The Other Half Of Me

Chapter 9


Bryn had been texting me non-stop about Caleb and me on the way back up to my family's apartment. She wanted to know our whole love story including all the juicy deets. Speaking of Caleb, he wanted to see a cute picture of me so I took one while I was in the elevator. It wasn't a bad background and I had done my makeup really good today so I looked really cute and pretty in the selfie. He replied with a lot of heart emojis and told me I looked adorable. I was so lucky, life was great. Well, it was until my phone flashed up with a notification telling me I had to delete some pictures because there wasn't enough space. UGH! I needed my parents to get me a new one. This phone had the most possible space bought on it but still, it wasn't enough for me! Life is so not fair! Oh well, I suppose I could do some spring cleaning in my photos by deleting the ones still on there that I had posted on social media. I opened my photos on my phone and saw the most recent photos that had been taken. Some pictures of me at the spa, a picture with my friends, a picture of Caleb kissing some redhead- WAIT WHAT?!

"WHAT?!" I screamed. What was this?! When was this taken?! OMG! The time said it was taken early today, it must have been when Rocky had my iPad. Was she trying to tell me Caleb was cheating and I was mean to her? Omg, it must have been! All she wanted to do was to let me know the truth and I was mean to her! I'm terrible! I felt terrible and knew that I had to say sorry to her, even if she was still mean.

"I have to say sorry to her," I said out loud to myself walking out of the elevator into the living room.

"Say sorry to who?" The sweet voice of Zuri said from the screening room. I turned seeing her pull open the curtains to the screening room and jump down the steps.

"I need to speak to Rocky and say sorry to her. She found out that Caleb has been cheating on me!" I explained and showed her the evidence on my phone in the form of the picture. Zuri looked at it with angry wide eyes then rubbed her small fists together.

"We need to ask Jessie if we can go and visit her dad at the military base in Texas again. We can stay in a five-star hotel but so long as I can open up a can off butt kick on that no-good cheat's face," Zuri stated slightly threateningly then rubbed her hands together. As much as I would appreciate it, I didn't want her to do that because it would get her into trouble.

"No Zuri, I'll deal with Caleb myself. I need to talk to Rocky right now, although if she doesn't want to talk to me I'd understand. But I'm also sure nothing worse could happen to me today." I told her and strode towards the stairs to go up to my room. After I put my purse away and would change into something more comfortable then go straight to Rocky, wherever she was. I walked into the wardrobe holding my purse in one hand ready to go put it away in its place but was stopped by something that made me scream so loud they could probably hear it on the other side of the world.


I waiting eagerly for Blondie to find her surprise. She'd probably scream and cry. No, knowing her she'd probably faint. I don't care. I just want revenge for me and Rosie. I walked into the kitchen to find Bertram on his laptop sat at the dining table.

"Sup," I said going to the fridge. Bertram sighed and turned to me probably annoyed he wasn't alone anymore and didn't have peace and quiet.

"Shouldn't you be doing your homework?" He asked trying to sound smart. I smirked as I got a chocolate bar out of the fridge.

"Shouldn't you be cleaning instead of-" I began as I walked over to him and read his computer. "Searching for easy ways to get boyband tickets in secret?" I asked mockingly. He looked at me nervously and shut his laptop then got up holding it under his arm.

"Touché," he said and went up the back stairs. I grabbed a chocolate and peanut bar then began eating it, savouring the taste of it and the happy feeling it brought me. I plonked myself down at the kitchen table and kept eating it with my feet rested on the table. As I munched away on it the sound of heels clicking came from the living room floor. Flaming red hair came bouncing into the room on the head of a smiling Jessie.

"Hey Rocky, feet off the table how you doing?" She asked and sat down next to me lacing her nail polished fingers in front of her on the table.

"Meh and nah," I shrugged with a bit of food in my mouth and kept my feet where they were. My shoes were off and there were no guests.

"Good, and yes," She then moved my feet herself making me scoff. "How are things with you and Emma?" She asked and I slowed my chews to a stop the swallowed down my food not saying a single word. I didn't look at her either but saw out of the corner of my eye she was frowning at me. There was a small silence before Jessie jumped in her chair when a loud, high pitched scream echoed through the house. Jessie looked with wide eyes at me, and I smirked knowing that revenge was now mine.

