The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 12


After my daughter-to-mother-to-nanny talk with Mom and Jessie, I decided to text Bryn. She asked me if she could come over and hang together and I said yes. Hanging with a friend around would be good for me to have some fun, plus I could talk about a few things. Mostly us to stop being mean. Mom was happy to let me have my friend over. Jessie was a little unsure after what happened in the past between me and the family at Bryn but I told them what I was going to say. Her head of flaming red hair appeared out of the elevator at four pm. I was sat on the couch finishing my homework and smiled when I saw her walk over to me confidently.

“Emma!” She exclaimed and pulled me into a tight hug that kinda surprised me.

“Bryn, hey? Why are you hugging me I only saw you at three?” I asked pulling away from her with a raised eyebrow.

“Because of what happened with you at school,” She began with a sympathetic look on her face and put her hand on her chest. “The whole fan club is devastated over your loss and embarrassment,” She added and I nodded saying thank you. She then scowled. “How dare Rocky destroy your stuff?!” She nearly yelled. I laughed a little. Even though I was upset about what happened I was kinda over it now.

“It’s okay now, I’m gonna get a new one. I’ve forgiven Rocky as well,” I added. Bryn’s jaw fell open.

“Why?” She asked me.

“Without her, I wouldn’t have been able to find out I was being cheated on by Caleb. It is toats uncool to judge people on how they look,” I told her.

“Who?” she asked me sounding a little dumb. I sighed and shook my head, she already forgot him since he wasn’t important to her.

“Never mind, the point is I forgive her.” I finished.

“I don’t believe you. Has Rocky even apologized to you? Have your parents done or said anything about what she did?” She began. I shook my head. “Has Rocky offered to give you money towards a new one or even tried to fix it?” She asked me raising one of her perfect eyebrows at me.

“No, she hasn’t done anything,” I admitted sadly to her.

“Wanna get revenge?” She asked mischievously making me stare at her in absolute disbelief. “Well?” Bryn asked me impatiently tilting her head with a raised eyebrow.

“I don’t wanna get revenge Bryn,” I shook my head and Bryn let out a laugh that sounded kinda like a cackle.

“Emma, you deserve revenge. Rocky has been cruel to you,” Brynn insisted. “Rocky has been mean to you, she doesn’t deserve the last laugh or a little and even though I promised Mom and Jessie that I would be nice to Rocky, I kinda agreed with Bryn and wanted to get the last laugh on Rocky. I had tried to be nice to her after she did to me and it backfired, but hopefully, this won’t, I thought nodding in agreement with what she suggested.

“Okay, so what does that freak like?” Bryn asked me. We had moved to the privacy of my room to make a plan of our own. Bryn said a way we could get revenge is by destroying something she liked. I didn’t know much about what Rocky liked. Only that she like loud rock music and the colour black.

“I don’t know,” I shrugged while I sat on my bed.

“We could look in her room, but I kinda don’t want to hurt my eyes by looking at all the bad posters and clothes in her trashy room,” Bryn said with a bitter tone. I just nodded absentmindedly.

“Rocky?” We both heard Jessie’s voice echo through the halls and enter my room through my bedroom door I left semi-open.

“What?!” Rocky snapped back.

“Can I talk to you?” Jessie called and Rocky groaned loudly before slamming out of her room.

“Fine,” she grumbled and we heard her footsteps walk from her bedroom door to the stairs and down them getting quieter and quieter with each step. Bryn and I popped out heads outside to watch her leave.

“Come on,” Bryn hissed and crept towards Rocky’s room.

“Wait!” I gasped back and followed her. “Maybe, maybe we should try something else,” I exclaimed gesturing with my hands.

“You’re getting your revenge Emma,” Bryn insisted and opened the door to Rocky’s room that was covered in skulls and unknown-to-us band logos. Bryn then walked in with confidence, but that went away pretty quickly. “AHHHHHHHHHHH!” She screamed and ran out again back to my room. I sighed and took a few steps in. I knew she wouldn’t be able to stay in there but I tried to. I cringed at the room.

The ugly black walls were covered in posters and stickers for AC/DC, eww! My Chemical Romance, eww! Panic! At The Disco, eww! Bring Me The Horizon, eww that does that even mean?! And, The Script? I couldn’t believe that Rocky liked The Script! That band was probably the least lame out of all of the bands in Rocky’s room. I kinda like a few of their songs, but I haven’t ever seen them live. I had heard they were pretty great though. I looked at the poster she had of them for a minute. I wanted her to be as surprised and hurt as I was and the more I thought about it the more I wanted it! If I wrecked one of her posters she’d notice immediately, and it wouldn’t be as effective. I sighed and decided to look elsewhere. I flitted through her draws nearly puking at some of the ugly shirts and random books and other stuff, but the weirdest thing I found was a Script shirt for their third album still wrapped up in the plastic that it was shipped in meaning it had never even been worn.

I frowned at took it out. Why would Rocky not wear this? She wears loads of shirts of bands I never had heard of, so why wouldn’t she wear this one? Well whatever the reason was, it must be an important piece of merchandise to her.

“Emma!” Bryn hissed from the door.

