The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 5

The two very different teenagers stared coldly at each other for a few more minutes before Emma groaned with a pouting furiously then walked to the red wall on the right side of the bed Rocky was stretched out on. She took out her phone to take a few photos of the wall.

“What are you doing?” Rocky frowned propping herself up on her elbow as Emma walked to the left wall that was bare and painted red taking another picture of it.

“Taking photos so I can help choose the best wallpaper for you. You are not ruining this room and the rest of the house,” she told her looking at her sideways and with bitterness in her voice. Rocky shook her head already deciding that she would stop Emma in her tracks before she did anything. Rocky then stood up from her bed after she put her phone down and walked over to Emma just as she was finishing taking pictures. Emma was still looking down pressing some more buttons on her phone and didn’t notice Rocky was in front of her until she spoke.

“That ain’t gonna happen,”

“HEY!” Emma yelled as Rocky snatched her smartphone from her hands. Rocky used her other hand to keep Emma back, ignoring her demanding to Rocky give her phone back and looked at the texts she sent.

“You sent these to an interior designer?” Rocky asked raising an eyebrow at Emma.

“Give it back!” Emma whined reaching for her phone from Rocky’s hand but Rocky just jerked her hand back away again.

“Orange or pink walls? You didn’t even ask if I like those colours, you’re just doing what you want,” She said quieter as she lowered her both her hands looking at Emma for an answer. Emma just looked sideways, not speaking for a couple of seconds before Rocky snapped. “YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO THAT!” She shoved Emma back harshly with both hands.

“Well I can’t let you vandalize this room, it’d be embarrassing. I’ll get some ideas together then ask your opinion then,” Emma shrugged calmly not understanding why Rocky was getting hostile and put a hand on her hip.

“I don’t need your opinion on anything!” Rocky snapped in Emma’s face but the blonde girl just rolled her eyes at the brunette girl in mostly black’s words.

“I’m not cutting you out of it completely but judging by your choices of outfits, you’d mess up this room out if you were left to pick it on your own,” Emma looked Rocky up and down before she crossed her arms.

“You don’t know that. You don’t know me Blondie,” Rocky spat back.

“Yeah, I don’t know you. But I don’t want to know people like you, you Freak.” Emma threw back.

“Hey, Em,” A voice that was very familiar to Emma but new to Rocky came from the bedroom door making both girls break their intense angry stare off. Emma looked from Rocky who she just called a freak to Rosie, who had a similar taste to Rocky with nervousness. Rosie wasn’t mean though, Rocky was cruel.

“You ready to broadcast?” Rosie asked her with a smile.

“Ahh, yeah I’m ready to do it, now go wait for me in my living room, whatever you’re name is,” Emma snapped frantically gestured to her to go out with a flapping hand. Rosie frowned at her best friend’s unusual behaviour.

“Emma, you know me I’m your best friend,” She stated sounding slightly hurt. Emma just sputtered looking down at the floor and a few places in the room trying to think of a reply while a smirk grew on Rocky’s face. Rosie was wearing a Nirvana shirt, and she wore black commando-style boots. Rocky had some very similar and she was a fan of Nirvana, which meant that Emma had lied right to her face and she knew people like Rocky that were supposed to be ‘freaks’.

“Jeez Emma, and I thought you didn’t know freaks like me and her,” Rocky said with the smirk still on her face. Rosie gasped outraged, hurt and wanting an explanation from Emma who she turned to.

“What’s going on Emma? Who was that and what is she talking about?!” She demanded.

“This is my new and horrible sister Rocky,” Emma told her through gritted teeth that wanted to hold back her tongue. “She’s a rude and a freak. You won’t like her,” Emma tried to convince Rosie as she ushered her out the door. Rocky furiously closed the door behind them choosing to not let Emma in her room again or anywhere near it and to blast out some My Chemical Romance to get her anger out.

“She didn’t look horrible to me, and what did she mean when she said you don’t hang out with girls like her?” Rosie asked, her shoulders slowly drooping as she spoke.

“I said to her I didn’t have anything to do with girls like her because she’s a rude freak and doesn’t know how to fit in, and I was helping her. She just twisted my words,” Emma replied shaking her head.

“I didn’t know how to fit in when I first met you and Rocky doesn’t look like a freak, she looks unique in fact, she kinda reminds me,” Rosie spoke. Emma shook her head rapidly.

“No Rosie she doesn’t! You look nice, she looks trashy!” Emma replied. Rosie sneered at Emma.

