not because this organization is the same where my dad works, this thing sucks. Still pretending very excited. Then finally our route disparted, my department is on the 7th floor and now I have to take it my own. Generously, I’m hopeless at that time, struggling with the documents that my dad handover to me and heavy laptop back, my hairs and whole situation sucks. I Just entered the lifted thankfully vacant as I’m already frustrated. there I got time to clam me down, almost things are managed and then on the 6th-floor lift open a guy entered, he is so good-looking that a wave of energy rushed through me, tingling between my thighs, and just adjusting my specks I’m gazing him. He is speaking to some of his senior on call, his voice makes my heart beat faster.

7th-floor ma’am - he said with a naughty smile, as he guesses my intention. I just left, without saying a word to him. But, all I want to meet him sooner. As I reached the department my phone rang. Dad on call - did u reached Ailsa!

yes, Dad, I reached.

A corner most table assign to me, I make myself comfortable there arrange my things in order and do my tasks. there are three more interns with me, Josh a smart guy already has done half of this training, Alex, and smiley who both are from the same university. they are like best friends, then I realize more than friends.

Half of the day went I just forget about him (that lift guy), around 2 o'clock my phone rang, again my Dad on the call asking me to come down for lunch. I entered the lift with Josh, discussing about his experience there and sort of about him.

As the 6th floor came, I thought that I got a chance to see that guy again. but lots of old peeps get into the lift. All were discussing some shit topic and laughing harder. I and josh were feeling awkward between them. but its a short way, we reached the ground floor, where my father is waiting for me with his colleagues to introduce me. And I about to cry as I didn't want to interact with them. Luckily at the same moment, the bus arrived that will take us to the common canteen for all employees, as I boarded the bus, I saw the same gay sitting, and a seat is vacant near him. I really want to sit there but I'm with my father. I take the opposite to his seat. we shared a pleasant smile. when my father came, that guy greets him with a hand shake. A big smile came on my face, then we got introduced to each other his name was ERIC.. he is 26 years old! yet I'm attracted to him. all goose-bump I'm feeling right that moment. We had lunch together, we didn't talk at all as he is busy with his phone and my dad. Still, I'm pleased because of his presence around me.

And I Fantasized about kissing him, unbuttoned his shirt and all this thought dazing in my eyes, when he caught me gazing upon him. still, he gave me a mischievous smile and carry on with his lunch.

Now, Technically we know each other and I'm eagerly waiting to start a conversation with him, But in the presence of my Dad, it's not possible. almost everyone's lunch is finished, I'm about to finish. but waiting for him, and my Dad waiting for me. When I realized this will not work. as I know my father he will leave when I leave. So, I complete my lunch and ride on the bus again to the office. just before a min, I asked my Father that I Think I Left my specks on the canteen table. You go I will come with the next Bus. And my father agreed. I again went back to the lift to the canteen, and wait for eric to come. within a minute, he came in and smile on me. I asked MR. ERIC nice to meet you! why are u smiling so differently on me? He says to me- Ask yourself, why you looking at me so differently girl! We shared a shyish gaze and went outside the canteen, and have to wait for the bus which will arrive after the 20mins. I know this thing still I pretend and asked him to start a conversation.

Then he offered me a chocolate piece trying to maintain an intense gaze. I take it and then he asked a question.

what tastes better?

YOU or CHOCOLATE. I said- I don't know but you can help me out!! He again asked how??. I said- I guess there's only one way to find out". We shared a passionate look, and he grabbed me like the way I fantasized about him. his mouth on mine was both fire and ice. his hands grabbing me so tight, his movement become rhythmic. I finished the kiss and looked in his eyes, and the desire I felt in him almost crippled me.

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