The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 2


Morgan and Christina looked at each other, nodded, then looked back at me. Morgan sighed heavily and tucked his free hand in the pocket on the front of jeans.

“Jessie, we have a fifth child.” He admitted, looking and sounding like he got a lot off his shoulders. I sighed heavily knowing I wasn’t in trouble and that the kids hadn’t done anything. Phew!

“Oh great, I thought you were gonna get mad at me for-” I began, visibly relaxed but then what they told me hit me like a subway train and my eyes went wide. “Wait what?! A fifth child?!” I began loud then whisper-yelled the last part.

“Maybe you should sit down Jessie, and we’ll explain,” Morgan said gesturing with a hand to the couch and I nodded sitting down and listening whole-heartedly.

“So, you’ve adopted another kid, why?” I asked trying to process it.

“Not exactly,” she replied messing with her fingers a little and tucked some hair out of her eyes to try and calm her nerves. “She’s mine and Morgan’s real daughter,” she said and my jaw hit the floor so hard, the force from it probably could be felt in Japan.

“Wha-what?!” I sputtered. “That would mean, either you and she had a baby while you were away or-” I began confusion in my voice, but her voice trailed off when she started to make sense of it in her head.

“Or, she’s Emma’s, twin.” Morgan finished off. I must be having a crazy dream, or Bertram was having a terrifying nightmare and I was in it.


After finding my super cute pink and cream hair jumper, I put my blonde hair in a sleek high ponytail and looked at myself in the mirror in my room.

“Toats adore!” I sung to myself loving my outfit then picked up my phone. I started texting Rosie as I walked out of my room shutting the door behind me. I took a few steps forward but was stopped when I felt something against my right foot. I looked down and tutted when I saw my idiot brother’s soccer ball. “Luke!” I shouted and he walked lazily out of his room in one of his t-shirts, army boxers, which was painful to look at especially in the morning, and old dirty gym socks. I cringed as he walked over to me.

“If you’re going to wake up like that every morning, then I would say sorry to your future wife every day if I were you,” I said bluntly and looked back down at my phone getting a text from Rosie I had to answer. Luke frowned at me looking like a confused idiot before speaking.

“Jessie’s used to seeing me like this, it’s just in the future I’ll be taller and have a six-pack she’ll drool over,” he said cheekily with a grin. I looked weirdly at him with a raised eyebrow.

“Keep telling yourself that, idiot,” I said and before kicking him his ball with a powerful kick making it hit the wall next to him. “And keep your soccer ball in your room!” I shouted and walked to the stairs calmly. I heard voices coming from downstairs in the living room. I was about to speak up and walk to the rail at the top of the stairs to look over and see who was there, but I stopped dead in my tracks because of something on my phone with the voices from downstairs speaking again. “I don’t believe it!” I said out loud. “Mrs Chesterfield posted on the building’s website that Austin Moon isn’t hot! And she thinks Anderson Cooper is hotter!” In complained flailing the hand that didn’t hold my phone so disgusted at what she did. “I’m gonna give her a piece of my mind. She’s regret insulting my soulmate!” I seethed. Mom, Dad and Jessie looked at each other in relief over something but, I’m sure it wasn’t important.

I walked slowly down the grand stairs, still looking down at her phone but stopped partway down when I saw what she replied with. “WHAT?!” I suddenly screamed at my phone.

“Why what did she do, say that Justin Bieber has bad hair?” Jessie mocked with a cheeky grin. I glared at her before I walked down the last stairs and over to her. I then showed her what she put on my phone. Jessie read it and her eyes gradually grew wider shocked.

“She did not say that about Taylor!” Jessie said with sass and a finger snap.

“She’s going after everyone today,” I added and Jessie nodded in agreement.

“Call George Clooney or somebody a name! That old witch is obsessed with him!” Jessie said evilly and I nodded then started to type. The website crashed though before I could post it. “You know what, we shouldn’t be doing this just ignore her,” Jessie dismissed. She walked back to the kitchen, heels clicking on the floor. I went back to texting my friends before I sat down on the couch. continued to type on her phone as she sat down on the couch.

“Emma, sweetie,” Dad began sitting down with Mom on the couch. Mom moved my phone down and I frowned.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

“There’s something your father and I need to tell you,” Christina began slowly speaking and messing with her fingers out of nerves.

“Something, we need to tell you all,” Dad continued looking up at the stairs where my brothers and sister were stood. A second after the ding of the elevator bell was heard and the doors opened.

