The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 13


“Hey Rocky, you okay?” I asked nervously knowing she certainly wasn’t but I didn’t know what else to say. Rocky shook her head slowly.

“No, I’m not okay...” Rocky replied in a dull sad tone with a few sobs. I looked down at her hands to see she was holding a scrap of material that was all cut up and had some writing printed on the back of it.

“Err, what’s that?” I asked and pointed to the material. Rocky scowled at me with a clenched jaw that I was afraid might break.

“It was part of the most important item I own.” She almost spat back at me. I nodded fiddling with my hands. “Aren’t you going to ask me what it was?! Or what happened to it?!” Rocky barked at me making me jump back.

“Oh er, yes,” I sputtered and walked her away from Emma’s door and towards the stairs. If we were going to talk about something I didn’t want it to be near where Emma was. It may trigger her.

“Where are we going?” Rocky asked me, her hands still clutching the piece of material.

“Just downstairs,” I replied as we got to the top of the stairs and saw Bertram in his stripy pyjamas and bunny slippers on. He had a ridiculous grin on his face and his laptop. “Hey, Bertram could you maybe go upstairs with your work?” I asked as Rocky and I walked down the stairs. Bertram looked up at us and frowned in confusion at me then looked at Rocky.

“What’s wrong with her?” He asked and Rocky’s scowled at him. I held up my hands and shook my head.

“Teenager problems,” I replied and Bertram nodded.

“Well then, I’ll just browse boy band tickets upstairs in my room,” Bertram said quickly and picked up his laptop and rushed up the stairs. Rocky was at the bottom of the stairs when he ran past her and he stopped when he got halfway up the stairs to rest, and sad to me in a hushed voice.

“By the way, tickets to see the backstreet boys next month start at $47,” He said then carried on up the stairs to his room. I shook my head but noted what he told me as I sat down on the bottom step next to Rocky.

“Okay, what happened?” I asked her again with care in my voice but she just shook her head unable to talk. “Come on Rocky, talk to me. We can’t solve your problem if you don’t talk to me,” I cooed while rubbing her shoulder. She was fixated on the looked down at my piece of material.

“Emma and Bryn ruined my Script shirt,” She seethed. I took the material gently away and examined it closer.

“This was part of a shirt?!” I exclaimed while holding up the material to examine it.

“The rest of it is upstairs with the packaging and my soul,” She replied pouting. I looked back at me with a tilted head.

“Wait, what do you mean packaging?” I asked. Why would she have a packaged shirt?

“It was in packaging, I never wore the shirt before. I got it when I was almost thirteen from my foster Mom. We won tickets to see The Script in Chicago close to my birthday. She said I could wear it on the day of the concert. But I never got to go,” she explained, her eyes tearing up again.

“What happened?” I asked and she took a deep breath in.


I was walking back to my foster house from my hellish day at school. All the way I felt like someone was following me, but I just ignored it. Was probably being stupid. The mean girls who wore tonnes of make-up and skimpy clothes humiliated me in home ed class when their leader Lola ‘accidentally’ barged into me with a bowl of cake mix that went extremely wrong.

I nearly slapped that stupid look right off that witch’s face. The majority of people in the class laughed at me, but a few of the nicer girls that were pretty and popular gave me looks of sympathy. Lola’s reputation meant they were too scared to say anything or do anything to stop her. I didn’t care now though because a few minutes after that incident I got a text from my foster Mom saying that our tickets to see The Script had arrived and she was gonna go and get them when she finished work.

I couldn’t help but punch the air in victory. It’s probably why I didn’t have the urge to punch that mean girl when I saw Lola again with her minions at lunch. If I got into trouble I wouldn’t be able to go too. Lola and her minions sat glaring at me and planning while I sat happily listening to The Script. Their music just made me forget the problems in my life at school and home and who I was. Lola would call The Script all sorts of nasty names that the bands she listens to were so much better. That was a matter of opinion but I didn’t say anything about the boy bands she and her minions listened to. I got to the door of my foster home and knocked on the door three times.

“Hello?” I asked waiting to see if someone would come. A few minutes passed and I decided to text my foster Mom.

‘Hey Madison, where are you?’ I texted my foster Mom. After a few seconds, she texted me back.

‘My boss says I’ve gotta clean up the bathrooms and kitchen in the restaurant! I haven’t had a chance to go get the tickets yet! AHHHHHHH!’ She texted me back. I chuckled to myself at her crazy text but texted her back.

‘Hahaha! You want me to go get them?’ I replied. I knew where the post office was where the tickets would be delivered to.

‘That would be great Rocky. Get ready when you get the tickets and I’ll be home and we’ll then go to the concert. Lemme know when you get home. See you soon, love you.’ Madison texted back. I smiled then put my phone away. Looks like I’m going to the post office.

