The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 18


Rocky and I held hands for about ten minutes until we got to the park’s exit. I shot her a comforting smile before we walked over the road together then to our building. Tony gave me and Rocky a quick smile as we walked to the front desk.

“Hey, guys how ya doin’?” He asked and I smiled happily.

“We’re doing great now Tony thanks,” I said looking at Rocky who was smiling weakly at him.

“Yeah,” She muttered and Tony nodded.

“Great. Well, Jessie, you and I are going on a date to eat at that new French restaurant. I’ll pay of course and get you a rose.” He said to me and smirked. My eyes went so wide they nearly fell out.

“Say what now?!” I exclaimed.

“You heard him, Jessie.” She said cheekily and nudged me with her elbow.

“I might not be free the next few nights because we’re having a family crisis with long lost twins and drama and stuff.” I counted on my fingers the different things. He frowned at me when I mentioned the twin thing then I looked over at Rocky. He did the same and caught on to what I meant.

“Alright.” He accepted smiling that smile of his that had the power to make me weak at the knees. Jessie focus before you embarrass yourself! I smiled awkwardly at Tony then grabbed Rocky’s arm and we rushed to the elevator. I frantically clicked the button and when the doors opened I dragged Rocky in with me.

“By the way Tony, great choice of date. Classy.” Rocky said with a smirk. I looked at her wide-eyed shocked she said that and she laughed as the doors closed. We were then quiet in the elevator ride, but it wasn’t awkward for either of us. It probably would be emotional for Rocky when we got out of the elevator and into the apartment though. The ding of the elevator made both of us look up and see the doors slowly. There was a distressed-looking and tear-stained Christina.

“Rocky!” Christina nearly screamed as we walked out of the elevator. She then raced from the couch, impressively in high heels, to Rocky and engulfed her in a humongous hug. “I’m so so sorry that we didn’t know about you and that you were left in that foster home. I just want you to know that this is your home, I’m your mother and I love you!” She gushed emotionally. There was an awkward pause while the two hugged and after it looked like it wasn’t going to end I cleared my throat. “Oh,” Christina said when she heard me realizing I was there and pulled away from Rocky to clear her own throat and compose herself.

“Emm, Christina. Rocky does have some questions but she got her thoughts out to me before so she does feel better.” I explained and laced my fingers together in front. She nodded then turned to Rocky again.

“Come on, let’s talk.” She said taking a hold of Rocky’s arm and pulling her to the couch.

“Jessie?” She called and turned to face her. “Thank you again.” She began and I smiled. “You’ve been a better mother to Rocky and my kids than I have for years.” She said and I smiled and shook my head.

“I’m not being their mother Christina. I’m just doing the nanny thing.” I shrugged placing a hand on my hip.

“Thank you though.” She said and I nodded to her.

“Don’t thank me, talk to your daughter.” I ended walking away into the kitchen.


“Okay, so what do you want to know?” My Mom asked me.

“Well, lots of things if I’m honest Mom,” I replied and she nodded.

“Take your time Rocky.” She told me comfortingly.

“Okay. Why didn’t you tell me Emma was my twin?” I asked first of all.

“We wanted to tell you but we just didn’t know when.” She said to me. I shook my head not happy with that answer.

“It’s the truth, Rocky,” she said reading my thoughts.

“I don’t doubt that, I just don’t think it is good enough but I’ll accept it,” I replied shrugging.

“What else do you want to know?” She asked me.

“Have you told Blondie?” I asked her and she frowned at the nickname I gave Emma. “Have you told Emma?” I asked and she nodded understanding me and confirming what I asked.

“What did she say?” I asked sounding miserable.

“She was shocked but after we explained it she understood,” My Mom explained.

“Right, so what did you in say to her when you explained it her?” I asked.

“I told her that the reason you both didn’t grow up together is that me and your dad didn’t know about you, sweetie.” Mom said to me and I frowned.

“How did you not know that you gave birth to 2 babies?” I questioned.

“When I gave birth to Emma, I blacked out. Your dad was holding Emma and he didn’t come into the delivery room.” She told me.

“But didn’t you have belly scans?” I asked and she nodded.

“I did, the doctor got them mixed up so we thought and the doctors thought that I was just having one baby, which was Emma,” She explained holding up one finger to gesture to Emma.

“So they didn’t tell you, they just took me away,” I said hurt and bitterly but not at my Mom. She nodded sadly looking down at her hands.

“If we have somehow known Rocky we would have done everything to get you,” She said with passion and caretaking a hold of both of my hands firmly with hers.

“I don’t doubt that,” I said to her squeezing them slightly.

“Thank you.” She said and we were quiet for a few seconds.

“I’m so sorry that you had to spend your childhood in a foster home Rocky.” Mom said and hugged me again. I hugged her back and felt my eyes tear up ever so slightly.

“It’s okay, it made me who I am today,” I told her.

“Yeah. You wouldn’t be hard as nails.” She said joking and we both laughed a little. After a few more seconds, we both heard a voice from the top of the stairs.

“Mom?” It called and we looked up to see Emma stood with her laced hands rested on the rail.

“Yes?” Mom said standing up.

“Are you finished talking to Rocky?” She asked Mom and she nodded.

“Yeah, you can talk to her now if you want.” Mom said shooting Emma a smile then shot one to me.

“Okay, thanks,” Emma said walking down the stairs. I smiled at mom as she walked up the stairs as well. She patted Emma shoulder as she passed her. When Emma got to the bottom of the stairs she smiled at me. I gave her a small one back.

“Sup’ Blondie?” I said to her and stood up myself.

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