The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 8

“Bye Bryn, I’ll text you later!” Emma sang and waved to her with a smile from the bus as it drove away. She replied with a thin smile and waved back as Emma got off the bus. They walked through the door of the building into the lobby. Emma stormed in before Rocky and Emma, ignoring their annoyed glances and walked to talk to Tony about something to do with having Bryn over. She believed that he could convince Jessie that Rocky was a pain and that she was mean. That is if he’d stop staring at her for the few seconds. Rocky and Rosie looked at each other while shaking their heads at Emma.

“Emma,” Luke called but she just stared at Tony.

“Sister Emma!” Ravi called louder. She didn’t even flinch or look back. Rocky rolled her eyes.

“Yo Blondie c’mon, he’s not one of your celebrity pretty boys! We’re waiting to go up here!” It got snickers and giggles from the people in the elevator with her but it made Emma jerked her head back and glare so intensely at her it could melt ice.

“Shut up!” She snapped back then they were silent shocked at her harsh tone. Rocky was the exception from that. The plan in her mind was keeping a little smile on her face. When Emma finally got into the elevator, the silence continued until they got to their floor. Rosie and Rocky went to her room right away dumping their bags just next to the door, too eager to work out their plan to care for them.

“So in Emma’s room, there is a whole lot of merchandise. Boyband merchandise to be exact, right?” Rocky began lying back on her bed.

“Yeah. Dolls, posters, CDs, a whole lot of stuff. It’s a bright and colourful creepy shrine,” Rosie nodded sitting in the desk chair of Rocky’s room.

“There’s also a cardboard cut-out of her favourite member of this band, whatever his name was,” Rocky went on.

“It would be the perfect thing to use to get revenge! We sneak into her room, find it and destroy it!” Rocky said. Rosie was kinda shocked, but she liked the sound of it, and with the permanent marker in her they could do something to make a point.

“Let’s do it!” Rosie nodded getting up and going to her bag to get the marker. Rocky and Rosie sneaked out of the room checking for any signs of anyone coming to catch them and ruin their plan in the hall.

“All clear,” Rosie whispered and Rocky nodded her head to her once.

“Ready?” She asked Rosie who nodded back. Both grinning and approached Emma’s bedroom door.

“I’ve gotta warn you, Rocky, it’s is a lot in there,” Rosie warned Rocky as she slowly put her hand on the doorknob. Rocky glanced sideways at Rosie before replying.

“I had to deal with girls like her before at school in Chicago. I think I can handle it,” she replied confidently.

“Do you think all of them are bad?” Rosie asked out of curiosity distracted for a few seconds and tilted her head to the side.

“No of course not. But when they do and say things like Emma I don’t,” Rocky said back,

“Yeah, I thought Emma was one of them but apparently,” She shrugged.

“People aren’t always what they seem. Now c’mon. We’re gonna teach her a lesson,” Rocky then quickly turned the doorknob and opened the door into Emma’s room. They entered but soon after stopped in the tracks to look around in shock.

“Is this what hell looks like?” Rocky asked out loud as she looked around Emma’s room. The double bed had bright fuchsia pink sheets that were the same colour as the walls and had fluffy pillows with various bands logos and pictures on them. The vanity had a big mirror and loads of cosmetics on it and was painted a glowing white. There was one wall in her room near her bed that was wallpapered with pictures of heartthrobs in skinny jeans that included everyone from Justin Bieber to The Vamps. There was a door that Rocky assumed lead into her walk-in wardrobe which was white too and so was her dresser and window frame. Just right of the door was another door that went into her on-suite bathroom. Near her window was a small table that had dolls, creepy dolls of what Rosie said was One Direction. Rocky cringed at the whole place.

“Just think of AC DC or Panic at the disco or something,” Rosie huffed as she started searching, Rocky did the same. They looked under the bed, near the window and in the bathroom.

“Where is it?!” Rocky whined. Rosie groaned and broke from searching to look at her.

“If I knew that I would tell you then we would find it!” She said back and kept searching.

“Doesn’t she have a shrine dedicated to the guy or something?” Rocky asked she looked down the back of the bed. Rosie stopped in mid-search of behind the dresser and a wide grin of realization spread across her face.

