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spring; a taekook oneshot


It’s a beautiful, sunny morning, Jungkook quickly brought Taehyung, his love, out to the trail to watch the earth around them. (just a short story about how beautiful spring truly is) hope you enjoy 💞☺️

Romance / Poetry
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Jungkook walked outside to see the sun starting to rise, and heard the birds chirping their song of spring.

He ran back in and shook Taehyung awake.

“Come on get up get up! It’s beautiful out and I want you to see it hyung!”

The older groaned, wanting to sleep in, but his blanket was thrown off of him.

“Give it back kookie..” his morning voice was deep and husky.

“Fine, bit then you can’t walk with me to see the flowers and trees!” Jungkook crossed his arms and gave him a dramatic pout before having to adjust his long hair as it covered his face.

“Alright I’ll get up..for you.” Taehyung let out a chuckle before jumping up and chasing Jungkook around the house.

“But this is what you get for waking me up this early!” He grabbed a pillow off the couch, ready to throw it.

Suddenly, a pair of arms wrapped around his waist and he felt a head rest on his shoulder.

“Come on, we need to get ready if we’re going out.”

Their eyes met and Jungkook gave the older his adorable bunny smile, making Taehyung speechless and red.


The trail was a quiet and serene place they could both visit to clear their minds, or to admire the plants and earth around them.

“It’s always so amazing here..” Jungkooks eyes shined as he looked around at the bright flowers and lush grass.

Taehyung couldn’t help but stare at the younger boys amazed face. Seeing Jungkook so happy and excited made his heart flutter.

Eventually, they came to the end of the trail, where a circular area of grass laid, and cherry blossom trees surrounded them.

It was almost as if the trees closed them off the real world, and they could stay there as long as they wanted in that paradise.

They both spread out the blanket, letting it fall down onto the grass, then worked to set up their picnic.

“Thank you for helping me prepare this hyung.”

Taehyung smiled and nodded, setting up their plates and beverages.

Jungkook took a sip of the sweet lemonade, and grabbed a cookie from one of the small containers in the picnic bag.

“It’s you.”

“What a cliche joke tae..” He let out a soft laugh before biting down on the treat.

For about half an hour, they sat in their paradise, eating and chatting as the flowers blossomed around them.

“Kookie, may I give something to you?”


Taehyung got up and quickly picked a cherry blossom from its tree, then pulled a hair clip out of his pocket and sat down across from Jungkook.

“My grandmother gave this to me when I was young..and she said to give it to the one I truly loved. She said that using this clip will allow me full access to look into their eyes and tell them.. I love you.”

“Do you mean..” Jungkooks voice trailed off.

Their eyes met yet again.

Taehyung tucked some of the younger boys soft, fluffy hair behind his ear and placed the flower, then secured it with the red clip.

“You’re my true love. I love you Jeon Jungkook..I cant even put it into words how much. Everything about you makes me smile and my heart race. Your smile brightens my day..your voice hitting against my ears, or the way you can be so cute without even trying.”

One of Taehyungs hands met Jungkooks cheek, while the other interlocked with his hand.

“Hyung..I..I’ve loved you for so long. All the songs I’ve written and sang are dedicated to you. The very sight of you would make my palms sweat and my words jumble up. Ever since debut you were so kind and caring to me, helping me with anything I needed. I could cry into your shoulders and not have a worry in the world whenever we’d talk. Thank you my love.”

Taehyungs eyes closed and soon his lips were planted on Jungkooks.

The feeling made his heart want to explode from excitement.

Jungkook let out a gentle sound as the kiss deepened, becoming more passionate as the seconds passed.

Oh..how he wanted this to last forever.

They eventually pulled away, the galaxy shining in their eyes as they looked at each other.

“Beautiful my love..”

“Beautiful your heart..”

“Beautiful life.”

Their voices sang in harmony before they couldn’t help but kiss again.

His hands moved on their own to the older boys waist.

Everything was so overwhelming yet he didn’t tell himself to stop. Eventually, the two pulled away, and giggled filled the area around them, lightening the deep mood.

“Hyung, let’s clean up and go back home hm?”

Taehyung nodded and placed a gentle kiss on his neck before getting up, helping Jungkook up as well.

After picking everything up, as they walked back to the house, their fingers intertwined.

“You’re my spring..the thing I will wait for all year if I have to. The flowers you bloom will forever be the most beautiful, and animals will sing and live for you. You keep everything perfect, especially me.”


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