The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 6


After I finally got Zuri ready for school and helped Ravi feed Mrs Kipling I walked downstairs to the kitchen to make the kid’s lunches since Bertram. I had to be quick because there’s an extra one today. There would be an extra lunch to make until they graduate and go off to college I thought and smiled to myself before my thoughts went to the Rocky. She did seem like a nice girl even if she had her moments. It was clear that her style was different from everyone in this household, something that wasn’t a problem with me I just didn’t want her to get into trouble. She had been in trouble or caused any, too busy bonding with her three younger siblings.

“Jessie!” A voice hissed my name from downstairs and I looked over the side of the staircase and saw an annoyed Emma in a nice flowery dress with a headband in her hair. In her hand was her phone, as usual.

“Hey,” I smiled leaning against the stair rail. She beckoned me urgently. A frown crossed my face as I slowly walked down the stairs.

“What’s up Emma?” I asked when I got to the bottom of the stairs and rested my hands on my hips.

“What’s up is I can’t stand Rocky! She’s mean and she’s a freak! She ruined my friendship with Rosie! She’s trying to steal all my siblings from me and my parents! And she insulted One Direction! Nobody does that on my watch!” She hissed in my ear.

“I’m sure she didn’t mean it, Emma, and she will probably apologize if you talk to her,” I said shaking my head then rubbed her shoulder.

“She so did! I tried to be nice! And if she says something like that around my friends, she’s gonna get in trouble!” Emma replied folding her arms with an ‘as a matter of fact’ tone in her voice.

“I’ll talk to her, but you need to understand that it’s okay for her to not like them and for her to be different,” I told her then turned to walk into the kitchen. I heard Emma scoff and mumble a ‘whatever’ in reply.

About twenty minutes later the whole family, including Morgan and Christina were sat at the dining table eating some more breakfast Bertram had prepared for them going up and beyond to impress. Christina sat at the head of the table with Morgan sat on her right and Rocky sat on her left. Luke sat next to Rocky with Zuri next to him and Ravi sat next to their father with Emma next to him at the bottom of the table on her phone. I was helping Bertram.

“You don’t have to worry about getting to and from school using the bus, because your dad and I can drop you all off there today because it’s Rocky’s first day,” Christina said happily to Rocky squeezing her daughter’s hand slightly. Ravi cheered slightly knowing he wouldn’t have to be cramped between two kids but Luke groaned annoyed he couldn’t talk to the girl he liked that got the bus too.

“I can get the bus with the others, it’s cool,” Rocky said thankfully as she lazily ate her bacon on toast. Christina’s face twisted in slight hurt but her husband gave her a reassuring look that made her nod understanding Rocky wanted to be independent and not get special treatment just because she was the new member of the family. I was the same at her age.

“Yeah you’re right, your brothers and sisters can tell you about school on the way there and maybe you can make some friends!” Christina said with a cheerful voice and clapped her manicured hands together. Luke, Ravi and Zuri nodded in agreement as they ate.

“Yeah right, she’ll make loads of friends,” Emma muttered under her breath with her gaze down at her phone. Morgan sighed then got up from his chair, walked over to where she was sat and placed a hand on the back of her chair.

“Who you texting Em?” He asked and Emma looked up at him with a slight smile.

“Bryn, we’re getting along now and I’m sitting with her at lunch today,” she told him with a proud tone in her voice. Morgan nodded pursing his lips like he was interested.

“Oh really,” He said sarcastically before he suddenly took her phone away from her.

“Hey!” She yelled in protest and stood up trying to get her phone back from her father but he was too tall and held it above both their heads.

“Emma you’ve been spending too much time on your phone, you have a new sister and need to spend more time with her,” He said scolding his daughter then put his phone in his back pocket.

“Fine, I’ll spend some time with her, but it will be at home at not at school where she’ll embarrass me,” She sighed and spat her words at the end coldly glaring at her family then walked into the living room slamming the door behind her. When she left there were some heavy sighs, from me especially.

“You didn’t have to do that,” said Rocky.

“Rocky I did, you are my daughter now and I have to protect you and your siblings. She needs to be nice to you and vice-versa,” Morgan replied.

“I know, but she isn’t gonna be happy you took her phone,” Rocky added. I had a feeling she would. Girls at my school who bullied me would turn it up to 100 when their parents took their cell phones from them.

“Dad’s right,” Christina added pushing some of Rocky’s short brown hairs out of her eyes on her forehead. Rocky nodded, but she still looked uncomfortable.


