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ARSHI Drabbles


Hi friends, I will post all my Drabbles with OS,TS or FS here in this thread.

Romance / Drama
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Birthday Gift

Hi all guys, I will post Arshi Drabbles here which consists of OS, TS or FS..

Here is the first OS..

Tomorrow is Khushi’s birthday and she is eager to know about what gift her Arnavji is going to give her.

Next day morning Khushi woke up and saw her husband beside her sleeping like a child. She went to wash room and came out taking bath wearing a gorgeous red saree with matching light jewellary which was gifted by Nani yesterday and came down downstairs.

At downstairs all wished Khushi and she took blessings from Nani. All gave their gifts which they brought for Khushi.

“Khushiji.. Did chote wished you?” asked Anjali.

“No Di he is still sleeping. I am going to mandir Di” said Khushi.

“Ok Khushiji but return back before chote leaves for office” said Anjali.

“Ok Di I will come back soon” said Khushi and left for mandir.

Here Arnav woke up, got ready and came downstairs to go office.

“Di.. Where is Khushi ? Tell her I am going to office” said Arnav.

“Chote have your breakfast and go. Khushiji went to mandir and she would be coming . Wait for her.” said Anjali.

“No Di . I have a very important meeting in office. I don’t have time. I will be very busy today” said Arnav and left before Anjali could say anything.

Khushi came back from mandir and asked Anjali “Di.. Did Arnavji wake up ? I will take coffee for him” said Khushi excitedly.

“No Khushiji chote already left for office saying that he has an important meeting and he would be very busy today” said Anjali.

Khushi’s face fell off hearing it. Seeing this Anjali said “Don’t worry Khushiji. I think Chote forgot your birthday because of work stress. As soon as he remembers he would definitely call you”said Anjali.

“Ok Di “said Khushi and faked a smile but she was hurt. How could he even forget her birthday ?

It was afternoon and Khushi waited for Arnav’s call but still he didn’t call.

She only thought to call and called him.

As soon as call lifted she asked “Arnavji.. Did you had your lunch and medicines” asked Khushi.

“Khushiji.. I am Aman speaking. Sir is busy in his meeting so I lifted the call and he has taken his lunch along with clients ”said Aman

“ Oh it’s ok Amanji” said Khushi and disconnected the call.

It is evening when Arnav came by 7pm and all members were in the hall. He said that he has an important work and not to disturb him and left to his room without waiting for any one’s reply.

Khushi became sad and felt sorry for her but didn’t dared to talk to Arnav as he was already in work stress. If anyone of them go they would be burnt alive.

“Khushiji I will talk to chote” said Anjali.

“No Di it’s ok. Arnavji was in more work stress so he didn’t remember my birthday.” said Khushi. All knew that she was just saying these words to console but she was hurt and all were angry on him.

It was night and Arnav came downstairs for Dinner. All were at Dining table. Khushi was staring at Arnav hopefully to wish her. But Arnav Didn’t even seemed to bother.

Anjali who was sitting asked “Chote did your work finished ?”

“No Di still lot of work is pending” said Arnav.

“Did you forget anything ?”asked Anjali.

“No Di everything is perfect in the deal and I am sure we will win the deal” said Arnav.

All were shocked to hear his response. They want to hit their heads to a wall.

Here they are talking about Khushi and he was saying about his bloody deal.

Anjali when again going to ask him Khushi stopped her by hand and nodded her head side ways not to ask anything.

After completion of Dinner Arnav silently went to his room. Khushi cleaned the Dining room and all retired to their respective rooms.

Khushi while entering into room remembered his words not to disturb him so she silently went to terrace and was watching stars. She was very hurt today.

“Khushi” came a voice from behind. She turned back and saw Arnav standing there.

“What are you doing here ?”he asked.

“Nothing just watching stars” answered Khushi.

“Ok let’s go otherwise you will fall ill”said Arnav.

“ji” said Khushi and went from there she was going at front and Arnav at her behind.

