The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 10

After that event, Rocky and Emma didn’t talk to each other at all and avoided each for the rest of the day. The next day at school they were the same if not worse. Emma stuck with her friends, not even talking to Zuri, Luke or Ravi, but Rocky was content watching New York go by. News of what happened to her cardboard cutout spread around the school by Emma’s friend Brynn who was sympathetic to Emma about it, but pestered her for everything on it like the gossiper she was.

Rocky was alone when she went to her locker as Rosie’s was on a different hall to hers, but she had also revealed that she had told a few people about what had happened but made sure to say Rocky told her but neither of them did it. Rocky didn’t mind though, she knew Emma would find out sooner or later who did it. But she couldn’t help but let a smirk appear on her face over the fact her revenge had gone beyond what she wanted giving her more to make it even sweeter. The gossip was a curse for Emma and a blessing for Rocky and Rosie on this day.

Throughout school, they heard some gossiping about what they had done. It intensified for Rocky on the way to her locker. A few of the popular kids glared at her while they talked, but the kids who were outsiders like her gave her some smiles. They too had been bullied by some of Emma’s meaner friends and the rumours around Rocky took attention away from them giving them a break.

When she turned the corner to go down the hall her locker was, her legs freeze when she saw a tall, brown-haired and handsome boy wearing a leather jacket, boots and ripped black jeans and shirt leaning up against the locker next to hers. He had chains and his jacket collar was up and when his brown eye found Rocky, he smirked. Rocky gulped feeling herself turn into mush that would just trickle away down the hall. This boy to her looked like something out of a distracting dream. She knew she had to get to her locker, and took a deep breath before walking over to it.

“Can I help you?” She asked not looking at him as she began fiddling with the dial to open her locker, but her hand froze when noticed a note stuck on the front of the locker. She took it out and read it. ‘Sup’ baby, the name’s Vincent ;)′ was what it read.

“Real smooth,” Rocky said sarcastically glancing sideways at him then opened the locker to get the books she needed. “What’d ya want?” I asked him as I got my books from my locker.

“I heard that something of Emma’s got messed up yesterday, and everyone thinks it’s you,” he began in a teasing tone.

“Well aren’t you a good listener,” Rocky replied rolling her eyes she slammed her locker shut.

“I am. I’m a good watcher too. I’ve seen you since you got here and I tell you did it,” Rocky’s eyes widened at his words thinking he might tell 3 and ruin things for her and Rosie. “Don’t worry I won’t tell nobody. I’m no snitch,” he said nudging her with his elbow. Rocky smiled slightly. “And also-”

“HEY!” He began but a high pitched voice stopped him. They both turned to see Emma and some of her friends. Her blonde hair was held back with a pink headband and her face was covered in pretty pink-themed make-up. Her clothes were pink themed and her heels were so high that Rocky thought if she fell over the fall would kill her.

Emma and her friends had just come around the corner in time to see Rocky and Vincent and hear everything they said. “I should have known you did it you stupid freak!” She yelled pointing her index finger at Rocky.

“You had it coming to ya Blondie, it’s what you get for making fun of me and those like me,” Rocky shrugged.

“You leave Rosie out of this, she was my friend and she was cool until you ruined her!” she spat bitterly and I chuckled shaking my head at her.

“You don’t get it, do you?” Rocky scoffed shaking her head at the delusional Emma. “Not everybody is gonna have the same tastes as you, Rosie has different taste to you but you two were best friends. I am similar to her so calling me a freak is calling her a freak. Being mean to me is being mean to her and it is just stupid!” Rocky explained. One or two of the people in the halls looked a little convinced or sceptical at Emma.

“Whatever, I’m telling Jessie you did it,” she snapped and started texting, probably to Jessie herself.

“Really Emma, you’re gonna be a tattle-tail?” Rocky asked in a fake baby voice and pouted like a baby too.

“You’re gonna get in trouble when Emma tells your nanny. She will make you pay.” Bryn snapped.

