The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 14

“So, that’s it,” Rocky said looking down. Jessie was still staring at her in shock. That had to be one of the worst experiences anyone Rocky’s young age could go through. “Go ahead, you can get mad at me.” Rocky sighed to Jessie not bothered if she did.

“Why would I get mad at you?” Jessie asked her shaking her head slowly. As someone who had it rough from bullies at school, she understood Rocky’s pain and would never get mad at her over it.

“Because,” Rocky began standing up while rubbing her legs. “You’ll say that what happened with Emma has nothing to do with what those girls did to me and it is a stupid reason to hate them and Emma,” Rocky explained with a tone in her voice that was sad but made her seem like she believed what she was saying was right.

“Actually I agree with you. What those girls did to you was mean. We don’t know if Emma was the one that destroyed this shirt but I can get why you don’t like girls like Emma.” Jessie said.

“No!” Rocky whined plopping herself back down on the couch. “She did do that to my shirt! And the story was not that it was that girls like Emma and Lola don’t get on with girls like me. We just too different.” Rocky said and got up to go to the stairs passing her.

“Hey!” Jessie called making Rocky look back down at her. “Come here,” Jessie said holding her arms up for Rocky to hug her. The younger teenager sighed and smiled before she returned to be hugged by her nanny needing one after she opened up making herself feel vulnerable.

“Rocky?” A voice called and both Rocky and Jessie turned their heads to see Rocky’s mother Christina looking at them from in front of the closed kitchen door. “I heard what you said to Jessie.” She said and took a step forward. Rocky sighed again and moved away from Rocky back down the steps looking right at her.

“Well, now you know don’t ya?” She said and Christina nodded.

“Rocky you are a part of this family and I know it must have been hard what happened to you. But I’m your mom and I love you, Rocky. Your dad and I told you that on the day we adopted you.” Christina said walking to put a comforting hand on Rocky’s shoulder. Rocky smiled and nodded understanding.

“I know you are, and I do love you,” Rocky said and they hugged. “I’m sorry for saying that my family don’t love me.” Rocky apologized getting an awe from Jessie.

“Your family do love you, Rocky, well, most of them,” Jessie said and Christina shook her head.

“I will talk to Emma and ask her about the shirt and if she did I’ll punish her and buy you a new one!” Christina exclaimed then got up to her feet.

“Thank you, by the way, Jessie,” Christina said and Jessie frowned.

“Why?” She asked laughing once.

“For being a wonderful nanny,” Christina said and Jessie smiled back accepting the compliment. Christina then disappeared upstairs.

“Want some cookies?” Jessie asked Rocky who nodded happier now. Jessie then got up and left to the kitchen. Rocky was about to follow but she felt her phone, that she recently got back, vibrate and she checked it to see that Vincent had texted her that he wanted to see her outside the building. Her mother had told her not to go near Vincent again but she liked him and he made her feel special. She texted him back saying she’d be there.


“Bye Bryn,” I called as she left. When she closed my bedroom door I sighed deeply and lay back lazily on my bed. I held my phone up above me and texted a few friends. A couple of minutes later there was a knock at my door.

“Emma?” A caring voice sounded and I sat up to see Jessie stood at my slightly open bedroom door. I groaned sitting up.

“If you wanna know who wrecked Rocky’s shirt, it was me and Bryn,” I admitted her then lay back down.

“What?! Emma why did you do that? I thought you were supposed to be nice to her!” Jessie yelled flaring her arms angrily at me.

“I’ve tried several times to be nice to her, but she didn’t say sorry to me or offer to replace it! Bryn encouraged me to do it!” I yelled back. As I spoke there was the sound of heels clicking on the wooden floor of the hallway just outside my open door.

“Emma?” My mom’s voice called and she popped her head around the corner to look in.

“What’s wrong sweetie?” Mom asked me. She looked to Jessie before Jessie replied.

“Emma and her friend Bryn ruined Rocky’s Script shirt,” Jessie told my mom and I felt a tightness in my stomach. It couldn’t be...guilt, could it?

“What?! Why?!” Mom asked me.

“Because Rocky destroyed her cardboard cut-out with Rosie. They’ve been fighting like cats and dogs over the past few days and it needs to be stopped.” Jessie said with a serious and annoyed tone. She and my Mom looked at me with disappointment and I felt the guilt build up more. Mom sighed.

“Emma I’m disappointed with you. I thought we agreed that Bryn was not good and that you would be nicer to Rocky. She is a member of this family and you need to accept that and show some care for her.” Mom explained and I sneered.

“Why? She doesn’t care about me.” I replied which was the truth.

“Emma, you don’t know that. You haven’t got to know Rocky much and I know that both of you like The Script.” Jessie said which was the truth. I felt the guilt build up in me so much that I wanted to scream.

“OMG!” I said out loud and held my head in my hands. “Mom, I know that I’ve not been good. Rocky’s not been good either and I know that we’re adopted sisters and I need to make an effort. I will do now, and apologize for ruining her shirt and hope she does the same.” I stated the truth, the guilt now finally making me break.

“Finally,” Jessie groaned. I ignored her and looked at my mom who was biting her red bottom lip between her white teeth.

“What’s wrong Mom?” I asked her tilting my head to the side. She sighed and walked over to me then knelt in front of my bed. Taking my hands in hers she spoke.

“There’s something you need to know about Rocky Emma, and it involves you.” Mom told me. Her words scaring me a little. What the heck is she gonna tell me?

“When I was pregnant with you I had pictures of scans taken, it was after we went to have our first scan but it was really quick and had some errors but we knew we were having a girl and asked for pictures soon after.” Mom began to explain holding my hands tightly like she was about to lose me. I nodded to her listening as intensely as I could. “Well, the pictures were mixed up and your Dad and I only thought we having you but...” She trailed off wiping the tears with her thumb. My eyes went wide. Oh, my, god...I was figuring out already in my head what she was saying but I wouldn’t know unless she said it.

“Emma,” Mom sobbed. “Rocky is your twin sister.” She spoke and that’s when I burst into tears throwing my arms around my Mom’s neck.

“I’m-I’m so sorry Mom! I’ve been ho-horrible to Ro-Rocky and she, she’s my twin!” I cried out on Mom’s shoulder. Mom shushed me and told me it was okay, but it was in no way okay. Jessie, who was still stood nearby with tears in her eyes, sat next to me on the bed and rubbed my left shoulder.

“It’s okay Emma you didn’t know.” Jessie cooed. I shook my head not accepting it as an excuse.

“She-she’s my twin though, and I’ve treated her terribly!” I cried out again louder letting my tears ruin my make-up.

“Oh, sweetie it’s okay, you can put this all behind you when I tell Rocky.” Mom told me rubbing my shoulders softly.

“I’m not the best mother in the world and I know I’ve not been here for my kids as much as I should be.” Mom admitted ashamed looking down as she spoke more to Jessie than me.

“I’m not going to lose my third daughter though and I’m going to change my ways.” Mom declared then stood up and smoothed down her dress before resting both her hands on her hips.

“Come on,” She said helping me up with a hand then Jessie.

“Let’s go get my, twin.” I smiled widely when I said the word twin.

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