The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 15


After telling Jessie what happened, I went back into my room to throw the rest of my ruined shirt away. It made me cry even more, but it did stop a little when Vincent texted me saying he wanted to see me again. I instantly felt like I needed to get out of this house and see him. I pulled myself out of bed to get dressed in some random clothes, jeans and a band-shirt, then I grabbed my black zippy jacket and my black converses. I put them both on and put my phone in my jacket pocket. I then looked at myself in my mirror that was near my door. Not a complete mess. I didn’t want my boyfriend to see me in the clothes I wore to bed in. Not yet anyway.

I opened the door slowly and poked my head out and turned it left to right to check the hall After seeing it was clear, I ran quickly but quietly down the stairs and through the living room. I then practically punched the kitchen door to get it open seeing that the only one in there was Mrs Kipling. She was sat near the back door hissing and growling like a scaly cauldron. I sighed and took a couple of steps closer to her.

“C’mon Mrs Kipling, I wanna go and see Vincent,” I begged but she hissed again. I then squatted so I was at her level. “I’ll play angry lizards with you and Ravi?” I offered and she growled sounding happier then moved out of the way. I grinned and thanked her then was out the back door and down the stairs in record speed. After about 20 minutes, and a lot of huffing, I got to the bottom of the stairs and into the lobby seeing the doorman Tony was nowhere to be seen. As swiftly as I could I ran out of the lobby then onto the street. I looked up and down it frantically and desperately looking for Vincent.

“Vincent?” I called a few times.

“Rocky!” A voice called and I spun around to see that he was jogging towards me. I smiled and started to jog towards him as well. When we got to each other we hugged each other tightly. I buried my head in his chest and breathed in the sweet scent of his cologne and felt his chin on the top of his head as his arms tightened around me.

“I missed you,” I whispered and he kissed the top of my head softly.

“I missed you too.” He replied. We stayed hugging each other for a few more seconds but eventually we both pulled away. Vincent, however, laced his fingers through mine holding my hands tightly.

“I’m sorry that my family kicked you out. They can be a little, protective, but mostly annoying,” I said and he chuckled.

“It’s okay baby, I don’t blame them.” He replied and I frowned.

“Why?” I asked as he stroked my hair slowly.

“When I was with Emma I caused a lot of trouble in that family. Plus that nanny of theirs is uptight and rains on peoples parades.” He said with a smirk. Damn, he looks hot when he does that. I laughed at him a little awkwardly, not going agree or disagree, however it soon died down when I thought about him and Emma. I almost forgot that they were together at one point. Almost. I felt a little threatened too, although I could be being paranoid. Emma had been cheated on and now recently became single, so she could decide to rekindle an old flame and the first one is the most special. I think Vincent could see that because he cupped my chin. “Emma doesn’t mean a thing to me, Rocky. The only girl I care about and like is you.” He said.

“ really like me, Vincent?” I asked sputtering.

“A lot baby,” He nodded.

“Whoa,” I said and he chuckled then put his hands on my waist.

“Do you like me?” He asked me and raised and dropped an eyebrow suggestively. I couldn’t keep my eyes off his pink lips that stood out against his smooth tanned skin. I wanted to kiss them so much. “Well?” Vincent asked impatiently with another sexy smirk. I nodded wrapping my arms around his neck and kissed him. He was surprised and my action but he soon was kissing me back. After about a minute we both pulled away to catch our breath. We stood there, panting and he rested his forehead against mine. I want to tell him.

“So, I should probably ask. Why did you want to see me?” I asked.

“I want to take you somewhere special to me. To a place where I usually hang out with my friends from in and out of school,” He said. It sounded cool that he wanted to introduce me to his friends. “Do you wanna come? I’ll make sure you get home safely.” He asked joking at the end making me laugh. I looked back at the lobby then back to Vincent.

“You know what? I wanna go.” I said squeezing his hands. He grinned stealing a quick kiss from me.

“Great, come on.” He said and started to walk still holding my left hand in his. They won’t even know I’m gone.


Me, Mom and Jessie all walked quickly to Rocky’s room. My Mom held my hand tightly and smiled at me as Jessie tapped on the door with her badly manicured nails.

“Rocky?” She called and waited a few seconds. Nothing.

“Rocky?” Mom repeated as Jessie knocked on the door again harder.

“ROCKY!” I yelled pushing past Jessie to pushing open the door. I looked around Rocky’s bedroom, ignoring the clothes that were splattered on the floor and the posters of bands and artists and other stuff I’d never heard of, for the short brown haired head of my sister. She wasn’t near the window, or on her bed, or anywhere in her room.

“Rocky?” Mom said as she took off her heels to trudge among the clothes and towards the bathroom.

“Rocky?” Jessie called as she checked Rocky’s small walk-in wardrobe. I walked to her bed to see if she had her phone was on her bed which it wasn’t meaning she took it with her.

“She’s not in the bathroom.” Mom said holding her tan heels in one hand.

“She isn’t her at all,” Jessie said coming back into the main part of the bedroom. Not surprisingly, I thought but didn’t say anything.

“Where could she be?” I asked and Mom shook her head.

“Maybe she’s downstairs in the screening room or kitchen,” Jessie said gesturing to us to follow her which we did downstairs.

“Rocky?” Jessie called looking over the stair rail.

“Sweetie?” My Mom called looking as well.

“I don’t think she’s here,” I said sadly and Mom put an arm around me. Jessie walked quickly to the kitchen.

“Don’t worry Em, we’ll find her and talk to her.” Mom said as the kitchen door opened and closed. We heard a scream from the kitchen and running toward us with a weird but panicked look on her face was Jessie.

“What’s wrong?!” Both me and Mom asked as Jessie ran her fingers on her palms nervously laughing.

“The back door was open,” Jessie said. We rushed into the kitchen to see the door to see that the lock chain was off. Bertram put it on and none of us take it off unless we’re going out those back stairs!

“Rocky must have gone down those steps!” I said pointing.

“Don’t worry Emma, we’ll find her.” Mom began then looked at Jessie. “We need to get everyone to come and look for Rocky.” Mom said and Jessie nodded while walking back to the stairs that lead to the upstairs of our penthouse.

“What if the kids won’t get up?!” Jessie asked with her weird confused face again.

“They need to come, Rocky is their sister! And if that doesn’t work, they can have sweets and stay up back their bedtimes.” Mom said and Jessie nodded about to turn and walk but then she looked to have remembered something and looked back at us.

“What about Bertram?” She asked and I rolled my eyes.

“He can go to a 1D concert with me, besides, it’s not like I’m going to go with Rocky,” I said.

“He’ll lose his job if he doesn’t come with us to look for her!” Mom exclaimed. Jessie ran up the stairs yelling the names of my three other siblings and Bertram as well.

“I’ll call the police and report she is missing.” Mom said getting her mobile phone out. I nodded looking down seeing Mrs Kipling was sat brooding and hissing in despair. I sighed and crouched next to her.

“Really Mrs K. You couldn’t have stopped Rocky from going out?” I asked and she hissed and grunted turning her head away. I stood up thinking of Rocky and sighed to myself. She hasn’t run away, right?

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