They went to their room and Khushi opened it and her mouth went into a big O seeing room

The whole room was decorated with red roses, balloons and candles and in the centre of it was placed written on it HAPPY BIRTHDAY KHUSHI KUMARI GUPTA SINGH RAIZADA.

“This all..” Khushi was too surprised to say anything. She turned and looked at Arnav who is looking at her with a smile.

“This is my first gift Khushi” said Arnav. She became overwhelmed and hugged him with tears in her eyes.

He too hugged her back and said “Shh Khushi don’t cry still there are 11 gifts left for you “

Khushi looked at him surprised. Then he went and brought a cake near her “This is my second gift cut it Khushi” and gave her knife

Khushi cut the cake and both fed each other. Arnav gave her a red roses bouquet and Said “Happy Birthday Khushi. This is my third gift”

Now he gave her gift and asked to open it. She opened it and found her devimayya’s idol

“This is my fourth gift” said Arnav.

Now he gave her a box and asked to open it. She opened and shouted happily “jelebi” and took a bite and said “Arnavji it’s soo delicious”

“This is my fifth gift. I have prepared it with my hands” said Arnav. Khushi was shocked hearing this. He smirked seeing her reaction.

He gave her another packet and she opened to find a new mobile in it.

“This is my sixth gift Khushi. I have once broke your mobile so I thought to give it to you I am sorry for that day Khushi” said Arnav. Suddenly Khushi remembered the day when they both were stuck in his office store room and how he broken his phone.

“Thank you Arnavji “she said.

Then he gave her a packet and she opened it and saw a red saree which she wore on the photoshoot.

“This is my seventh gift Khushi. You look gorgeous in this saree” said Arnav.

Now he gave her a box and asked her to open it. She opened and found a pearls chain.

“This is my eighth gift Khushi. They were the same pearls which I tore on the sheeshmahal’s incident day. I am sorry Khushi” said Arnav. Khushi eyes welled up remembering incident and hugged him.

He again gave her a box and opened was shocked to see necklace which she liked but Arnav wore it to lavanya in front her(remember guys before their engagement Khushi likes it and Arnav willingly wears it to lavanya)

“This is my ninth gift Khushi. This necklace suits you very much. I am sorry for that day for willingly hurting you” said Arnav.

Then he gave her a packet and she opened it and found a dupatta which he tore at his office parking area when it got stuck to his car.

“This is my tenth gift Khushi. I really found it hard. I searched nearly 8 shops for this dupatta today” said Arnav.

Khushi was shocked to hear this and said “ But you told that today you have an important work and evening also you said not to Disturb you then when you did this all ”

“Yes this is the important work I was engrossed from morning and in evening I said so because I want to decorate our room. What do you think that I forget ur birthday. It never happens Khushi.” said Arnav.

“But Amanji said that you were busy” asked Khushi.

“ Because I ordered him to say that to you “said Arnav.

She immediately hugged him and said “Thank you Arnavji. Thank you soo much”

“Gifts are still not over Khushi “said Arnav and handover her a packet. She opened it and found some documents in it. She looked at them questioningly “What is these papers Arnavji ?”asked Khushi.

“This is my eleventh gift Khushi. These documents are babuji’s shop papers in lucknow I have cleared all his debts and this shop and house is again yours only” said Arnav. Khushi was shocked to hear and felt happy for his concern towards her family.

“Now it’s time to your twelfth gift Khushi. It is most precious gift any husband can give to his wife” said Arnav and moved towards wardrobe and brought a cover and gave it to her.

She saw it and it was her medical reports which she Did 2 days back and opened it and read as

Name:Khushi kumari Gupta Singh Raizada

Test:Pregnancy test


Khushi couldn’t believe eyes what she is reading. Khushi holding her tummy said “Arnavji this means that…”said Khushi not able to say further. “Yes Khushi we are going to become parents “said arnav.

Khushi hugged him immediately and he too hugged her back.

“So Khushi how do you like my gifts Khushi “asked Arnav.

“Thank you Arnavji thank you so much I like your every gift very much and coming to your twelfth gift you are right it is most precious gift for me. You are the best husband in this world. I love you Arnavji” said Khushi

“I love you too Khushi”

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