“You have another sister!” Mom suddenly yelled standing up with her arms open. All our jaws all fell open and at the same time, Bertram burst through the kitchen door in his suit vest apron on and a bowl with cake mixture in it and a spoon.

“WHAT?!” All five of us said in unison. Jessie came out from behind the screening room curtains and walked to the kids smiling or at least trying to.

“Surprise!” She cheered happily. I could not believe Mom and Dad! When Jessie said surprise, mine, Ravi’s, Luke’s and Zuri’s new ‘sister’ walked into the living room. I was surprised at her, look. Starting with her clothes! She wore a red t-shirt with a skull on it, black skinny jeans that were ripped at the knees and old. She wore a tatty leather waistcoat and black commando boots. Her wrists were decorated with a few rubber bands with skulls, spikes and names of bands I have never heard of on them. Hello, Directioner here! She didn’t wear makeup and had a rough look to her that was complete with the typical scar going up across her left eyebrow. She must have had a few fights and that was making her look like a brute. Her boring brown hair which was short and messily tied back in a ponytail full of split ends didn’t help either.

“This is Rocky!” Mom said happily as she stepped over to this girl and put her arm around her shoulder. My real siblings came around her and looked her over while she stood there like she was bored and wanted to be elsewhere.

“Sup,” was the only thing she could say with a head nod. An attitude, no makeup, and a bad sense of fashion. Oh no. This can’t be happening! That’s when everything fell apart and I blacked out. I wasn’t sure how much time had passed when I woke up. Mom and Jessie were at my side and Dad was helping me up.

“Emma, are you okay?” Jessie asked me. I nodded feeling a little pain from hitting the wooden floor then look around at everyone.

“I had a crazy dream,” I huffed. A voice behind them snickered and spoke.

“It ain’t no dream princess,” it said and I swung around to see where it came from.

“Seriously!” I shouted at Mom and Dad.

“Emma, you don’t need to react like this. This is good news!” Jessie encouraged.

“Whatever,” I huffed before looking down at her phone again. This was the worst day ever, I thought walking into the kitchen. How could Mom and Dad not talk to us about this first? Toats not cool.


“I’ll go and talk to her,” Christina said before walking off after Emma, heels clicking against the polished wooden floor. Morgan smiled watching her before turning to his younger children. He bent over resting his hands on his knees to be at their level.

“Come and say hello to your new sister guys!” he said holding out his hand to beckon to Luke, Ravi and Zuri. Ravi stepped up first smiling goofily but warmly and stepped in front of Rocky happily.

“Hello sister Rocky, my name is Ravi, I will be your wise younger brother!” he said holding out his hand for her to shake it. Rocky chuckled at his goofiness. Instead, she moved his hand into a fist then she touched it with her own.

“How you doing?” She asked not really bothered but just did it as her greeting. Ravi looked at his fist then at hers her wide eyes and mouth open. Still holding up his fist he turned to look at his younger sister and older brother.

“That must be a new handshake!” He said and jerked his head back to Rocky. “What is it known as sister Rocky?” He asked with a happy look on his face. Rocky frowned in thought for a minute before she gave him an answer.

“Nothing new bro just a fist bump,” she explained to Ravi shrugging. Ravi turned back again to his brother and sister.

“I shall use that new shake at school and make it cool!” He declared confident and happy. Luke chuckled and shook his head knowing people already used. He used to greet Rocky like a natural though.

“Sup’ Rocky, I’m Luke,” He asked Rocky casually with his hands in his jean pockets.

“Good to meet your freckles, what d’you do for fun?” she replied.

“Many things, many extraordinary things,” He replied grinning and drumming his fingertips together like a mad scientist.

“I like the sound of that. You gotta let me join in,” She replied and Luke nodded with a grin like he was in a candy shop.

“She is AWESOME!” Luke said to his parents and gave a high five to Rocky. Zuri rolled her eyes at him then stepped forward to greet Rocky.

“Hi, my name’s Zuri, I think you’re going to be a cool big sister so long as you think I’m the cutest of your new siblings,” she said with a cute smile. Rocky chuckled at her demanding words corresponding with the cute sassy way she said it.

“I get the feeling there will be trouble if I don’t. But you do look pretty cute so,” Rocky said and shrugged.

“You know what would make you an even better sister? If you watched American hog hunters with me!” Zuri said with another adorable smile. Rocky nodded in agreement making Zuri jump up and down. “She is really awesome!” She squealed to the others in the room.

“Yeah, toats,” a sad and slightly regretful voice said and everyone looked to the kitchen to see a slightly regretful Emma.

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