“Emma, I have a shirt just like the one she was wearing! I like AC DC too. You just called her a freak so you’re calling me a freak too just because we have different taste to you,” Rosie said disappointed in Emma then turned on her heels and began to walk towards the stairs.

“Rosie wait!” Emma called to her and followed Rosie down the stairs.

“No Emma, I’d better get out of here before someone sees me with you and don’t worry, I won’t tell any of the others that aren’t freaks and are like you that your new sister is a freak,” Rosie said coldly and stepped into the elevator. Emma teared up a little bit and sniffed once after the elevator doors closed. Little did she know that leaning over the top of the stairs was the one who caused her to argue with her friend, and maybe even break up with her.

“Us freaks, have feelings,” Rocky said and Emma looked up angrily at her. “I’m sorry you fought with your friend, but no one wants to be friends with someone who says things like you just did,” Rocky stated then wandered back to her room leaving her sister and her mixed emotions.

On Monday things didn’t get better between the two; Rocky’s first day at her new school was today and she was preparing for it like her siblings, but she had done much less than them and wasn’t looking forward to it much. She had bonded with her younger siblings over the weekend though. On Sunday Rocky went out with Ravi to walk Mrs Kipling in Central Park, later on, played The Last Of Us with Luke beating the game together, had a tea party with Zuri in the morning where she met Chubby the bear. She also cooked spaghetti and meatballs with Bertram while the two of them pretended to listen to some of Jessie’s boyfriend stories. All of them were very much oblivious to the fact Rocky and Emma weren’t getting along like the two teenage girls were oblivious to the truth about them being twins.

“Morning Bertram,” Rocky sighed lazily dragging her feet slightly down the back stairs to the kitchen. She smiled at the butler who was cooking eggs.

“Good morning Rocky!” he replied happily busy cooking away. Rocky sat down next to her brother Luke who was playing a game on his phone but looked up when he became aware of his sister’s presence.

“Hey Rocky,” he said then held up his fist to Rocky. “Had a good night?” He asked as Rocky touched his fist with hers.

“Pretty good, although I didn’t like my wake up call,” she replied sitting back in her chair and put her hands behind her head. Luke frowned at his sister but snickered once then guessed as to why she didn’t like her wake up call.

“Why? Did Mrs Kipling give you a face lick?” He said jokingly but Rocky shook her head chuckling a little.

“I wish,” she sighed the rubbed her eyes. “I was woken up by the sound of music by a skinny-jeaned boy band being played in the next room,” she explained as Bertram put a plate with eggs in front of her.

“Boy band? Tell me it wasn’t The Backstreet Boys, Emma better have not taken my CD!” Bertram asked gradually getting worried and shook his head. Rocky and Luke frowned at him weirdly.

“No, it was the five chipmunks,” she said and dug into her eggs. Luke groaned in annoyance.

“One Direction again?! She did that on Friday! I know she’s nuts about them but I wish she wouldn’t play their music at 6 am!” Luke protested huffing in annoyance and tapped her arm to get her to look at him. “You should see her room, it’s got loads and loads of little pictures of them on one wall. It looks like a shrine,” Luke explained humorously and drew an imaginary wall in the air in front of him with his fingers. Rocky was listening but her eyes grew wide when she saw who was behind him. “In her walk-in wardrobe she has a cardboard cut-out of-” Rocky moved his hand turning him around towards who was behind. “Hey Emma!” he greeted nervously and scrambled out of his chair with a nervous smile. Emma stood scowling at her arms crossed across her chest and scowling at Luke.

“Luke, stay out of my room or I’ll tell Jessie and she’ll ground you,” she warned hitting his head with her purple headband that she was going to put in her blonde hair. Luke whined in pain rubbing his head with a pout and Emma moved her glare to Rocky. “And their name is One Direction, not the five chipmunks you stupid freak!” She said angrily. Rocky swallowed and looks down surprisingly shying away from Emma this time. She had dealt with girls in the state before and it didn’t end well for Rocky. Not that she thought all of the boy band’s fans were cruel, but the ones that were hateful and threatened her, she didn’t want to deal with.

“Right, thanks for reminding me...” She muttered under her breath.

“Don’t make fun of them again.” Emma finished snapping at her sister before walking out of the kitchen. Rocky sighed after the door slammed, and rubbed the side of her head before she rested her chin on the same hand.

“Just like the girls at home,” she muttered and continued to finish eating her eggs.

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