I couldn’t believe Dad did that! I couldn’t believe Mom let him either! They had a new favourite! It was so not fair! This whole thing was so not fair! That freak can’t just come into my pretty much perfect life and ruin it! Well, she wouldn’t ruin my reputation at school though. Everything will be okay Emma, I thought and let out a sigh. Even though my Dad took my phone away I could still get my iPad that was in my room. I walked quickly to my room feeling brighter when I got into my room. Seeing the light pink walls and polished wooden floors made me feel secure and relaxed. That freak couldn’t get in here and ruin it I thought. But when I turned to see my fan wall I squealed giddily. Everybody from One Direction to Jordan Taylor with Teen Wolf and even Taylor Lautner was on my wall. I kept my smile on my face and when I saw my Austin Moon poster I got butterflies.

“Oh Austin, I love you so very much, but Caleb Channing, in Texas, is soul mate!” I sang as I called Caleb for a video chat. Caleb was the guy I met when we all went to Texas for Jessie’s Dad’s wedding. He was my Romeo and I was his Juliet, he was my Joker and I was his Harley, minus the terrifying outfits, mean stuff, and crazy freakishness, and we were in love. We had been talking on Skype for a few months and I was gonna ask Mom and Dad if he could come and say for the weekend, maybe longer. But not now. Not now I have a demon of a sister staying. Maybe after she runs away with a drug addict or is sent back to the foster home I will ask. I called Caleb’s number on Skype and sat on my bed, slightly ogling over my cardboard cut-out of Harry Styles I had left out of place near the door to my walk-in wardrobe. But when my call was answered I let out a squeal.

“Emma!” Caleb exclaimed, his cute grinning face on my iPad screen.

“Caleb! Hey! I miss you!” I said and waved.

“I miss you too Em, but I do have to go to school soon, why’d you call?” He asked pouting when he said about school but tilted his head when he asked me why I called. I groaned deeply shaking my head before I began to explain.

“I’m having problems with my family. Mom and Dad took my phone away because apparently, I wasn’t spending time with my new demon sister,” I said rolling my eyes. He pursed his lips showing his adorable dimples slightly in sympathy.

“That’s terrible. You’d think getting a new sister would be cool and not a nightmare.” He told me and I nodded.

“I know,” I replied. “But, thankfully they didn’t take away my iPad so I could talk to my favourite guy!” I said pointing at him. He awed loudly at me.

“Aww, you pick me over Harry, Jordan and Austin?” He asked happily and I nodded.

“Of course,” I replied. Before he could say anything else his head jerked to look somewhere in his room. There was also the sound of a door clicking.

“Oh, hey...” He said quietly and suddenly looked worried. My head jerked up to my door when I heard someone bang on it.

“Yo Barbie, the nanny wants to talk to ya. Don’t ask me why I gotta my stuff for school,” the annoying voice of the devil herself was heard on the other side of my poster covered door and I groaned.

“Excuse me one minute,” I said to Caleb picking up my iPad and walked to the door. I lazily opened the door and revealed Rocky with her arm resting up against the door frame.

“Get out of my way freak,” I said pushing her out of the way with my free hand. I left my iPad on the table in the middle of the hall and walked towards the stairs to quickly deal with my nanny.


It hurt a little when Blondie shoved me out of the way, but I was used to it already. The door slammed behind her and she strutted off to the stairs. I sighed and kicked her door in a rage. That was just rude cruel and uncalled for by her, but before I could think of more bad things about her I heard the voice of a guy come from her iPad. On it was a brown-haired blue-eyed and tanned pretty boy with some red-headed girl, and they were lip-locking. I cringed then saw that it was on video chat and the contact for the guy was ‘Cuddly Caleb’. The name made me wanna gag but I realized, that he must have been her boyfriend. A lousy one at that. Then I had an idea. I quickly and sneakily took a screenshot of this Caleb guy making out with the redhead girl making the guy break from the sloppy kiss and gasp at the screen when he saw me. I know I’m not an oil painting but jeez.

“Hey! Stop!” Caleb yelled pushing the girl away. I ended the call to him before he could say anything else and pulled up her photos on her iPad to find the picture I just took. I then made a bee-line to the stairs to go after her.

“Emma you need to be less judgmental about Rocky,” I heard Jessie say.

“It’s not my fault she’s mean. And you don’t have to deal with her and a long-distance relationship. She interrupted me and my Skype call with Caleb!” Blondie whined as I got to the top of the stairs.

“Hey! Blondie!” I panted. Both of them looked up to the stairs to see me. When she saw what I had in my hands her eyes grew wide.

“What do you want freak?! And why do you have my iPad?!” she yelled as I ran down the stairs.

“Emma, your boyfriend, Jake or whatever his name is,” I huffed between pants.

“His name is Caleb and you don’t have anything to do with him,” she replied then took a hold of her iPad. “And don’t touch my iPad again!” She added louder and snatched the iPad off me before she walked away to the kitchen leaving me and Jessie looking shocked at her. All I wanted to do was to save her from a heartbreak! And what do I get?! Treated like garbage! I can’t believe it! I hate her now! And I’d had it! I’ll show her not to call me a freak because I’ve had it with her calling me that! And I’d need to get into her room to do that.

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