The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 20


The next morning we all got up early to prepare for our revenge to embarrass Vincent. Surprisingly Jessie and Bertram helped us out providing us with everything we needed to carry out our plan. We had it all planned and knew where we needed to be when we put the plan into action. We just had to wait until Vincent showed up, hopefully, he would. I was at my locker at school before homeroom looking like I was getting my books. Vincent use to walk past where I was to get to his locker so hopefully, he’ll come by, he might even come to me about Rocky and pathetically try and get her back with lies. Rocky would not go back to that two-timing jerk. She can do so much better, I thought while looking up and down the halls for a few minutes for him before I got a tap on my back.

“Emma?” Vincent’s voice said and I turned around slowly to look at him trying not to grin evilly at him.

“What?” I snapped. He sighed deeply resting his hands in his jeans pockets.

“I’m looking for Rocky have you seen her? I need to apologise and get her back,” He asked and I scoffed.

“Why the heck would she forgive you or listen to you after what you did to her?” I spat and he looked down.

“I gotta try, I’ve been horrible and need to make it up to her, do you know where she is?” He almost begged over dramatically.

“Hmm, I don’t know. Maybe I could give you a shove, in the right direction!” I said sarcastically and the embarrassment was about to begin. I slapped my hand on to Vincent’s chest sticking a silly heart-shaped picture of my favourite singer, who I also had a cardboard cut out of.

“What the-” Vincent was cut off by me pushing him back. “WHOA!” He shouted falling back into a wheel barrel that was full of pure white flour that flew out around him in a white cloud. Everyone in the hallways laughed at Vincent while he started to sneeze. I covered my giggling mouth with a perfectly manicured hand.

“Next stop, revenge” Luke laughed wickedly from behind Vincent. He grabbed the handles of the metal wheel barrel, lifted it and started to pull it backwards.

“What are you doing?!” Vincent demanded jerking his head side to side trying to look at Luke. Luke chuckled still moving backwards as quickly as he could. He soon was nearly halfway down the hallway and approaching his brother Ravi who was kneeled next to some electric wiring attached to a strong power source.

“Now Ravi!” Luke said as the metal wheels of the wheel barrel ran over some silver pressure pads that were wired to Ravi’s switch. He nodded while grinning then pressed the button.

“WAHH!” Vincent yelped as he was given a tiny electric shock by Ravi in the wheel barrel. It wouldn’t do damage but it would make him jump.

“Heads up!” A sassy voice yelled and Vincent looked to an open locker just in time to see Zuri pouring a whole bucket of cut up and dismembered doll parts that had been painted red in places to look like they were bleeding.

“AHHH! CREEPY!” Vincent screamed. Zuri pumped her fist in victory at her role in the embarrassment. Around them, more laughing students appeared from all age groups gathering to watch.

“Now you’re gonna get it!” Luke chuckled evilly to Vincent and dashed away leaving the wheel barrel with a confused and slightly scared Vincent in it.

“What the heck?!” Vincent questioned frantically flicking some of the dolly parts out of the wheel barrel. He looked around the hallway at the laughing people with a frown, but when his eyes landed on Rocky his eyes went wide and his jaw dropped open. She was wearing a black skirt, a dark skull t-shirt, boots, and had her skull bandana on. She was striding over to Vincent with one hand on her hip and the other behind her back.

“Rocky,” Vincent breathed as she got to his side. “You see what your brothers and sisters did to me?!” Vincent asked her outraged and gestured to himself with his hands.

“Yep.” She said popping the ‘p’.

“You gonna let them get away with it?” He asked raising an eyebrow expecting her to go sick at me and our siblings. Rocky then presented a black marker and drew on the side of Vincent’s cheek ‘#3’. The logo on Rocky’s shirt.

“I’m going to help them by doing this.” She told him and then using her other hand she pressed a creampie into Vincent’s face. Everyone in the school roared with laughter including me, Rocky and our siblings. Rocky grinned rubbing the pan around a little in his face before she let go of it letting it fall on Vincent’s lap. He had a scrunched up face of disgust and wiped his eyes with his hands. Rocky moved her head to speak into his ear.

“And just to make it worse, that pie has thick unwashed grey hair from our butler’s back. Grossly overgrown toenail clippings from our nanny’s feet and lizard poop from Mrs Kipling in it. Enjoy.” She said spitting the last part. She then moved away with the world’s biggest grin and some giggles escaping her lips as her siblings appeared around her. Vincent got up and stormed off throwing what was left of the pie onto the ground.

“That should teach him,” I grinned.

“Later, baby. Hope you never cheat on anyone again!” Rocky called after him.

“Let’s go,” I smiled at me as Ravi, Luke and Zuri began cleaning up. She nodded then we both went to help with huge smiles on our faces. Rocky’s was the biggest of all looking the happiest she’d been in her life, and that made me and our other siblings just as glad.

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