The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 7


Emma walked lazily to the kitchen looking down at her iPad. I groaned in annoyance at how she was behaving then looked at the couch where her school bag was. She couldn’t forget that I thought and picked it up and I followed her with her school bag in my hand into the kitchen. The three youngest kids of the family were there with Bertram was there rooting in a draw for something.

“Emma, kids it’s time to go to school,” I told them putting Emma’s bag into her hand with a bit of force then picked up the bags of the other’s kids. As I handed Ravi and Zuri their bags, Rocky entered the kitchen looking like she was in deep thought.

“Rocky do you have your bag?” I asked her resting a hand on my hip. She nodded and turned her back to me to show me a black slightly tattered backpack with a skull scarf tied to the handle on top.

“Great,” I said and she turned around to face me with a slight smile.

“I’ve had this bag for a while. It’s been with me since the start of high school and has always bright me luck,” she said with a proud smile.

“Why, couldn’t you afford a new bag?” Emma asked her mockingly with a mean and smug smile. I shook my head at her then turned to Rocky who wasn’t affected by the insult.

“Just go to the elevator guys, I’ll be there in a second,” I told her and she, Luke, Ravi and Zuri left the kitchen. I stopped Emma by grabbing her shoulder then turned her around to face me. She just groaned annoyed and crossed my arms.

“You need to stop being mean to Rocky, or you will be grounded. At least lookout for her once today.” I warned.

“Today is gonna be the worst if I get embarrassed by my freak of a sister! And believe me, I think she can handle things herself,” she complained whining almost like a baby.

“If she needs you to be there for you, you be there,” I told her sternly and she just groaned again rolling her head back.

“Whatever,” she sighed and went back to tapping away on her phone. Curse texting and the effect it has on teenagers!


The Ross kids along with their Nanny Jessie all got in the elevator to go down to the lobby where the school bus would be outside waiting for them. Emma and Rocky exchanged death glares in the silence of the elevator. When the ding of the elevator was heard and the doors opened up letting them all out.

“Have a great day at school kids! And Emma remember what I said!” Jessie called waving to the kids which then turned into her pointing her finger at Emma. The kids all waved back and Emma nodded fake smiling to Jessie which disappeared instantly when the doors shut.

“When we get to school, you don’t know me got it?” She snapped at Rocky who didn’t protest.

“Likewise,” Was the only thing she said back to Emma. Emma scoffed then walked, almost strutted confidently out the doors of the building to the bus. Luke followed bouncing his basketball on the ground.

“Do not worry Rocky, Emma will soon like you I’m sure of it.” Ravi chirped attempting to reassure Rocky. Rocky nodded and let out a heavy sigh knowing that wouldn’t be the truth but while walking outside with her youngest siblings the plan she was working on flashed in her mind and she smirked to herself. Out of all the Ross kids, she was the last one to get on the bus. Her first day was about to begin.

The bus was noisy and full of a wide range of kids. Emma sat at the back with a group of pretty girls. Luke had some guys he sat with that had skateboards or basketballs with them. Ravi sat next to a young but well-dressed East-Asian girl who had fancy oriental styled dragon clips in her sleek black hair. Zuri saved a seat for Rocky which she decided to sit in.

“So, how does this moving mad housework?” She asked dropping her back between her legs.

“Well, you’ve got nerds, jocks, mean girls, and youngsters, or whatever you wanna call them. It is pretty much your typical American high school bus,” she explained.

“I take it then Blondie is a mean girl?” she asked. Zuri nodded with a slightly saddened look on her face.

“She can be at times. Don’t know what has gotten into her lately.” She replied frowning in wonder to herself. After a 20 minute drive, the school bus arrived at its destination. Emma and her friends got off the bus first, scrambling to get past the other kids without falling over. Emma didn’t look at Rocky once while she passed by her. She just stuck her nose up and strutted down the bus walkway like it was the runway at Paris fashion week.

