The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 19

Emma and Rocky looked over at each other with small pursed smiles on their faces. Eventually, Emma couldn’t take it anymore and she rushed over to her sister.

“First I wanna do this,” Emma said quickly as she walked. When she got to her she embraced her into a warm hug. “I’m sorry for destroying your Script t-shirt, I’m sorry for being horrible to you and I’m sorry for calling you a freak! You’re not a freak, you’re my sister!” Emma cried.

“Emma, it’s okay. I have to say sorry too,” Rocky said and they walked to the couch to sit down facing each other. “I’m sorry for destroying your cardboard cut-out of that guy, I’m sorry for embarrassing you in school and I’m sorry for calling you Blondie.” Rocky apologised.

“I forgive you for that because you forgave me, Rocky,” Emma said relieving Rocky who jerked her head up to look at her older sister.

“Really? You do?” She exclaimed. Emma nodded then Rocky threw her arms around her twin again letting some new tears fall down her cheeks. “Thank you, Emma. You’re the best.” Rocky said through sobs.

“No, you’re the best Rocky. You’re one-hundred per cent you and you’re super cool.” Emma said and Rocky’s eyebrows rose in shock but she was feeling almost giddy about Emma calling her cool.

“You think I’m cool?” Rocky asked Emma and she nodded.

“I do. It’s cool that you like The Script too and think you are cool as well. I like their music as well as lots of other kids at school. Plus it is cool that you are different from others and I should not have put you down because of it.” Emma told Rocky who had a smile growing on her face. Her phone vibrating in her pocket made her frown instead as she took it out of her pocket showing she got a text from Vincent.

“I got a text from Vincent,” Rocky said still frowning. Emma frowned in disapproval at the mention of his name but didn’t say anything. Rocky’s phone beeped as she pulled up the message on her phone’s screen, and as she quickly read it her eyes went wide. “Oh my god...” She breathed sadly and held her now heavy head in her hands after dropping her phone on the couch between her and Emma. Emma picked up Rocky’s phone to reveal that Vincent had texted Rocky that he was dumping her. She shook her head in disbelief and anger.

“He text dumped you?!” She nearly screamed standing up quickly. Rocky looked up at her shocked twin with teary eyes.

“It...It’s not a big deal. I suppose it could be worse...he might have done it at school in front of everybody.” Rocky ended up crying even more after she spoke. Emma tutted and sat back down next to her sister wrapping an arm around her shoulders.

“Hey, don’t cry Rocky. He’s not going to get away with it,” Emma said and wiped her sister’s eyes. Emma then stood up and looked right up to the stairs.

“Luke? Ravi? Zuri?” She called and her siblings all appeared at the top of the stairs.

“Yeah?” Luke said with a football in his hand.

“What’s up?” Zuri questioned tilting her head.

“Do you need help with your homework?” Ravi asked and Emma shook her head.

“No, Vincent text dumped Rocky, we need to get revenge,” Emma said and Rocky stood up slowly sobbing while shaking her head.

“Emma, I appreciate you wanting to help, but it’s best if I just ignore him and move on,” Rocky said but Emma sighed.

“He cheated on you with some dumb blonde girl at the club,” Emma said and Rocky’s glossy eyes went wide. She then started to cry even more and Emma hugged her tightly awing and shushing her sister.

“That little doo-doo head!” Zuri exclaimed as she, Luke and Ravi walked down the stairs. “We oughta teach him a lesson!” She added.

“Zuri’s right. We should embarrass Vincent in front of the whole school!” Luke said evilly rubbing his hands together. Rocky and Emma had sat down still looking at their brothers and sister. Emma still had her arm around her sister’s shoulder comforting her and Rocky had a small smile at the sight of Luke plotting to prank her ex.

“Ooo! This is good! By embarrassing Vincent at school, we can become closer as siblings and I can use science with Luke to make it perfect!” Ravi exclaimed and they all smiled.

“Looks like everyone is a winner!” Luke said putting an arm around his little brother. Rocky and Emma laughed with Zuri.

“Yes. Except for Vincent of course.” Ravi said and they all nodded. Rocky smiled more lazily but happily at them.

“Thanks, guys, I know I haven’t said this to you but you’re the best family I could ask to adopt me,” Rocky said and Emma shook her head.

“You’re not adopted Rocky, you’re a part of this family. You’re my twin too, like the other half of me.” Emma said looking directly at her twin.

“And I think you’re the other half of me Emma,” Rocky smirked and looked around at all her siblings. “Come here, you guys!” Rocky exclaimed gesturing to her siblings and they all piled on the couch for a group hug smiling. “So, you guys know how we’re going to embarrass him?” Rocky asked and Luke chuckled.

“Oh yeah, exactly how,” Luke said and Rocky.

“Good,” Rocky replied and chuckled to herself.

“PIZZA!” Jessie called from the kitchen and all the kids jerked their heads to the open kitchen door to see her holding a large cheesy pizza.

“DIBS!” Rocky yelled jumping up. All five of the Ross kids then charged towards a frightened Jessie.

“AHHHHHH!” She yelled attempting to get away from them. Looks like their back to their usual madness, she thought which was the truth. They were trouble causes, but they were a family now.

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