The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 3


The blonde mean girl barbie doll didn’t like me. I could see that nasty fact from her judgmental gaze and tone of her voice. Not that I cared she didn’t know about me, and she also was not the first to take one look at me, judge me and hate me. I’ve been in foster care since I was a baby. I grew up on the mean streets of a bad Chicago neighbourhood. I had to start saving and doing jobs after at the age of ten to get me a phone, which is an old iPhone but I’m happy with it. I don’t care what people have because it isn’t important to me. Happened too many times to me to care anymore. But this girl was gonna do since she was the complete opposite of me. But I could be wrong because the blonde was now walking up to me with her phone at her side and not in front of her while she used it. She stopped in front of me then took a breath in and let it out.

“Rocky, I’m sorry for judging you straight away and for being rude. You are a member of our family now and I have accepted that,” she apologized, but to me, she didn’t sound sincere. I just nodded accepting her apology.

“It’s cool.” I shrugged and she smiled.

“Sups!” I had no idea what that word meant. “I’m Emma.” she introduced sticking her hand out for me to shake. I slowly took it and shook it feeling her moisturized hand in my dry one.

“Rocky,” I replied. Then she and her siblings, I mean mine and her siblings did something, weird in my opinion to me. The redhead who was closer to the parents’ age than ours, let out an awe and covered her smiling face with her hands as Luke, Ravi, Zuri and Emma, came together to hug me with me in the middle. My new parents joined in wrapping their arms around us then redhead awed again. She then left for the kitchen getting distracted by some sound, like a voice crying. Great, someone else that isn’t happy about me being here.


“Bertram?” I questioned the sobbing butler standing at the counter cooking. “What’s wrong?” I asked letting the kitchen door close behind her. Bertram looked up with pink chubby, stubbly cheeks and puffy eyes.

“There’s another kid,” he pouted chopping some carrots then put them in a pot of water. “And this one’s another teen!” He whined slightly louder. I chuckled and sat down on a stool at the breakfast bar.

“She is a member of the family and might not be so bad,” I replied.

“Really? With that attitude?” He questioned raising an eyebrow. I rolled my eyes at the look he gave me before speaking with a hushed voice.

“She’s Emma’s long-lost twin,” I said and Bertram jerked back at her and dropped a pan he got from a cupboard he was that shocked.

“What was that?” Christina’s voice asked louder from the living room. Bertram gasped and walked quickly to the kitchen door and opened it to look out into the living room at his employers.

“That was me miss, I just dropped a pan when Jessie told me about your new child, congratulations!” He said with a serious butler voice. Christina nodded and thanked him.

“Rocky, this is Bertram and Jessie.” she introduced lightly pushing Rocky towards them. Rocky smiled and said hello.

“Hi, it’s nice to meet you, I’ll be your nanny,” I greeted patting Rocky’s shoulder. Rocky nodded slowly raising her eyebrows at having a ‘nanny’ since it was something weird to her.

“Thanks but I don’t think I’ll need a nanny,” she dismissed bluntly then the fifteen-year-old looked over at the Bertram next. “And you must be a butler,” she said. Bertram frowned suspiciously at her then stuck out a hand slowly for her to shake.

“Nice to meet you, don’t worry about taking care of me, I can do that myself,” she said shaking his large hand briefly before swiftly pulling away. Bertram looked kind of happy about it.

“Now that Rocky’s met everyone, your father and I are going to go and sign some papers downstairs with Cassandra,” Christina announced. She then gave all five of her children kisses on the cheek and said ‘I love you’ followed by her husband giving hugs or hair ruffles to them. They returned them saying ‘I love you’ back; even Rocky gave her Mother a smile and her father a pat on the shoulder in return, but no ‘I love you’.

“See you guys soon, behave,” Morgan said as he and his wife got into the elevator, the doors closing shortly after. As soon as they left Rocky looked at Emma again like she was scanning her in more detail before she scoffed. I decided then I needed to step in, even if she said she didn’t need a nanny.

“So, who wants to show Rocky to her new room?” I asked clapping my hands together.

“So not me,” Emma shook her head then went back upstairs skipping almost. “I promised Rosie I go to the mall with her, there’s a new season in at our favourite clothing store and it has Teen wolf shirts!” She said squealing. She turned on her heels and headed to her room.

“Wow, a fangirl too huh?” Rocky questioned sarcastically after she left. Luke snickered a little.

“You should have seen what it was like when we had internet sensation Austin Moon stay at the house,” he began using his fingers as exclamation marks on the words ‘Austin Moon’ to empathizes.

“She was collecting his hair to clone him,” Zuri added to Luke’s fact and rested a hand on her hip. Rocky’s eyes grew wide at the disturbing extremes that Emma went to as a fangirl.

“Really?!” She almost yelled and I nodded.