“Look at this, it is cool,” I smiled showing her the shirt. Shielding her eyes she strode in then snatched it.

“Come on let’s leave hell,” She replied then strode out. I followed her back into my room. She opened the t-shirt packet and lay it out the shirt in front of us. “What a terrible knock off,” She scoffed then she got some scissors she had from her bag that she was using in art class for homework. “Do it, Emma,” She encouraged holding them out to me. I looked at them hesitantly. “Come on Emma!” she then shoved them into my hands. I gulped then looked down at the shirt and reminded myself of everything that she did and it angered me. I then started snipping at it leaving it in little bits, my breath increasing and I groaned in rage. When it was done I was panting as I was coming down from my angry state.

“I don’t wanna talk about it!” Rocky’s loud voice was heard coming back up the stairs. We both then lingered outside my bedroom door waiting for Rocky to walk lazily up the stairs. She groaned when she saw me and Bryn.


I frowned weirdly at Blondie and her she-devil friend standing near the door to her room. They both had grins on their faces, the she-devil’s was creepier, but Emma kinda looked like they were high.

“What are you two princesses doin’?” I asked them and placed my hands in my jeans pockets. They both giggled at me like the little girly girls they were. The annoying sound of it nearly made me puke.

“Oh nothing, we were just about to write the script for my latest vlog about how ugly leather waistcoats are!” Blondie replied in that annoying high voice that she does when she giggles. I sighed knowing that she was insulting the leather waistcoat I had without saying it directly to me.

“I’m sure your shallow brainless followers will enjoy,” I seethed then walked to my room, away from the world and those two mean girls.

“Perfect,” I heard the devil say before I slammed my bedroom door shut. I was still mad about what Jessie had said about me ‘going to talk to Emma.’ That was not going to happen. She should be the one to do the talking, not me since she started it.

I walked into my room ready to chill out and talk to my boo, but instead, I found in my room I knew I would be talking to Blondie. And when I say talking I mean yelling at her while my soul was ripped out of me. The most important thing I owned, my band t-shirt for The Script had been cut up and wrecked into a mess on the floor. The concert dates that were on the back were now unreadable and the band’s third album picture on the front was ruined with the ripped off plastic that was supposed to protect it was left scattered in bits nearby.

No, no no no not this! NOT THIS! This was the only thing that I treasured in my life! This shirt was bought by my foster Mom Madison, so I could wear it to The Script concert that I won tickets for and I never won anything in my life! Madison and I were gonna go together of course and I was unbelievably happy about it. Madison was always there for me and she knew it was tough for me growing up without parents and friends.

I had always been different to everyone else and I got bullied badly because of that by the popular girls who were as pretty as movie stars and models, girls like Emma. I had learnt to cope with it better now, but I was changed because of it now. Had major trust issues and had to always stick up for myself. I didn’t think all pretty and popular girls were mean, but the ones I had come into contact with were, and I knew that the one I probably hated the most was responsible for doing this.


After spending some time with Zuri, and her math homework, I decided to maybe go and check on Emma. Everyone in the family was still a little wary of Bryn being here and being friends with her again. After all, she nearly did ruin Emma at school and framed her for making false accusations about the meat in the school lunches. But it seemed they got along like good girls. Who would have known they’d have something in common after everything?

“Knock knock,” I said knocking on Emma’s door. It was opened by Bryn who was stood lazily with her weight on one leg. “Hey, how ya doing?” I asked enthusiastically with a grin on my face. Bryn frowned and quickly looked me up and down before she spoke.

“We’re doing great,” Bryn replied mimicking my tone and tried to shut the door in my face but I stopped it with my hand.

“Just a second, I wanna talk to Emma,” I said with a fake smile. I then walked past that rude she-devil as Ravi would say to Emma who was sat cross-legged on her pink and purple double bed with a notepad and pen in front of her. “Hey Emma, you okay?” I asked and knelt on the edge of her bed. She looked up at me shyly, almost with guilt and pursed her lips into a small smile.

“I’m great,” she replied quietly and looked back down at her notepad.

“What you writing?” I asked and turned the notepad so I could read it.

“A script for a blog about how horrible leather waistcoats are,” Bryn said.

“Is this because Rocky wears them?” I asked Emma who kept looking down without saying anything. I knew that was why. “Listen, I talked to her about her new boyfriend,” I began and used my fingers as speech marks on the word ‘boyfriend.’ Emma snickered at it and I smiled. Thankfully Bryn hadn’t taken Emma’s sense of humour away. “She hasn’t listened to me because I’m the nanny but maybe if she heard it from you, she’d listen and you two could bond if you pick your words wisely,” I added and squeezed Emma’s hand comforting her. Emma looked down at our hands then back to me.

“Whatever, we need to finish this script,” Bryn said and opened the door. I sighed and stood up.

“Alright,” I said and held up my hands in defeat. “But remember what I said, Emma,” I said to Emma before I turned and left the room. The door slammed behind me.

“Teenagers,” I muttered to myself and rubbed my forehead. I then saw in front of me a tearful and very destroyed looking Rocky in front of me in her black and grey PJs and her brown hair all tangled in a mess. What happened now?!

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