The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 4


I watched with my eyebrows raised as Rocky added the chilli powder to the pot. Bertram was shifting around nervously while he sputtered a few words of nonsense. He looked at me like I should do something. I just shrugged and took the spoonful of chilli Rocky held it in front of my face.

“Just try it,” Rocky told me ignoring the complaints from my features and I nervously took the spoon from her hand to taste the chilli. I cringed as I put the spoon chilli in my mouth. I made a rude smacking noise with my mouth as the chilli ran on my taste buds. This isn’t half bad! Rocky grinned smugly in victory as I began greedily wolfing down more spoonfuls of the chilli. Good thing Bertram made a big pan of it. Speak of him, he was staring at me with his mouth open in amazement and eyes so wide they nearly rolled out of his bald head.

“Can you write down the recipe so I can use it next time I make chilli?” he asked Rocky.

“All I did was add spicy chilli powder to it. Your recipe was already good, it just needed some kick,” She stated and grabbed me by the arm and dragged me away from the pot. “Come on chilli mouth,” I whined in protest and dropped her spoon on the kitchen floor as we walked back to the living room to find Cassandra, Morgan and Christina. “Sup,” Rocky greeted awkwardly but with a smile. Christina grinned and Morgan said hi before the two of them embraced Rocky tightly. Christina rubbed the top of her head and Morgan patted her back in a caring way.

The sight made me smile because it looked so right, even if Rocky hadn’t quite realised that yet, but this was a big change. Morgan and Christina looked like they had a lot lifted off their shoulders and relief filled them now. I’m not usually an eavesdropper but I did hear them saying one night a few months before that they felt that something was missing and Morgan said that they need to try and find her. I didn’t hear anything else but now I know that the thing that was missing was Rocky. I will, of course, let them explain to Rocky since it is best they do and it isn’t my business I thought nodding to myself.

“Jessie,” I snapped out of thought when I head Christina’s voice. I jerked my head to see the three of them stood looking at me, her and Morgan had one arm each rested on Rocky’s shoulders. I smiled at them and nodded lacing my fingers in front of me.

“What are you nodding at?” She asked slightly confused. Curse me and my deep thoughts!

“Oh...ehh,” I stuttered trying to think of an excuse. I looked at Rocky who was smirking at me. She could see right through me, but she also gave me an idea for an excuse. “I just remembered that we need more chilli powder!” I lied by telling the not really a lie, right? Rocky smirked at me. I then grabbed my purple felt bag from the couch and walked quickly past them to the elevator leaving with Cassandra.


“Well, that was weird...” Dad said out loud and Mom shook her head.

“That’s our nanny, Morgan,” Mom told Dad then took me by the hand and lead me to the side of the grand black shining piano. Out of her designer bag, she took out a picture frame. It was my only baby picture. It was me when I was a week old. I was lay on a pink blanket that had fluffy clouds and rainbows. I was wearing a diaper and bib around my neck. I had a check toothless grin on my face and a fluffy snowy white teddy bear, Mr Truffles. I hadn’t seen him since I was six and, given up for adoption, again. I got a little tearful when I looked at my baby self with that stuffed bear. I missed Mr Truffles.

When my first adopted parents use to fight I would sit at the top of the stairs and cuddle him like my life depended on it. When they got divorced and my old adopted Mom quickly dumped me in a foster home in Chicago when I was six and I lost him. I was heartbroken but I got over it, just like I got over being dumped again. It also taught me not to get my hopes up too high. That’s the reason why I don’t expect to stay here long. I looked intently at the picture and dried my eyes before the tears came to embarrassed me. Mom awed and pulled me into another tight hug.

“Now that your baby picture is here, our family pictures are complete, and our family is complete,” She said with a loving voice as she carefully placed the picture of me on the piano with the other family pictures. I smiled up at her and nodded before the three of them hugged me.

Jessie then finally showed me to my room, and it was a shock. It was a big room with a window on the far side of the room looking out onto New York City, a double bed with purple, black and red sheets in the middle of the room that was decorated with blue, black and white pillows with various designs and textures on them. The floor was a nice brown wooden colour and the walls were dark red and purple. On the floor near the door was a black rug. The draws, bed and wardrobe were all made of wood similar to the floor. There was a black flat screen in the room hung on the wall across from her bed. Overall it was a beautiful and generous room.

Nice, I thought looking around the room. Yeah, there were no posters in the room but they put my pillows in here which I was happy about. The colours weren’t too bad but I think might change them. I hadn’t seen the kids other rooms but I expected they probably reflected themselves and I had it in my head that I wanted my room to reflect me no matter what others thought of it. Which meant, skulls, band posters and a lot of black paint. Before you ask, I am not a goth or emo or punk. I like a mix of things though but one of the main things is and I love rock music. It could The Script, or AC/DC or Panic! At The Disco, or Led Zeppelin, or My Chemical Romance, or Nirvana, or even Coldplay.

“I think I might paint the walls black or get some nice black wallpaper,” I said confidently gesturing to the walls as I told Jessie my plans. Jessie just nodded raising an eyebrow at my choice but accepted it.

“I’m sure your Mom and Dad would be happy to get the room custom made for you,” Jessie suggested. I nodded but before I could tell Jessie any more of the plans that were being drawn up in my head, we were interrupted.

“Hey!” A high pitch voice protested. Jessie and me both swung around towards the door to see that blonde-haired girl with an annoyed look on her face. “When I asked Mom and Dad to get customised wallpaper on my walls they said not gonna happen!” She protested resting her hand on her left hip after she pointed a finger towards herself almost prodding herself with it.

“Emma, you cannot wallpaper the faces of, Jordan Taylor, Austin Moon, Harry Styles and heck knows who else on your walls!” Jessie explained counting the names in her fingers. “It would be just way too creepy!” She said louder empathizing her words to and gestured with her hands to the walls and her. Emma rolled her eyes and groaned in frustration before she crossed her arms and stuck out her bottom lip sulking.

“Tell that to Bertram!” A younger and sass-filled voice said from the door. Zuri poked her head around the door and continued. “He’s got every boy band in history on his walls! It’s like a fangirl museum in there!” She chirped. This family is getting strange. Jessie sighed and walked out of the room ushering Zuri with her.

I turned to my bag that had been left at the side of my bed and started routing in it. Barbie doll was still at the door and leaned lazily against the door frame. After I found what I was looking for, my iPhone and headphones, I fell back onto my double bed then plugged my earphones into my phone and started listening to music.

“Where did you get those earphones? A scrap market?” he asked out of boredom. I ignored her and let out a sigh relaxing into my comfy bed. “Or are they imported knockoffs?” She asked and I just sighed and turned the sound up. She was still at my doorway and was still looked at me like I was out of place. I looked right back at her in an emotionless way, not giving her a reaction like she wanted. Two can play at this game.

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