The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 11


Omg. Vincent was after Rocky! My first ex-boyfriend was after my sister! That is a no-no. No way is that happening! Rocky and his lips were practically wrapped around each other. Totes gross. Even if Rocky was a jerk, she didn’t deserve this. She could become even worse, and them being together would be so embarrassing!

“Emma isn’t that Rocky?!” Bryn hissed.

“Yes, the same freak that destroyed my stuff,” I replied seething and scowling at Rocky. This was going too far. She’s ruining my life! “Hey, freak!” I yelled and she groaned then looked at me. I got up and strode over towards her. “I need to talk to you,” I added grabbing her by the arm. I dragged her up to her feet and outside to the more private cafeteria doors.

“What?!” She snapped pulling her arm free.

“You need to stay away from Vincent,” I said. She scoffed and rolled her eyes.

“Have you got a little crush Blondie?” She mocked with a smirk and I scowled at her.

“No! But he’s trouble,” I said pointing back to the cafeteria.

“Why? Is that because he doesn’t look like a guy out of one of your little boybands?” She replied with a fake pout.

“That isn’t relevant! He’s no good Rocky! You tried to stop me from getting hurt, I’m doing the same now for you.” I said quieter and softer trying a different approach.

“Just because you don’t have a boyfriend anymore doesn’t mean I can’t have one,” Was the last thing she said before she walked back in leaving me stood with my jaw wide open.

The rest of that day was the most humiliating for me. I felt guilty though because the way I had been and the horrible things I had said were what had caused her to go to Vincent, and caused all the problems we had. Even after I had been mean to her she tried to help me by showing me those pictures of Caleb cheating. I had lost my best friend too! I need to do something about this.

“You okay Emma?” Zuri asked me while we were in the elevator. We had got the bus home, except for Rocky who had gone off with Vincent.

“Just thinking about Rocky that’s all. I think we all need to worry about her now she’s with Vincent,” I spoke making all my younger siblings nod.

“If she brings him home, Jessie is gonna flip! That vein in her forehead will pop this time!” Luke commented and pointed to his forehead.

“Yes, and I will start to get my nervous pudding rash again,” Ravi commented started to scratch his neck and cheeks. I patted his arm comfortingly just before the elevator dinged and opened its doors.

We all walked out of the elevator together. Stuart came running towards Zuri with a lovestruck smile on his face from the kitchen ready to do anything she asked. Probably her homework. They quickly went into the kitchen and at the same time, Ravi and Luke went upstairs talking about wrestling and the game yesterday. I was left alone feeling like I should have someone with me to go hang out with.

“Emma?” The voice of Jessie made me turn to the screening room and sigh. At least I have her to talk to I thought.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” She asked walking to my side, with her small black heels chinking against the floor.

“It’’s Rocky, I tried to be nice to her but she just won’t listen. She made me realise what I did to her and now made me feel the same. I feel terrible!” I explained.

“Why, what did Rocky do?” She asked her lacing her hands together. Oh boy, here we go I thought looking at Jessie with a nervous look on my face. She would flip out over Rocky dating Vincent! When I dated him he wrecked my house and my brothers got used as a seat cushion and shoved into a piano! She ended up showing me how to teach him a lesson though, but it wasn’t one regarding Rocky...and for that lesson to be learned I knew I would have to tell Jessie first.

“It’s not what Rocky’s what she and Vincent Liotta did,” I said cautiously slow ready for her reaction.

“What?! Vincent Liotta?! That punk that you dated that I nearly killed?!” Jessie yelled throwing her arms in the air in a rage, the vein close to popping in her forehead.

“Yeah, they left school together...and they kinda sorta might be a couple now...” I added messing with my perfectly manicured fingers in front of me and bit my bottom lip. She clenched her fists pacing for a few seconds while she took some deep ragged breaths to try to calm down.

“We need to find her now!” Jessie seethed and I nodded. But sadly we wouldn’t have time to, because the elevator dinged making us both look at the doors to reveal my Mom standing with her phone out and her arms crossed.

“Jessie! I got a call from the kid’s school, Rocky cut class to go off with some boy!” She exclaimed. Looks like Rocky is in trouble.

“I just found out too Christina, that she’s been with some punk boy. Emma told me and we were just about to do something about it,” Jessie explained with me nodding in agreement reassuring Mom as she entered the room from the elevator.

“We need to find her now,” Christina replied looking from Jessie then to me. Jessie nodded once and turned the elevator buttons about to press it and call the elevator again back to our floor, but the ding of the elevator stopped her.


Mine, Emma’s and Christina’s eyes went wide as the elevator doors opened up to reveal Rocky and Vincent in the middle of a make-out session! Rocky’s hands were grasping the punk’s red t-shirt and he had his hands on her hips holding her close. The three of us gasped at what was happening. I covered Emma’s eyes with my hands. She shouldn’t be seeing this! Rocky shouldn’t be doing that they are too young!