“True yes, relevant to what I just asked, no,” I replied then manoeuvred Rocky by her shoulders to the stairs. “C’mon guys, surely one of you must want to show your new big sister around the apartment?” I asked. Zuri crossed her arms pretending to think about, Ravi held his hands behind his back and whistle a random tune and Luke looked towards the screening room.

“I think I hear Shawn of the dead calling my name,” he replied quickly before running off in his own frantic way to the screening room.

“I need to get Mrs Kipling ready for when Eileen comes over to negotiate matters of the reptile club, we are thinking of opening it up to the dinosaur club too!” Ravi said with an excited look on his face before running off upstairs to prepare.

“And that is why he will never get a girlfriend,” Zuri sighed shaking her head before going upstairs herself.

“What’s your excuse?” I questioned with my hands on my hips and a frown.

“I’m late for a tea party! Chubby the bear and I haven’t spoken since I went to the juice bar with Tommy last week. Sorry,” she replied with a shrug when she got to the top of the stairs. Rocky frowned at me.

“She has a real bear, called Chubby?” She asked and I groaned shaking my head.

“It’s a teddy bear,” I replied and Rocky nodded slowly trying to cover up the fact she thought it was a real-life bear and not a toy. Hey, they were really rich it could be anything.

“I knew that,” she said and cleared her through.

“Right, well it looks like I’m gonna be showing you around.” I began but looked back at Bertram. “Unless you want to...” I was about to ask but trailed off when Bertram shook his head.

“No I have to, water the plants...on Salma’s floor,” he replied lamely making up an excuse before rushing off towards the back door through the kitchen. Me and Rocky looked at each other. Rocky opened her mouth to ask but I held up her hand stopping her.

“Don’t ask, it’s a long story,” I said and sat down on the couch. “You must be tired from your trip. Take a seat for a bit before we go,” I said tapping the couch next to me. She was really hesitant, a little surprised at the fact I asked her to do that. “So, how old are you, fifteen?” I asked.

“Bingo,” she replied only half-listening. She was looking around at the huge size of the living room.

“Cool, where you from, well, other than New York?” I added seeing she was stopping to stare for a minute at the expensive ornaments and furniture.

“Yeah, nothing like this place,” She replied. I tried to keep smiling, but I was a little annoyed.

“Yeah, I was the same when I first came here. A lot different from my hometown in Texas,” I added. Maybe it was best to show her the rest of the house so we could actually talk and more importantly she’d feel more at home. “Well as you can already guess, this is the living room,” I began holding up my hands and gesturing to the room. The two of us then stood up and strode into the kitchen. Bertram was there doing some cooking. Must have realised that he’d get in trouble for flirting when he should be working. “Hey, Bertram!” I grinned. Bertram miserably looked over at Me then to Rocky.

“Hello,” he mumbled at them stirring the contents in the pot with a wooden spoon. Rocky sniffed the air then frowned looking at the pot.

“Is that chilli?” She asked walking to his side pointing. Bertram nodded before quickly licking the wooden spoon to taste it. He huffed in annoyance and shook his head.

“It’s missing something,” he said out loud.

“What? Edibility?” I snickered. Bertram frowned at me while he pursed his lips. Rocky studied the boiling chilli pot then wanted to try it and see if she could give it what it was missing.

“Wait a minute,” she muttered grabbing a spoon from the side of the sink.

“Wait, that’s not clean, Luke used it to eat some yoghurt!” Bertram said holding his hand out to gesture to Rocky to put it down. Rocky looked at the spoon a minute.

“Meh, I’ve got a strong immune system.” she dismissed his warning, gave the spoon a quick wash under hot water then dipped the spoon into the pot. She then tasted it. After a few seconds of thought, she frowned then looked at Bertram.

“How many spoons of chilli powder did you put in?” She asked sounding like a pro chef. He looked at me bewildered then back to Rocky.

“Two teaspoons of mild why?” He replied. Rocky sighed and shook her head.

“If you want chilli with a kick to it mild chilli powder won’t work. Not even normal chilli will give it a kick. You need a big spoon of spicy. My foster Mom was a cook in a restaurant,” She confidently explained. I watched as he took out the small glass with spicy chilli powder in. He handed it to her and she flipped open the cap to look at the contents. There was only a little left, and with a shrug, she unscrewed the lid and tipped the whole thing in.

“No! That’s all the chilli powder we have left! I use the mild in this chilli already and we ran out of normal last week!” The butler protested flailing his arms in panic.

“Then I suggest until you get more chilli powder, you cook something else. Maybe Chinese?” She suggested to him screwing the lid back on. Then she grabbed a clean wooden spoon from one of the jars that had it and other kitchen utensils in, stirred the chilli and beckoned me with her free hand. Oh boy, they couldn’t poison me, right?

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