Luke and Ravi did acknowledge Rocky by saying goodbye to her and wishing her luck on her first day. Zuri skipped off the bus and was met by Stuart who brought her some flowers before he escorted her away to their first class. Rocky got off the bus last and looked up at her new school. It was an aged large building with some steps leading up to the entrance and looked a little shabby in Rocky’s opinion, but if the Ross kids were here then it must be good. The red doors were open to all the different kids of different ages and appearances that were running and rushing into the school.

“Here goes nothing,” Rocky said to herself quietly then walked up the steps with her black boots clicking against the stone into her new school. There were halls upon halls around the school that were all lined with grey metal lockers and groups of different aged kids.

She took a right to a hall that had kids that were my age. Fifteen to sixteen-year-olds. Here we go, she thought then walked down the hall to find her locker within hand holding the only bag strap she had hanging on her shoulders. To the left and right of Rocky were the eyes of kids that watched her as she was new there. There were a lot of mean-looking girls, like Emma and a few bad boys who all wore leather and ripped skinny jeans. There were also a few nerds and jocks about the halls and a few kids that looked like they didn’t hang with the popular crowd. Thank god I’m not the only one, she thought getting to her locker.

332 was the code. Alright, I got this, she thought and opened it up successfully on the first try. The inside of the door wasn’t decorated, had chipped paint, and there was a single shelf at the top. Plenty of room for books and her bag. As she took off my black jacket and shoved it in with some old books Jessie gave her, she got distracted by a small commotion that was happening further up the hallway.

Rosie was stood with Emma was stood looking hurt at Emma, some red-head pretty girl who had the dictionary definition of a mean girl look and two other girls with dark brown hair, expensive clothes and bags and a vindictive smirk on her face. Emma was looking at her with pity, but Rocky believed it was fake, and the other few people with them were laughing at Rosie. She groaned then stormed away with an angry look on her face. As she passed Rocky her expression turned to an extremely hurt on. Rocky then shut my locker and when after her to the girl’s bathroom. She was sobbing in a cubical. Rocky sighed knowing fully how she felt and knocked twice on the door.

“Hey girl, I’ve been here and done this before. C’mon outta there,” She said resting the hand she knocked on the door with. The lock clicked and it was opened revealing a crying Rosie. She stepped out sobbing a few times and wiped her puffy eyes.

“What did she do?” Rocky asked and folded her arms.

“She...said that her new stupid, freak sister,” she began sobbing. Rocky rolled her eyes at what Emma had called her wanting Rosie to cut to the chase. “Had open her eyes to the...the freaks of the school and...said she didn’t want to be friends with me!” She cried and threw her arms around Rocky making her gasp.

“Don’t worry, I’ll make them regret what they did, and if you wanna help you can,” Rocky replied with a grin. Rosie nodded wiping her eyes. The two of them then went to continue their day. After science, art and math class the two had got to know each other more which meant they could ignore the nasty looks from Emma, Bryn and their friends. When lunch arrived the two got in line together for food.

“So, what are we gonna do?” Rosie asked me.

“I have a few ideas,” Rocky shrugged.

“Like?” She asked excitedly.

“We could throw all her hair and makeup products out the window of her room in the apartment?” Rocky suggested but Rosie shook her head.

“Emma has an unlimited amount, it’d take forever, plus some are hidden in goodness knows where in that place,” she dismissed as they walked towards a table.

“We could steal one of her boy band dolls and blackmail her with it?” Rocky suggested as they sat down.

“She’d notice it right away! And she protects them like they’re her children!” Rosie hissed and Rocky chuckled at that image.

“Yeah, she probably does, and we’re supposed to be the freaks,” Rocky joked taking a swig of her cola. “I have one last idea,” Rocky began and Rosie raised her eyebrows curiously. “It does involve something very useful my brother told me,”

“Wonderful, but tell me about it later, someone might hear,” she said glancing side to side to gesture to the other kids in the cafeteria. Rocky nodded understandingly. This was going to be the start of a beautiful friendship, and a wicked plan, she thought.

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