“Rocky! What do you think you’re doing?!” Christina yelled.

“Kissing my boyfriend what does it look like I’m doing?” She replied pulling away from Vincent to let him kiss down her neck while she leaned her head back to speak and let him.

“Nope, you’re not!” I said shaking my head then quickly tugged her away from kissing that punk.

“Hey!” She yelled in protest and Vincent looked at me with shock too. Not that I cared I wanted to poke his eye out for coming near Rocky!

“Come on!” He shrugged like it was no big deal making Christina glared at him.

“I don’t know who you are but you need to leave.” She warned and hit the lobby button on the elevator.

“And stay away from Rocky,” Emma said for me as I held Rocky’s arm as she protested against me a little.

“Whatever, see you, baby.” He replied and winked at Rocky.

“See you tomorrow good looking,” Rocky flirted back with a smirk making me gag as the elevator doors shut.

“You have some explaining to do young lady!” Christina began and dragged Rocky from me to sit on the couch forcing her down with a thump. Rocky scowled at her mother. “You skipped class, you didn’t come home with your brothers and sisters and think it’s okay to French kiss a boy you skipped class with!” Christina exclaimed crossing her arms across her chest. Rocky just sneered.

“I think Blondie agrees with me on this, I didn’t want to be seen with her on the bus. She already annoyed me enough today. And I don’t care that I skipped class. Hanging out with Vincent was more fun anyway.” Rocky replied and Emma’s mouth fell open.

“I was trying to warn you about him! When I dated him he was a really bad influence that got me into trouble and got Luke and Ravi hurt!” She yelled back.

“So that’s why you told me to stay away from him! You still like him don’t you?!” She yelled while standing up rapidly to her feet glaring at Emma.

“No, for once I tried to help you, Rocky. But clearly, that was a mistake.” Emma replied a little bitterly. Christina then gasped and looked at her two fighting daughters.

“I don’t know what has gotten into you Enma. Or you Rocky you were nice when we met. You’re both good girls what’s going on with you?” She said out loud almost obliviously shaking her head.

“In case you already didn’t know, I’m not a good girl, Vincent even said so. I’m his bad girl now.” Rocky said proudly but Christina shook her head.

“No, you’re not. I don’t want you near that boy again here.” Christina told Rocky firmly pointing a finger at her.

“You can’t tell me what to do. I’m gonna be with Vincent as much as I want!” Rocky yelled back.

“Vincent isn’t good for you, you listen to me because I’m your mother!” Christina shouted.

“My mother, you say, that’s what you call yourself? You don’t even know me! None of you do! Vincent has taken the time to do that and is the only person that listens and cares for me!” Rocky had the final say yelling right in Christina’s face before she stormed upstairs to her room, her bedroom door slamming made the pictures on the wall shake. The one at the top of the stairs fell. Christina let out a heavy sigh with her head tilted to the ground, probably feeling broken on the inside and hurt because of Rocky’s words then she turned to me and Emma.

“What has been going on here?” She asked us and looked up resting her hands on her hips. Emma had some serious explaining to do. Her mom had been jetting all over the states to work on her new clothing line, but she wanted to spend time with the kids. Rocky especially who she seemed to think was a good girl. Well, now she’s realised Rocky is no good girl.

“Okay, Rocky and I have not exactly been the best sisters. We’ve been arguing a lot at home and school” I began and Jessie butted in.

“Correction, it has also been in the park and lobby. Almost everywhere,” Jessie said counting on her fingers.

“I called her a freak because she was different, and she was mean, really mean actually. I realise I was wrong though now Mom, and I feel totally terrible,” I went on slowly fiddling with my fingers. Mom frowned about to say something to my struggling self. Jessie could see that and she spoke up.

“Christina, if I may I want to try and explain this one,” Jessie asked my Mom who nodded telling Jessie to go ahead. I then sat down with Jessie sitting next to me with her lips pressed together. “Emma, you aren’t going to get along with everyone, and you are young and still learning. An important lesson everyone needs to learn is that you don’t judge people on their appearance. You both have done wrong, but you are lashing out because of all the change. It is overwhelming you and scaring you. But the fact you realise you were wrong is important and shows you have learnt. You need to apologise to Rocky though just like she needs to apologise to you too and see she did wrong,” She explained.

“Emma Jessie’s right, I’ve learnt from being in the fashion industry that not everyone in the world is going to like what you like and you need to accept this. But being civil to them is better for us all in the long run,” Mom added.

“I know that but, I tried to be nice to her since she found out I was being cheated on but she just threw it back in my face. I tried to warn her about Vincent even though she ruined my stuff. She probably won’t believe me if I say sorry,” I sighed.

“She will when we get the whole family together this weekend and talk Emma. I promise,” Mom told me then placed a kiss on the top of my head. “It’ll be okay.” She added and both she and Jessie hugged me tightly with me hugging back. Hopefully, this will be the start of us fixing things.

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