I walked down the busy streets that were started to go dark of night making it a little scary but kept going. I was damn determined to get those tickets though and I did get them in a brown envelope making me smile as I set off on my way back with the song Good Ol’ Days by no other than The Script playing through my earphones. I walked down the main road from the post office and stayed on the safer streets for as long as I could.

I soon had to walk down some dark and complexed alleyways that were unfortunately nearby where Lola and her minions lived. Their houses were fancier and stuck out against the other smaller shabby buildings. I started to sing along to the words as I turned a corner to walk down a path I would usually take only to be stopped by a police line and some flashing lights from cars.

“Sorry kid, you need to go another way. The path is closed off!” A policeman with a megaphone shouted at me from the side of a police car. There were some people all crouched around something on the ground but I couldn’t tell what. It was covered with a sheet and looked, body shaped.

“What’s going on here?!” I asked yelling back at the policeman.

“There’s been an incident, now move along!” He yelled back I nodded and started to walk clutching the envelope with the tickets close to me. I wanted to get away from there as quickly as I could.

After another few minutes of walking an alternate root and my foster home was in sight. I could see the aged building that was sandwiched between other buildings that had boarded up windows and crumbly bricks. My foster home was special to me because it’s where I grew up. As I walked down the now strangely lonely pavement, I started to feel again like I was being followed again that I tried to ignore but when I heard a nasty high pitched voice that was very familiar.

“Hey! Look, girls, it’s the freak!” Lola said pointing to me. She was with four other girls at the doorstep of my foster home! I knew I was being followed!

“Hey, freak what ya doin’?” Lola asked in her thick New Jersey accent. I tried to walk past her and her minion friends to get to my safety that was my foster house fiddling with my keys to open the door, but Lola smacked them out of my hand and onto the street away from then fighting to get past Lola’s cackling minions with my elbows.

“Leave me alone!” I replied after they pushed me back. I walked quickly towards the gate that went to the small back garden that went to the back door trying to get away from them. If I couldn’t go through the front door to my foster house, I’d have to go through the back door. Well, that was the plan.

“Hold on a minute freak,” Lola hissed then grabbed me by the shoulder and dragged me back to pin me against the wall. “What’s this then?” Lola asked taking the brown envelope and ripped it open. She took the tickets out and frowned. “What do we have here?” She said with her stuck up, high pitched and annoying voice.

I lunged forward to grab the tickets of her but she jerked her arm away and two of her four minions grabbed my arms and shoved me into the wall. I hissed in pain a little but still stayed on my feet. “Lookie here girls,” she said and held up the two tickets in her hands. She waved them in the air and cackled again. “Its tickets to see that pathetic band the freak likes.” She added showing her friends. “Now where did you get tickets to see, the stupid was it?” She snarled asking me and I looked down avoiding her eyes.

“The Script,” I mumbled in response and she hummed standing in front of me.

“Well, there a stupid band, you know why?” She asked me bending to speak in my ear. I truly felt scared and I didn’t answer her.

“Because,” she began handing the tickets to one of her minions. “They have you as a fan, and you’re a FREAK!” She added screaming the word ‘FREAK’ and punched me hard in the stomach.

I cried out in pain and fell back against the wall. Lola then grabbed my hair and threw me to the ground. I cried out again feeling my skin on my palms get cut. “Look up at me!” Lola yelled as I slowly turned over to lie on my back. I might be able to fend for myself now I can see her. Lola chuckled sounding like a crow squawking. She then brought her heeled foot to collide with the side of my face. I cried out again at the contact and felt her other four minions start to kick me in the sides and legs and arms. All of them were wearing heels which made it even worse. Lola and her friends kept up the kicking for a few more seconds that felt like hours to me.

Eventually, they stopped after I had a huge bruise on my face and my limbs were weaker then twigs. My eyes were filled with tears and I looked up at Lola begging her to stop. Lola however smirked and then held up both the tickets in her hands. She then slowly ripped the tickets in half making me shake her head as she did. Lola then ripped them in half again, and again and again until they were just tiny pieces. “Oops,” Lola said with fake innocence in her voice and laughed with her friends as she dropped the ruined tickets on the ground around my head. She then spat in my face making me flinch and cry more. “You are nothing but a freak that no one cares about and likes stupid things.” Lola seethed. She placed the heel of her shoe on my shoulder then pressed it in on my shoulder making in and sob more.

“AREN’T YOU?!” Lola snapped making me gave up the last bit of dignity I had by nodding in agreement. Eventually, Lola removed the pressure of her heel from my shoulder. She looked up smiling at her friends happily as nothing had just happened. “Come on girls, let’s go have a slumber party!” She sang with a giggly voice. Her friends all cheered in agreement and they jumped up and down clapping. “Let’s go!” Lola cheered and they all walked away giggling and leaving me lying in pain and in tears on the floor around the scraps of paper that were supposed to be the pass to see my favourite band live. But instead, they made it the worst night of my life.

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