“And what’s she gonna do, send Rocky to bed without supper?” Vincent mocked getting some laughs from the other kids.

“UGH!” Emma groaned and marched off with her friends following. Rocky laughed out loud once in victory and turned back to Vincent.

“Thanks, that was funny,” Rocky admitted and he smirked again.

“Don’t mention it, Emma has been acting mean since she started hanging with Bryn again,” he told Rocky, making her frown. If Emma’s friend is making her be mean then the family should know about it. Rocky also thought that for a second it may not be her fault. But right now the thing on Rocky’s mind was Vincent. The bell rang for us to go to class and she sighed annoyed that she couldn’t stand for a bit longer and look at him. “I’ll walk you to class,” he said and held out his hand. She dismissed it with a laugh.

“C’mon pretty boy,” She grinned then he laughed and the two strolled to Rocky’s class, which was English class. Everyone in the halls surprisingly moved out of the way for them and some were shocked to see them together. No doubt rumours would be running around. Some of the kids that were before were grateful to her were looking down scared her and Vincent. “Thanks for walking me to class, you didn’t need to though,” Rocky began trying to hide the excitement in her voice. “I’ll see you later? Well, I mean I will see you later around the school but will I speak to you though, that is the question...” She rambled. Vincent just grinned at her. “I’m sorry I didn’t mean to ramble it’s a habit of mine and-”

“It’s okay, it’s cute,” he said cutting Rocky off resting his hands in his jacket pockets with another smirk. “See you later Rocky,” he said and started walking away, but not to class.

“You not going to class?” Rocky called making him look

“Don’t need to baby!” He yelled looking back at her. Rocky laughed at him then went into the classroom.

Lunch came soon than expected and the whole school descended on the cafeteria like starved animals. Emma sat well away with her friends, Rocky’s other siblings sat with their friends, but she wasn’t sitting alone.

“Heard Emma found out who destroyed her cardboard cut-out,” she said sitting down with her lunch on a tray. Rocky nodded biting into her grilled ham and cheese sandwich.

“She would find out eventually, and I don’t care if I get in trouble,” she shrugged chewing her food.

“There are rumours are going around, that you are dating Vincent Liotta now,” she whispered making Rocky drop her sandwich.

“What?!” Rocky exclaimed much louder than she intended because now the whole room’s eyes were on her. She leaned into Rosie trying to mask jer embarrassment and so she could whisper to her. “What do you mean rumours?!”

“I mean what I said, there are rumours and a lot of people saw you holding hands with him walking through the halls. I don’t know who spread the rumours, but it sounds like the ultimate rebel love story!” She whispered back with a grin growing on her face, then she let out a giggle.

“Since when do you giggle?!” Rocky asked shocked.

“Since Vincent appeared behind you.” She replied and leaned back in her seat. Rocky jerked back to see Vincent’s tall figure staring down at her with a playful grin.

“Hey Rocky, or should I say, baby?” He asked with a chuckled putting his hands in his pockets again.

“Hi...I’m not sure, apparently, we’re dating...” She shrugged to him so quiet she couldn’t hear herself. He then started to lean down and as his pink lips came down to kiss her cheek, Rocky felt something that she’d never felt before for a boy. She felt like fireworks were going off in her stomach, or someone released a whole cloud of butterflies, and her heart started beating like she was running a marathon. She wanted to feel that again, it was something Rocky could get used to and almost addicted to. She put a hand on the back of his neck and brought his lips to meet hers not caring that the whole school was watching. The feeling came back again and this time it was twice as wonderful.

“AWWW!” Rosie said admiring them. They both pulled away to catch their breath. They both leaned back from each other as what just happened sunk in with us both and everyone else. Rocky’s fingers lingered over her lips lightly. Vincent placed his hands on the back of her chair with a playful and proud grin on his face. Embarrassment hit Rocky, and she knew Emma wouldn’t be happy about it, but she did not care. All she cared for was that she just had her first kiss.

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