“Yes, yes she does!” She said and dashed to the door of Emma’s walk-in wardrobe. As she opened the door Rocky’s jaw fell open. From top to bottom the back of the door was covered in their faces, names, band logo and love hearts of all the teen heartthrobs Emma adored. Rocky whistled in surprise at it.

“The land of no return,” Rocky said dramatically making Rosie rolled her eyes.

“It’s gotta be in there. You still wanna do this?” She asked Rocky one last time. She nodded.

“Let’s do this!” She replied. They were about to walk into find the cut-out when a high-pitched voice from outside the room interrupted them.

“Just gimme a sec, I’ll get my jacket and then we’ll go to the fan club, Bryn!” Emma called. Rosie and Rocky looked at each other frantic.

“HIDE!” Rosie hissed and they started dashed around looking for a place to hide. The best place was under the bed but there was a whole lot of Emma’s stuff under there meaning only one of them could fit and Rosie claimed it first.

“Are you serious?!” Rocky hissed as Rosie made the bedding look straight and undisturbed to blend in.

“Hide in the wardrobe!” She hissed pointing a finger out from under the bed at the wardrobe then quickly retracted it. Rocky looked to where her finger was then around a bit hoping she would find somewhere else to hide. Running out of options, she ran into the wardrobe hesitantly pulling the door behind me. The rails of clothing were too crammed for her to hide amongst, and the only place that was left to hide was behind the thing she and Rosie came to destroy. Swallowing her fear she hid behind the cardboard cut-out and went quiet begging it would be over soon.

“We, just need to ignore the haters. Every fandom has haters and every fandom has nice people,” Emma told Bryn over the phone. She stood in the room with her phone to her ear. She only partly listened to Bryn as she whined on about the problems they had while she looked around her room scanning everything. The posters and bed were perfect and glossy, her make-up was just how she left it after using it that morning, but what did catch her eye was the wardrobe door that was ever so slightly open. “Yeah...Bryn, I’ll see you soon.” She said and ended the call then slowly walked over to the door of the walk-in wardrobe suspiciously.

She clutched the doorknob and took a few breaths before quickly opening the door. She sighed in relief when all she saw was her huge and beautiful collection of clothes. She looked around more then grinned widely when she saw the cardboard cutout of my favourite heartthrob. She giggled once to herself then grabbed her white purse. A beep from her phone cause Emma to jerk her head down and hold it up to her face so she could see the screen and the notification telling her about the text from Bryn. She sighed then less the room putting her suspicion about the door being slightly open to her not realising she didn’t close it properly.


I let out a huge and heavy sigh of relief then pushed the cardboard cut-out out of my way with my feet. I sat with and held my head with my hand taking deep breaths to chill out. I hadn’t been caught, thank goodness. My head jerked up as the door opened again but it was a panting Rosie that opened it this time.

“You okay?” She asked and I nodded and crawled out of hiding.

“Fine,” was the only word I could get out. I stood next to Rosie while we looked down at the cut-out. Rosie held up her marker and I grinned at her.

“Shall we Rocky?” She asked and I nodded.

“We shall Rosie,” I replied and we high fived then started our dirty work. By the time we were finished with it, the face on the cut-out was barely recognisable. Emma was gonna be in for a big surprise. Rosie and I were in there for about 20 minutes and when we finished we put it back in the wardrobe just like it was before and quietly left. It was soon time for Rosie to leave and I promised her that as soon as Blondie discovered what happened to her, oh-so-precious cutout, I would tell her everything!

About half an hour after Rosie left, Emma came back from her club meeting with her friends. She looked tired and groaned when she saw me on the way to the kitchen.

“Ugh, great,” She groaned. I just laughed not affected at all for once and folded my arms.

“Back from your little stalker club Blondie?” I mockingly.

“Fan club, and at least I have friends and something to do other than arson or steal,” She scoffed and walked towards the stairs.

“Oh, are you gonna go to hell on earth- I mean your room?” I asked sarcastically stopping myself from slipping up. Emma frowned wondering why I asked but nodded.

“Uh, yeah why?” She asked but I just shook my head with an innocent look on my face.

“I just wondered that’s all. You’re always jumping to one conclusion that I’m up to no with me Emma. I don’t want to go in that wrong direction with you,” I said with the nicest smile I could. Emma looked at me confused.

“Okay?” She finished and carried on up the stairs muttering ‘freak’ under her breath. I watched her as she walked up the stairs and chuckled to myself then went into the kitchen.

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