"JESSIE!" Emma screamed even louder.

"Oh, no," Jessie groaned and got up quickly rushing in her heels into the living room with me running after her. We saw Emma at the top of the stairs with her blonde hair messed up slightly, her makeup smudged all over her crying face and sniffing a little.

"What's wrong?! Are you hurt?!" Jessie asked.

"COME SEE!" She cried and ran off back to her room. A wicked grin of revenge and satisfaction grew on my face.

"I think you should go and see what is wrong," I told her and she frowned at me shaking my head before she started running up the stairs. Here we go! I thought and started to stroll happily up the stairs, almost skipping. Her heels rapidly clicked on the floor and my boots lightly tapped slowly against the wooden floor. Jessie got to the door to see Emma on her knees crying and looking down at the cardboard cut-out. I knew what it was and fought to hold back my chuckles.

"Emma?" Jessie asked and went to her side kneeling next to her. Jessie looked to the ground and gasped.

"Oh no," She cooed picking up by the shoulders. The face had a fake beard and moustache, massive Harry Potter glasses, bunny teeth, a unibrow, long nose hair, a long tongue and massive freckles and some silly symbols and words on his face.

"Oh no Emma" Jessie comforted the blonde girl who was in tears. She rubbed her back and hugged her.

"W...who wo-would do this to, h-him?!" She sobbed blowing her nose into Jessie's scarf. Jessie looked at Emma in disgust.

"You can tell it a cheap make," She sobbed a little meanly. Jessie didn't say anything back, she'd been caught out she couldn't do. I awed with false sympathy at Emma while I stood resting against the door frame.

"Oh no Emma, this is so sad. I know that your cardboard cut-out of that pop star that will probably be irreverent in a few years meant a lot to you," I was almost dramatic and put a hand on my chest. Emma looked back at me over her should and sobbed once before she tried to put a smile on her face. Wow, she believed I felt sorry for her and didn't automatically accuse me of doing this. It is true what they say, revenge is sweet and best served cold, and the look on Blondie's face looked cold and filled with sadness...brilliant!

"Look at the back," Emma sobbing caused her to sputter her words.

"U had it comin 2 ya," Jessie read the message left that and poor grammar and spelling. I remembered I needed to tell Rosie then took out my phone to make and made it make a noise like a text.

"Oh look at that, I have a text..." I stated pointing to my phone. "I better go answer this, later!"

"That, that was weird..." I heard Emma from just the next to the door while I text Rosie.

"It's okay though, there are more important things," Jessie said soothingly.

"Yeah, it's still normal for a freak like her to act like that," She sobbed.

"Emma, I don't ever think that something like this has ever happened in the history of the whole dang world, but you shouldn't go insulting Rocky like that. She is your sister and she did say she was sorry to you about this," Jessie said, I was surprised she was still in my corner. Emma scoffed.

"Yeah right. But what we need to worry about now is this!" she complained. I scoffed to myself as I finished the text to Rosie then said 'sad' after a fake cough. Emma groaned and clenched her jaw then stood up before standing up to spin round and see that Rocky had returned.

"At least I know what's important and don't act rude, unlike a certain freak I know!" She spat meanly back to me while I glared.

"Yeah, like some stupid fangirl club is important," I fired back.

"It isn't stupid! You're stupid! Your bands are stupid you freak!" Emma yelled pointing a finger at me. I clenched my jaw.

"I'm not a freak just because I like something different to you!" I yelled back not caring if I spat.

"Freak!" Emma yelled back.

"Mean girl!" Rocky yelled. We kept yelling those insults back and forth at each other a few times. Jessie jerked her head from side to side as we yelled getting louder and louder.

"STOP IT!" Jessie yelled standing up between them and they both stopped. "I don't know why you girls fight, but I and everyone else in this house are sick of it and because of it you are both gonna be punished!" Jessie declared.

"No way! My stuff got destroyed and I'm getting punished?!" Emma demanded.

"You are grounded for calling Rocky names, and no fan club for a month," Jessie snapped making Emma tantrum a little.

"And you are grounded to and banned from your phone for a month Rocky," Jessie said.

"What?! How am I supposed to live without my music?!" I exclaimed.

"Figure it out yourself it's not my problem." Jessie dismissed then walked away after taking my phone.

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